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Google (Firm)

View Resource Authors’ group files lawsuit against Google

Authors Guild Sues Google, Citing “Massive Copyright Infringement” Google Blog: Google Print and the Authors Guild Google sticks its finger in the Wi-Fi Pie,39024665,39152509,00.htm The Google Print Library Project: A...
View Resource Google's Kevin McCurley on the Mathematics of Online Search

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) sponsors a slew of terrific talks and events each year, and recently they have begun to place digital versions of these online. This particular talk features observations from Google research scientist Kevin McCurley. In this talk from November 2009, McCurley focuses his presentation on the mathematics used to generate good search results and the more...
View Resource Ghost Incognito

People interested in private browsing while using Chrome will find this plugin most helpful. With Ghost Incognito, users can browse websites without saving session data, cookies, history, or cached files. Visitors will find that the install process is quite simple, and this version of Ghost Incognito can be used with all operating systems.
View Resource BrandMyMail

Have you ever wanted to tweak the appearance of your Gmail account? This is now possible, courtesy of BrandMyMail. First-time users can watch the short video on the homepage to learn about the functionality of the program, gather some insights into how one might best utilize its primary features. Visitors can add social media links to their emails, create different layouts, and tweak the colors...