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Google, Inc.

View Resource Google Advanced Search

Google has unveiled an advanced search page, which features pull-down menus that allow users to specify included and excluded keywords and domains, specify languages, and find pages that link to or are similar to specified pages. The page also links to Google's topic-specific search pages (US Government, Mac, Linux, etc.).
View Resource First Monday: The Effects of September 11 on the Leading Search Engine

Some of our readers may already have noticed that Google (last mentioned in the July 20, 2001 Scout Report) is sporting a new look these days. Running along the top of the search page are now four tabs: Web, Images, Groups (newsgroups), and Directory (Open Directory's human-selected listings) that enable users to see different sets of search results. We reported on the Beta version of Google's...
View Resource Google's IPO

While the boom and bust IPO craze of the nineties has largely been replaced by wary investors and a battlefield of tech startups, possibly the biggest IPO of the millennium is about to take place. Google, the inimitable company that has defined the use of the Internet and transformed its name into a verb, is soon to hit the market. In an amusing test, a search for "Google IPO" on Google itself...
View Resource Google Maps Used in Creative and Compelling Manner

Many online mapping tools continue to be used in creative ways to disseminate information about all types of data, ranging from where to find a new vacuum cleaner to looking for which city has the highest rate of child obesity. One of the best known products is the four-month old mapping feature from Google, the Mountain View, Calif.-based company. While many people have just been utilizing the...
View Resource Google makes a new foray into the world of public health

Google tool uses search terms to detect flu outbreaks Google Search Trends Reveal Flu Outbreaks Google Flu Trends CDC Influenza Flu [pdf] Flu Center: Mayo...