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View Resource Embracing Britishness: musings on biscuit lettering culture

"Embracing Britishness: musings on biscuit lettering culture" is a post by Elena Veguillas on "a showcase for work, commentary, and research on lettering, typography, and type design." "Embracing Britishness" runs about 2,000 words and is an enjoyable read with lots of illustrations. In the post, Veguillas elucidates on a number of assertions, including "biscuits are THE British...

View Resource The Dartmouth E-Guide to Academic Success

Students and educators may find The Dartmouth E-Guide to Academic Success to be a helpful resource. This e-guide is a free downloadable book published by Dartmouth College's Academic Skills Center in 2017. In eight chapters and fewer than one hundred pages (double-spaced), it offers readers a thorough, concise narrative reference for how to survive and thrive in college. It begins by introducing...

View Resource The Retraction Watch Database

Since 2010, Retraction Watch has been tracking and reporting on scientific retractions, part of science's "self-correcting" process. After several years of labor, Retraction Watch recently released its vast database of retractions to the public. Launched in October 2018, the Retraction Watch Database offers a searchable and openly available collection of more than 18,000 retractions, corrections,...

View Resource Google Arts & Culture: Life Tags

For decades, the American magazine Life was a major player in the development of photojournalism and produced millions of iconic photographs, leaving behind a staggeringly large archive. In March 2018, Google Arts & Culture released Life Tags, a project that "organizes [about 6.5] million images from the Life magazine archives into an interactive encyclopedia using machine learning." This vast...

View Resource Electing the House of Representatives, 1840-2016

Electing the House of Representatives, 1840-2016, is one of eight maps (as of this write-up) from American Panorama, a historical geography project from the University of Richmond's Digital Scholarship Lab. This fascinating map traces election results for the House of Representatives over time and offers visualizations "showing changing patterns across regions and between urban and rural areas."...