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Digital media -- Social aspects

View Resource Mediashift

It seems like there is a never-ending flow of sites about digital media, and it times it can present an overwhelming challenge to decide which ones might be most useful. MediaShift is certainly one of the best, and it is led by Mark Glaser, noted journalist, critic, and media expert. With support from PBS, this site and weblog looks at how new media such as podcasts and citizen journalism are...
View Resource Center for Digital Democracy

How is the Internet organized? Is it a democracy? Or is it increasingly controlled by large media corporations bent on limiting what people can do or see on various websites? These are valid questions, and the Center for Digital Democracy (CDD) is intimately involved with such matters. Founded in 2001, the CDD has worked on developing the campaign for an open broadband Internet, along with leading...
View Resource Frontline: Digital Nation

How is technology changing our lives? It's a very difficult question to answer, but this engaging program from Frontline takes first steps into this brave new digital world. On a note that appears on the site's homepage, Rachel Dretzin (the producer) remarks that "Digital Nation is an effort to define this new space and to put some walls around it." On the homepage, visitors can watch the entire...
View Resource Digital Storytelling

What's a digital story? The folks at the Digital Storytelling initiative at The Ohio State University define it thusly: "a short (3-5 minute) movie which uses images, voice, and music to tell a story." The initiative is a great idea and this website offers visitors the chance to get acquainted with the digital stories that are being created at the school. Visitors should start their journey here...
View Resource Viewshare

Viewshare is a free web application that can be used for "generating and customizing unique, dynamic views through which users can experience cultural heritage digital collections." The site is administered by the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program at the Library of Congress. On the homepage, visitors can watch a demonstration of the program, look through some...
View Resource Post

What is this thing, this Post? It is a platform for critical response, and a constantly evolving space for sharing research and testing ideas. Post was created by staff members at the Museum of Modern Art in New York to allow people to share texts, images, and videos in the hope that "multiple narratives of art's histories emerge." Along the top section of the homepage, users will find areas like...

View Resource Pew Internet & American Life Project: Public Library Resources (Infographics)

The Pew Internet & American Life Project has compiled these infographics for use by journalists, scholars, and members of the general public. These visualizations represent the fruits of their substantial research into topics such as Internet usage, cell phone ownership, and social media. The site contains over 60 infographics and the materials here are culled from the Project's past reports,...

View Resource British Library: Blogs

The British Library is one of the world's great libraries and its blogs are quite excellent as well. These streams of thought and commentary are crafted by curators, subject specialists, and guest bloggers and on any given day might include "Jokes for David Frost," "Dogs: Medieval Man's Best Friend," and thoughts on Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure." All told, there are over a dozen blogs here...

View Resource MetMedia

The tagline on the MetMedia website is "see the Museum in new ways." To live up to this claim, the Metropolitan Museum has gathered a variety of media, presented in an easy to navigate tabbed display. There's video - 513 short and long videos, arranged in chronological order. The newest video is of TEDxMET, October 19th, a day-long ticketed program that explored "signature buildings, singular...

View Resource SumAll

Interested in learning about your social media reach? You may want to check out SumAll which is a rather nice way to do just that. After signing up for the free version, visitors will receive a daily digest of their social media influence on over a dozen platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and others. It's a powerful tool that is compatible with all operating systems.

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