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View Resource Word Spy

If you're the sort of person who decries the use of abbreviations like B2B as being "so five minutes ago," then you might enjoy keeping up with the very latest parlance with Word Spy. Created by Paul McFedries, this site is intended to focus attention on "recently coined words, existing words that have enjoyed a recent renaissance, and older words that are now being used in new ways." Each...
View Resource The Devil's Dictionary

First published in complete form in 1906, The Devil's Dictionary was written by Ambrose Bierce, a prominent man of letters and general curmudgeon, and an individual who is perhaps best remembered for both his short story, "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge," and The Devil's Dictionary. This complete version of The Devil's Dictionary was placed online by Mike Leung, and contains the famous entries...
View Resource Luciferous Logolepsy: Dragging Obscure Words Into the Light of Day

Developed by Alan M. Taylor, a Web site developer based out of Seattle, Washington, the Luciferous Logolepsy is a collection of over 9,000 obscure English words. The name of the project is (not surprisingly) based on two obscure words: Luciferous, which means illuminating and logolepsy, which means an obsession with words. As Taylor himself notes, "For the purposes of this project, words are...
View Resource An annual tradition from Lake Superior State University identifies the most overused words of 2011

'Baby bump', 'Man cave' make banned words list Don't let these words occupy your vocabulary in 2012 Lake Superior State University: Banished Words List Word Warriors' 2012 Top 10 A Dictionary of the...
View Resource DefinePlug

Perhaps you are reading along with some text and you'd like to know the meaning of an unfamiliar word. You may not want to switch over to another webpage to look up the word, and this is where DefinePlug comes in handy. DefinePlug incorporates word definitions from, allowing visitors to click on a word and see its definition. This version is compatible with all computers running...
View Resource ProfessorWord Screenshot

If you want to learn new words quickly, you can take a look at Professor Word. This bookmarklet gives users the ability to learn these words while surfing the Internet. The application can be customized to help users study for the SAT or ACT, learn English, or to just improve their vocabulary. ProfessorWord recognizes over 5,000 SAT and ACT vocabulary words, so it is a powerful tool. This version...