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Clinton Names a Diverse Group of Researchers to Receive the 2000 National Medals of Science

Winners of the National Medal of Science, awarded annually "to a diverse group of researchers who set new directions in social policy, neuroscience, biology, chemistry, bioengineering, mathematics, physics, and earth and environmental sciences," were chosen recently by President Clinton. This news bulletin from the National Science Foundation describes the work of each of the winners and links to...
NSF: Search Awards

The National Science Foundation's (NSF) Awards Abstracts Database can be found at their Search Awards Web site. Here, users can find information about research projects that NSF has funded since 1989. Including completed and in-progress research, the database can be searched by keyword; by pull down menus; or by lists of recent awards, awards by program, awards by institution, and awards by...
Nobel Laureates in Physics

This Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) website presents the winners of Nobel Prizes in physics since 1901. For each winner, individuals can find short summaries of the scientist's research and his or her places of employment and study. The website supplies links to the universities and to outside resources about the prominent scientists. By analyzing the content in the website, users can...