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Sleep -- Research


Stanford University School of Medicine: Center for Narcolepsy

Scientific studies of sleep patterns and behaviors have been around for decades, and the Stanford University Sleep Clinic was the first medical clinic established to examine sleep disorders. Since its founding, it has given rise to the Stanford Center for Narcolepsy. For visitors looking for information about their research and this illness, their website provides ample material. First-time...
National Heart Lung and Blood Institute: Health Professionals

Health care professionals and educators will be delighted to learn about this site, provided that they haven't heard about it already. Created by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, this site brings together a number of interactive tools and online resources that will be of great use to those in these fields. The site includes such materials as asthma mortality maps of the United States,...
BioEd Online: Symposium for Space Life Science

BioEd Online continues with its fine tradition of crafting high quality science education materials with this clutch of materials related to life science in space. This series is sponsored in part by the National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI) and the resources here include slide sets and streaming video presentations designed for classroom use. One of the key presentations deals with...
Why We Sleep

Russell Foster studies sleep. In fact, he's a circadian neuroscientist, which means he studies what happens to the brain when it does - and doesn't - sleep. This entertaining talk, just under twenty-two minutes in length, covers a range of sleep-related topics from the amount of sleep people typically got before the invention of the lightbulb (hint: a lot more than we get now) to dangers of...
Sleep Research Society: Historical Papers

Founded in 1961, the Sleep Research Society (SRS) has been gathering experts together for half a century to explore the mysteries and possibilities of the human sleep cycle. This page features a dozen historically significant papers on the nature of sleep, from E. Pfluger's 1686 paper (in German) on Dyspnea and Apnea to four groundbreaking 20th century papers by A.R. Morrison and O. Pompeiano....