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View Resource Scott's Botanical Links

Professor Scott Russell of the University of Oklahoma Department of Botany and Microbiology maintains this meta-site, which is really two sites in one. It contains a "link of the day" archive (five days a week), consisting of rated and annotated sites, available via the web page and a mailing list. These links are then incorporated into a subject hierarchy (Site Index) in over forty topics...
View Resource Topical Reviews in Plant Physiology

The American Society of Plant Physiologists has posted this bare-bones resource "for lecturers and students of plant physiology." It includes several hundred recent references (1992-99) from relevant journals, for example the Annual Review of Biochemistry, Annual Review of Cell Developmental Biology, Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics, Annual Review of Phytopathology, Annual Review of Plant...
View Resource Biological ESTEEM

Introducing students to different software packages and applications for use in biology and math courses can be quite a challenge. With that in mind, teachers in these areas will definitely appreciate this rather helpful site from the people at the Mathematical Sciences Digital Library. These particular simulations and tools draw heavily on Microsoft Excel, so users will need to make sure that...
View Resource ActionBioscience: Identifying Angiosperms

Resources for teaching botany and taxonomy can be difficult to locate online, so locating this nice teaching activity and guide was quite a find. The resource is offered as part of the ActionBioscience website, and it was written by Pamela Soltis. The guide begins by discussing the importance of angiosperms, and the site also includes an in-depth interview with Soltis. Moving on to the activity,...
View Resource Weed to Wonder

Human ingenuity never ceases! This wonderful website from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory tells the story of how a common Mexican weed (teosinte) was slowly manipulated by humans until it transformed into corn. As an introduction, users might want to start by watching a 2 minute and 50 second video of maize plants growing at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. After that, it's a good idea to look...

View Resource Go Botany: Discover thousands of New England plants

These Teaching Tools from Go Botany, an online arm of the New England Wild Flower Society, will bolster the lesson plans of educators working with "students and informal learners ages 10 and older." Interested readers may want to begin with James Sirch's "Next-Generation Science Standards," which is provided under Teaching Tools. Available as a downloadable PDF, this resource outlines the many...

View Resource Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden: Download Teaching Modules

For decades, the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden (FTBG) has been "exploring, explaining, and conserving the world of tropical plants." Educators unable to tour the physical location in South Florida will welcome this phalanx of edifying materials. Here they will find Course Units on a variety of topics, including School Gardens, Ethnobotany, Basic Botany, Plant Adaptations and Conservation, and...

View Resource Science & Plants for Schools

This website, hosted by Science & Plants for Schools (SAPS), is designed to help teachers "bring plant science alive." While the resources are organized according to the standards of the British school system, educators and enthusiasts the world over will find much to appreciate. Readers may like to scout the site by grade level, including Primary and Secondary. The Students section reveals...