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Moths -- Pictorials works

View Resource The Natural History Museum of London-The Cockayne database-British & Irish Butterflies and Moths part 1: Butterflies

Named after Dr. E A Cockayne, The Cockayne database website was developed collaboratively by the Natural History Museum in London and Dr. Cockayne's Trust. The central aim of the website is "to provide free access to a comprehensive atlas of British butterflies and moths, illustrating all native and introduced species and their variation." This site represents the first phase of the Cockayne...
View Resource Malaysian Nature Society/Natural History Museum, London/Southdene Sdn. Bhd.: Moths of Bornea Online

Created by J.D. Holloway over a 20 year time span -- and brought to the internet by Southdene Sdn. Bhd., the Malaysian Nature Society, and the Natural History Museum in London -- the Moths of Borneo provides descriptions and full-color illustrations of approximately 4,500 moth species. This impressive website currently contains 14 volumes, and it is anticipated that four additional volumes will be...