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View Resource Phylogeny of Turtles

Dr. Eugene Gaffney of the American Museum of Natural History has created this Web site that offers a unique look at how turtles have evolved throughout history. Visitors can navigate through the guided exhibits to learn about turtles and their morphology. A bibliography of Dr. Gaffney's research is provided for those who want to explore the subject further.
View Resource Reviled and Revered: Toads, Turtles, Snakes, Salamanders, and Other Creepers and Crawlers

Reviled and Revered is an excellent set of lesson plans on reptiles and amphibians, or herps, created by the Smithsonian Institution's Office of Education for grades 3-8. Reviled and Revered is just one example of the interdisciplinary, multicultural learning materials developed by the Smithsonian "to help teachers bring into their classrooms the educational power of museums and other community...
View Resource PBS Nature Lesson Plans: Characteristics of Snakes and Turtles

This PBS-Nature Online website presents a well-organized lesson plan about the Characteristic of Snakes and Turtles for grade levels 1-4. Recognizing the wide range of developmental stages between grades 1-4, the site notes that various parts of the lesson are more appropriate for certain ages and should be adapted based on the grade level and abilities of your students. The site contains an...