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View Resource SkillsCommons

Educators and learners in a variety of industries, particularly those at the community college level, may be interested in SkillsCommons, a repository of Open Education Resources (OER) aimed primarily at workforce development. This digital library initially launched in 2014 and contains a wide variety of learning materials produced by the over 700 community colleges that have been grantees of the...

View Resource Caselaw Access Project

Readers with an interest in the U.S. legal system may want to take a look at the Caselaw Access Project (CAP), a massive digitization project that makes 360 years of American court cases publicly available online. This large database was created "by digitizing roughly 40 million pages of court decisions contained in roughly 40,000 bound volumes owned by the Harvard Law School Library," adding up...

View Resource Flipping Physics

High school AP Physics teachers and students may want to check out Flipping Physics, a project focused on teaching instructors how to flip their physics classrooms. A flipped classroom is a learning structure in which students watch recorded lectures at home and then work through problems interactively in the classroom with their instructor's guidance. Launched in 2013, Flipping Physics is the...

View Resource Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources

Writers, historians, linguists, and the generally curious may all enjoy the Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources (DMNES). This ongoing project "aims to document all given names recorded in European sources written between 500 and 1600." As its name suggests, visitors to DMNES will find a wealth of information on hundreds of first names that the project's scholars have traced back to...

View Resource Monterey Bay Aquarium: Seafood Watch

Seafood Watch of the Monterey Bay Aquarium contains an array of resources that are designed to help consumers make good choices when shopping for and consuming fish and seafood. Guides are available for all 50 states and there's also an app that consumers can use to guide their seafood choices. Other sections of the site provide information on ocean issues, such as the impact of overfishing,...