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Teaching College-Level Science and Engineering

Created by Professor Sanjoy Mahajan during his time at MIT, this very helpful resource is designed for those persons interested in how to become more effective as science instructors at the college level. The materials cover such subjects as teaching equations for understanding, designing meaningful exam and homework questions, creating interesting lectures, and how to plan a course. On the site,...
Center for the Study of Regional Competitiveness in Science & Technology

The Center for the Study of Regional Competitiveness in Science & Technology at Washington University in St. Louis is dedicated to exploring questions about human capital and policy environment in the region. Staff members don't limit themselves to those questions, though, and this website provides additional information about their work and research projects. First-time visitors shouldn't miss...
National Science Foundation: Multimedia Gallery

The National Science Foundation (NSF) supports the work of scientists from the Monterey Peninsula to Maine. Along the way, these dedicated individuals take photos, shoot video, create animations, and so on as part of their work. In the multimedia gallery section of the NSF's site, visitors can peruse over 250 images, videos, and audio clips that document everything from black holes to the science...
California Academy of Sciences: Discover Science

The California Academy of Sciences has an ambitious outreach program designed to provide information on its work to those interested in the sciences. This site contains three sections with videos, podcasts, interviews, and blog posts about the Academy's various projects. The sections include Science Heroes and Science Today, and the organization of the site makes it a snap to browse around. In the...
Open Yale Courses

The Open Yale Courses website provides entry to a wealth of materials from selected Yale College courses to anyone with a penchant for learning. The courses here span the full range of liberal arts disciplines, including humanities, social sciences, and physical and biological sciences. Interested parties can click on over to the Courses area. Currently there are over two dozen courses here,...
Teaching College-Level Science and Engineering

How does one teach science and engineering at the college level? It can be a daunting question, particularly for newly minted PhDs, but this rather fine course from the OpenCourseWare initiative at MIT offers high-quality suggestions. The site includes a syllabus, calendar, readings, video discussions, assignments, and other related resources. In the Syllabus area, visitors can learn about the...
Science & Engineering Library: Columbia University Libraries

Columbia University has an impressive library dedicated to science and engineering, and some of its key resources are available to the general public via this impressive website. First-time visitors should start by looking at the site's chatty and informative blog, which includes links profiling publicly available resources in fields that include geology, mathematics, and physics. After this,...
Global Warming Science

MIT OpenCourseWare, a free online education initiative, was launched in 2002. Starting with 50 courses, by 2007 the university had posted over 1,800 courses in 33 academic disciplines. This revealing undergraduate module, based on a class taught by four MIT professors in 2012, focuses on the fundamental physical processes that shape climate. The course also covers evidence of past and present...
PLOS Blogs: Sci-Ed

For post-secondary science educators, the Public Library of Science (PLOS) offers this blog dedicated to "scientific ideas, observations, methods, and speculations, both old and new." This blog is currently headed (and primarily authored) by Mike Klymkowsky, a biology professor at the University of Colorado Boulder. In one recent post, Klymkowsky reflects on the history of the concept of genes and...
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