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View Resource Analysis of an Electronic Voting System

A potential flaw in a kind of electronic voting machine used in several U.S. states was discovered and publicized by researchers from Johns Hopkins and Rice Universities. It purportedly can make the machine vulnerable to security breaches that would allow a single individual to cast multiple votes. The conclusions of the researchers are outlined in a 24-page study. After providing an overview of...
View Resource Electronic Frontier Foundation: E-voting Archive

EFF argues that, "communities across America are purchasing electronic voting (e-voting) machines, but the technology has serious security problems that aren't being addressed." The EFF website seeks to alert the public to a debate between researchers who have raised concerns with the security of the technology and one manufacturer's attempt to terminate those criticisms. The archive is "a...
View Resource Vote: The Machinery of Democracy

Always one with a timely exhibition that reflects both historical concerns and issues of immediate expediency, the Smithsonian National Museum of American History has created this website as the online incarnation of one of their current exhibits, “Vote: The Machinery of Democracy”. Through a host of relevant items (such as one of the controversial butterfly ballots used in Palm Beach County,...
View Resource E-voting

How Stuff Works: E-voting Diebold Election Systems Wired News: Machine Politics Electronic Voting in Ireland Australian Capitol Territory (ACT) Electoral Commission Analysis of an Electronic...