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Columbia Journalism Review: Who Owns What

Created and maintained by Aaron Moore, a professor of sports media at Ithaca College, this Web page documents which publications (and other ancillary businesses) are owned and controlled by various media conglomerates around the United States. Some of the media conglomerates covered by this rather revealing site include such newer upstarts in the media business such as Clear Channel Communications...
Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas

Founded in 2002, the Knight Center for Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin was created as a professional training and outreach program for journalists throughout the Americas. During its first year of existence, the Center focused its work on Brazil and Mexico and on establishing a series of seminars and workshops to train journalists from these countries. Other work involves working...
Frontline: World

The PBS television news program, Frontline, has been applauded over the years for its fine coverage of important national and international topics that demand intensive research and a commitment to investigative journalism. This relatively recent addition to the program, Frontline: World aims "to not only help fill the void in current international news coverage but also to engage the American...
Religion Newswriters Association

With a membership of over 240 full and part time religion reporters across the United States, the Religion Newswriters Association is an organization dedicated to providing support for journalists writing about various important stories dealing with any host of topics surrounding religion. The homepage itself contains a religion news headline update service, and a special features area that...

It is sometimes difficult to construct various ways to fully understand how parts of the world report (or fail to report) on various ongoing events or phenomena, and there has been a certain hand-wringing within the journalism profession about lack of coverage of certain events. Utilizing a treemap visualization algorithm, Newsmap is an application that visually reflects "the constantly changing...
This World: One Day of War

The investigative news program titled This World is one of the BBC's many programs dedicated to providing in-depth coverage on a number of pressing issues around the world. Their recent project, One Day of War, follows individual fighters in 16 of the wars currently going on around the world over the same 24-hour period. The centerpiece of the site is the section that offers profiles of these 16...
School Journalism

As part of its efforts to help high school journalism flourish, the American Society of Newspaper Editors has created this site to assist the efforts of both teen journalists and their teachers. Visitors unfamiliar with some of the terms that are used in the argot of the journalism world will want to take a look at the "What is That?" area, which contains definitions of such terms as "desk...

The freedom of the press to investigate important and timely subjects in an unfettered and responsible fashion is one that is an valuable component of democracy. In an effort to pay tribute to those efforts, the Newseum opened in Arlington, Va., in 1997. The Newseum's primary focus is to celebrate the First Amendment both in its museum and on its well-designed and informative website. Visitors to...
The World

Any effort to provide high-quality news coverage of events around the world must include a crack team of international correspondents drawn from some of the world's most prominent news organizations. Fortunately, Public Radio International's well-regarded program, The World, draws on correspondents from the BBC and other respected news agencies. On their well-organized site, visitors can listen to...
Frontline: News War

It's not an understatement to say that mainstream news in the United States has been in a bit of a tizzy in recent years, with a number of journalists serving time for refusing to reveal their sources and other such activities. The times seem right for an investigative report into the challenges facing the news media, and Frontline has stepped forward with a very fine four-part series on the...
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