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China -- Economic policy

Forecasting (2)

View Resource How does public spending affect growth and poverty? The experience of China

This paper, submitted to the Second Annual Global Development Network Conference in December 2000, by Sheggen Fan, Linxiu Zhang, and Xiaobo Zhang, reports that, in the past two decades, the number of poor in China has dropped from 260 million people in 1978 to 50 million in 1997. "How does public spending affect growth and poverty" examines the role of public funding in this decline. The authors...
View Resource Optical Storage in China: A Study in Strategic Industrial Policy

This unique paper, published in September 2003, discusses the current state and development of the Chinese high-tech industry. The author "begins with a brief overview of industrial policy for the electronics sector in East Asia, then discusses the relevant policies for two successive generations of optical storage: Video CD and DVD." The analysis of Video Compact Disc technology and its use is...
View Resource China's Looming Crisis-Inflation Returns

Inflation is serious business for any nation's economy, and in the case of China, it is a growing area of concern for policymakers, economists, and other such types. This very topic is the subject of a recent policy brief written by Albert Keidel on behalf of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Published in September 2007, this eight-page policy brief takes a critical look at the...
View Resource World Bank: China

The World Bank has a number of marvelous country profile websites, and their site dedicated to China is top-notch. It's not just a simple demographic overview of this dynamic country; it is a series of meditations on the state of their economy, political culture, urban development, and other affairs. First-time users will want to look at the "Country-At-A-Glance" section at the top of the homepage...