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View Resource The Science of Spring

This Topic in Depth explores the Web's offering related to the science of the spring season. The first site -- Seasons, Equinoxes, Solstices, and Climate (1) -- is offered by Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Eric G. Blackman of the University of Rochester. Visitors can learn how the earth's axis and orbit causes the seasons and what the equinox and solstice are, as well as about...
View Resource National Science Foundation: Predicting Seasonal Weather

Is it possible to predict large-scale seasonal weather patterns? This is one of the research questions that motivates scientists at the National Science Foundation (NSF). This special report from the NSF looks into how atmospheric oscillations from the El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) in the tropics to the Arctic Oscillation (AO) play a "significant part in controlling the weather on a seasonal...

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View Resource Wu Han Plays Tchaikovsky, Month by Month

Tchaikovsky composed his 12-part piano cycle, The Seasons, between December 1875 and May 1876. In the hands of master pianist Wu Han, these classic pieces stand as extraordinarily vivid and elegant compositions, performed with tenderness and bravado. While the pieces and accompanying article were first posted to NPR's website in early 2008, they are no less extraordinary today. Here readers may...