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Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research at Cornell University

The Environmental Biology Program of Boyce Thompson Inst. for Plant Research at Cornell University is now on the Web offering information on research focusing on the interaction of plants and the environment. The research spans many levels of biological organization, from individual plant organs to ecosystems and beyond. This site provides details about staff, facilities, and the many research...
The FASEB Journal

Founded in 1912 by three societies, the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), facilitates scientific interchange by providing logistic support (via scientific publications and conferences) to its member associations. To this end, FASEB has recently placed the full text of The FASEB Journal online, containing all figures and tables in a searchable (by keyword) format....
BioMed Central

This new site, currently in Beta testing phase, represents a new and potentially groundbreaking initiative to quickly publish peer-reviewed biological science and clinical medicine research and make it freely accessible to scientists and medical researchers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) PubMed Central archive (see the February 25, 2000 Scout Report). In addition, the site plans to...
Institute for Systems Biology

The Institute for Systems Biology was founded earlier this year by Dr. Leroy Hood, former professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Washington in Seattle. The Institute will combine experts in the fields of science and industry to pioneer research advances in the field of systems biology -- through work on cells, proteins, and genes. The homepage introduces the Institute's mission,...
Harvard Gazette: Science & Health

Aimed at non-specialists, this site offers insight and news on the latest discoveries and advances by Harvard researchers. The site is divided into six sections, covering broad categories: Mind, Body, Society, Earth, Space, and Technology. Each contains several short abstracts which link to the full story in the Harvard University Gazette, as well as some related links. The site may also be...
New York Structural Biology Center

The New York Structural Biology Center (NYSBC), opened December 12, 2002, houses the "largest and most advanced cluster of high-field research magnets in the United States" for probing the three-dimensional structures of proteins. This Web site offers news, relevant publications, photos of the facility, and other information about NYSBC, a collaborative effort of nine prominent East Cost research...
California Academy of Sciences: Science Now

ScienceNOW is a regularly updated Web site from the California Academy of Sciences, which features a changing display of Academy research in the natural sciences. Four featured sections -- Headline Science, Academy Research, Where in the World, and Wild Lives -- offer brief overviews of discoveries by Academy scientists and other "headline-making" science news. Each section includes photos and...
Biologically-Inspired Technology

A Web site from Michigan State University (1) is a useful starting point for learning about biologically inspired technologies. In addition to briefly discussing the natural processes that are most commonly studied in the development of such technologies, there is a large collection of links to other research efforts and related material. The Ant Colony Optimization project (2) uses the behavior...
PLoS Biology

The Public Library of Science presents PloS Biology, a new journal featuring "works of exceptional significance in all areas of biological science, from molecules to ecosystems, including works at the interface with other disciplines." The Public Library of Science -- as a nonprofit organization "committed to making the world's scientific and medical literature a freely available public resource"...
Stem cells: Gateway to 21st Century Medicine

This website comes from NOVA Science in the News, an online educational feature of the Australian Academy of Science. The site offers a comprehensive review of stem cell biology and related issues over the past few years. In addition to informative essays, a glossary, and a suggested reading list, visitors will find a useful set of links to external sites with classroom activities. This annotated...
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