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Cells -- Aging

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View Resource Cells Alive!

Have you ever wondered about the private lives of some of the smallest living things in existence? Cells Alive, a richly graphical site provided by James A. Sullivan and Quill Graphics, presents users an intimate view of cellular life. At present the site contains 14 stories of cellular life, from "The Anatomy of a Splinter" to "Apoptosis: When a Cell Commits Suicide." The animated .gifs and/or...
View Resource Extending Cellular Life-Span with Telomerase

This Science magazine site contains full text of a research article: "Extension of Life-Span by Introduction of Telomerase into Normal Human Cells," by Andrea G. Bodnar et. al. (January 16, 1998; Vol 279, No. 5349--available in Adobe Acrobat [.pdf] format only) describes the Telomerase finding and includes a commentary by Titia de Lange of Rockefeller University's Laboratory of Cell Biology and...
View Resource Biochemistry (Moscow): Telomere, Telomerase, Cancer, and Aging

This Special Issue of Biochemistry (Moscow), (Volume 62 (1997), Number 11) includes several technical review articles on telomere, telomerase, cancer and aging. There has been a recent finding regarding telomerase, a gene which affects the mechanisms controlling human cell replication. The site above provides general information on telomerase, current telomere research, and the use of telemorase...