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Colleges Begin to Embrace Fresh Food Movement

In previous decades, the quality of food in many college cafeterias varied widely, and many institutions began to serve more mass-produced entrees as their enrollments began to rise after World War II. This pendulum is beginning to swing back the other way, as more than 200 universities and close to 400 school districts are starting to give more support to a farm-to-cafeteria movement that...
Lunch Hour NYC

Opening with a lovely quote from George Foster in 1849, the New York Public Library serves up a digital collection on lunching in New York City where "every thing is done differently… but in eating the difference is more striking than in any other branch of human economy." This offering complements an in situ exhibit that was held at the library from June 2012 to February 2013. First-time visitors...
Rising food prices raise questions about both food security and political unrest

Price of rice continues record surge US government ready to export rice to Philippines Poor Thai farmers guard their fields as rice prices...
The Global Crop Diversity Trust

Amidst the backdrop of climate change and staggering world population growth, many agronomists, scientists, and government leaders are concerned about both food security and availability. The Global Crop Diversity Trust is intimately concerned with such matters, and their primary goal is to maintain and preserve crop diversity through a variety of creative and innovative techniques. Visitors can...
World Food Clock

The Scout Staff keeps an eye out for sites that are both informative and interactive, and the World Food Clock does not disappoint. A true feat of graphic design, we loved this site for its innovative and effective presentation of information. The World Food Clock succeeds in providing relevant statistics in an easily digestible manner, with clean and informative visual representations. Likewise,...
World Food Situation

Founded in 1945, The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is concerned with defeating hunger through a broad range of strategic and targeted programs. One of their public service and awareness initiatives includes this site, which is designed to provide high-quality and rigorously researched information on the state of food and agricultural production across the world....