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Kakoune is a source code editor for the console inspired by the venerable Vim editor. As with many similar tools, Kakoune is modal, featuring an "insert" mode where text is entered and a "command" mode that allows users to make bulk changes to files. In command mode, Kakoune works using multiple selections on which commands can be performed. Users enter a series of filtering and narrowing commands to select just the portions of a file they wish to modify. These selections can comprise regions of a file, individual paragraphs, specific lines, individual words, or any combination thereof. Then, users provide a command specifying the changes they wish to make. Kakoune prioritizes interactive use, providing incremental results and auto-completions as users type. It also focuses on providing simple commands that can easily be combined. Kakoune's "Design Notes" goes into detail on its specific set of goals and the philosophy applied to achieving them. Kakoune is available for Unix-like systems. Linux and BSD users can find Kakoune in their package repositories. Users of Apple's macOS can install Kakone using Homebrew or Nixpkgs.
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