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Big bang theory


"New State of Matter" Created

Yesterday, scientists from 20 different countries working at CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, announced that, after years of work, they had created "a new state of matter." In this new state of matter, quarks, the smallest known particles, roam freely instead of being bound up into more complex particles such as protons and neutrons. By smashing heavy lead ions at temperatures...
NOVA's Runaway

NOVA's Runaway Universe site is the companion Web site to the television program of the same name, which followed the efforts of two rival teams of astronomers as they search for exploding stars, map out gigantic cosmic patterns of galaxies, and grapple with the ultimate question: What is the fate of the universe? Visitors of the site will find an interactive timeline of the universe, learn what...
The Big Bang Theory and the Expansion of the Universe

First, NASA furnishes a fabulous tutorial about the big bang theory and the evolution of the universe (1). Visitors can discover the foundation of the big bang theory, the observational tests, and the limitations and extensions of the theory. The second website, developed by Maxine Phaisalakani at the University of Toronto, introduces in a slide show presentation research that led to the discovery...
The Big Bang

Microwaves, cosmology, and the Big Bang are just some of the topics covered by this well-thought out set of educational materials created by the dedicated staff at the Open University's OpenLearn program. This particular educational unit includes eight primary sections, including "Distances of galaxies", "Introducing cosmology", and "The primordial nuclear abundances". Visitors can log in to keep...