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Ghost towns -- Pictorial works

View Resource Ghost Town Gallery

Two Swiss individuals, Daniel Ter-Nedden and Carola Schibli, have established this lively and informative tribute to those places that form the heart of much folklore and legend within the American West: the ghost town. The site contains over 1300 photographs from 174 ghost towns across the West, with the majority of them located in Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, California, and Arizona. Each ghost...
View Resource Bodie, CA

Held in a state of arrested decay, the ghost town of Bodie, California is one of the best known ghost towns in the United States. As with many a small town in the western part of the country, the town was part of the boom and bust cycle that was emblematic of the raucous world of mineral extraction, and as the gold in the region came and went, so did most of the residents of Bodie. This whole...