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Edited by Jim Zwick, a scholar who has written on the Phillipines, anti-Imperialism, and Mark Twain, this site hosts a number of exhibits and primary document collections concerned with the history of anti-imperialism in the United States and some related topics. In addition to a large number of political cartoons and images, the site offers essays and contemporary texts, full-text books, verse,...
View Resource Images of Colonialism

The history of colonialism is a compelling one, and it can be narrated through first-hand documents such as journals, drawings, or photographs. This particular digital collection from the Harvard College Library contains more than 700 images which offer insight into European perspectives on how popular perceptions of Asia and Africa were created and disseminated. The collection is primarily made...
View Resource DPLA: American Empire

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the United States expanded its borders by acquiring new territories, primarily in the Pacific and Caribbean. Using colonial settlements in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines, this Digital Public Library of American (DPLA) exhibition looks at both the colonizers and the colonized, exploring "the lives and legacies of citizens and...

View Resource Livingstone Online

Livingstone Online is a digital museum and library dedicated to the British missionary and explorer David Livingstone. Launched in 2004, the project is an ongoing international collaboration between distinguished scholars and institutions, made possible with funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities. This extensive and skillfully designed website includes no fewer than 15,000...