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Earth sciences -- Study and teaching

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View Resource The USGS Water Science School

Chock full of information about water, the US Geological Survey's (USGS) Water Science for Schools is an enjoyable site for educators and students alike. From Water Basics to Special Topics, this easily navigable site teaches students about the importance of water in their everyday lives. Visitors confused about terminology can refer to the glossary, a tool that defines terms used within the site...
View Resource NOAA Education Resources

The NOAA Education Resources Website is the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)'s classroom on the Web. With special sections targeting teachers and students (mostly junior high school), this Website links users to specific resources on weather, climate change, oceans and coasts, satellites and space, and related topics. While the introductory student information is decent, by far...
View Resource The Interior of the Earth

This concise brochure, "The Interior of the Earth," by Eugene C. Robertson, explains the basic make-up of the earth's interior. The text with useful graphics and tables describes the crust, mantle, and core. Altogether, the brochure makes for a brief, simple, and clear introduction to the earth's inner constitution.
View Resource The Climate System

The Climate System is a course belonging to Columbia University's Earth System Series curriculum. Although it is not an online course, Web surfers can take a peek at what the students are learning through the lecture and lab notes which are posted online. Clicking on "semester schedule" will take you to these links. Numerous subjects dealing with global climate are presented, including the Earth's...
View Resource Visible Earth: A Searchable Directory of Images, Visualizations, and Animations of the Earth

NASA's Visible Earth site is a solid and easy-to-use collection of images and animations of our planet. At present, the database holds 4,275 records and may be searched by keyword or advanced search options or browsed by category and topic. Initial returns include a large thumbnail which links to a several-paragraph description and the full-size images or animations. A nice resource for both...
View Resource Seismic Waves

The first site for this Topic in Depth comes from the Department of Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences at Michigan Technological University and is called What Is Seismology? (1). The site describes the basics of seismology, the various types of waves associated with it, and even contains a link that shows you how to make your own P and S waves. Next is the Earthquakes Overview site (2...
View Resource Earth and Sky

This companion web site to the Earth and Sky Radio Series offers recordings of the award winning daily radio show, plus oodles of supplementary science material. Visitors can search for specific science topics and retrieve relevant articles and past shows (and transcripts) on the topic. There is a great kids earth and sky section directed at younger children, plus a teacher's lounge with...
View Resource Nebraska Earth Science Education Network

The Nebraska Earth Science Education Network has as one of its objectives to promote and enhance K-12 earth science education. The Web site provides lesson plans on various subjects including astronomy, geology, mapping, soils, water, and weather. Each submitted lesson gives a recommended grade level and contains objectives, materials needed, procedures, and conclusions, depending on the activity....
View Resource Kentucky Geological Survey

The University of Kentucky maintains the Kentucky Geological Survey Web site. Visitors will find a number of educational general information pages on rocks and minerals, fossils, coal, geologic hazards, industrial minerals, maps and GIS, oil and natural gas, and water, as well as the general geology of Kentucky. Each page contains specific information, data, and research summaries from the...
View Resource SciZone

The online companion to the Ontario Science Center museum offers the SciZone Web site for kids that contains some interesting and unique learning materials. Visitors will find educational games such as mixing colors, a list of lab experiments that includes growing rock candy, a Where's the Science section that attempts to describe how science can be found in the weirdest places, and several other...
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