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View Resource Which One Doesn't Belong?

For mathematics instructors and tutors, math educator Mary Bourassa has created this collection of "thought-provoking puzzles for math teachers and students alike." Each of these puzzles presents learners with four items and asks students to identify and explain which item is the odd one out. However, these puzzles feature one notable twist on the "Which One Doesn't Belong" puzzle: every single...

View Resource Centering Spenser: A Digital Resource for Kilcolman Castle

For fans and scholars of Edmund Spenser, Centering Spenser: A Digital Resource for Kilcolman Castle has much to offer. This project presents an analysis and reconstruction of the poet's life and experiences at Kilcolman Castle, the now-ruined estate in Ireland where Spenser is believed to have written large parts of his masterpiece The Faerie Queene. One of the many features visitors to Centering...

View Resource Vimium

Vimium is a browser extension that enables mouseless use of a web browser. Using a set of keyboard bindings similar to the venerable vi editor, users can navigate pages, control tabs, manipulate history and bookmarks, and follow links. For example, to follow a link on a page a user can press "f." Vimium will then label every clickable element on the page with a 1-2 letter hint, which can be...

View Resource FBTEE: The French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe

Bibliophiles and scholars of cultural history may be interested in The French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe (FBTEE), an innovative digital humanities project that uses quantitative methods to study eighteenth-century culture by "track[ing] the movement of around 400,000 copies of 4,000 books across Europe" from 1769 to 1794. In particular, FBTEE focuses on the Societe Typographique de...

View Resource SciRev

SciRev is a resource for academic researchers of all disciplines that allows researchers to share their experiences of submitting articles to peer-reviewed journals. This online platform is headed by Jeroen Smits, an economics professor at Radboud University in the Netherlands and Janine Huisman, an economist at the Centre for International Development Issues Nijmegen. On SciRev, researchers may...