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The Truth vs. Twilight, a collaboration between the Burke Museum of Natural History & Culture (located on the University of Washington campus in Seattle) and the Quileute Tribe, exists to inform Twilight fans and others about the ways in which the story of the real Quileutes differs from their portrayal in the Twilight Saga. The website focuses on several broad areas: economic disparity, the "fictional, misappropriated views of Quileute people and culture," and cultural theft. Although the huge popularity of Twilight, as books, movies, and associated merchandise, has earned billions of dollars for author Stephenie Meyer, movie studio Summit Entertainment, and retailers who sell Twilight merchandise, such as Nordstrom's or Hot Topic, none of these profits have come back to the Quileute Tribe. Perhaps the most egregious act of cultural theft, in the Tribe's eyes, is the origin story that Meyer presents in "Eclipse," book three of The Twilight Saga; although both stories contain the wolf, Meyer's version is quite different from the Quileute's own origin story. The wolf tattoo "seen on the sculpted shoulders of all the wolf pack boys" including Taylor Lautner, is another example of such theft. The design draws on Quileute Tribe iconography and that of other Northwest Coast tribes, but no royalties were ever paid to the Quileutes. In fact, a Google search on "Quileute wolf tattoo" retrieves only Twilight-related examples; nothing from the Quileute Tribe itself.
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Date Issued 2012-04-27
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