Corey Halpin
Software Engineer

As a tender young undergraduate at UW-Madison, Corey studied electrical engineering and computer science with an emphasis on processor design. This lead naturally to a stint at the Forest Products Laboratory where he helped build robots that squished samples of building sealant while being outside. From there Corey mastered science and then doctored philosophy in the department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology. His research used computer modeling combined with field data to examine trade-offs between growing space efficiency and species diversity among different silvicultural systems and to elucidate the long-term developmental trajectory of northern hardwood forests subject to natural disturbances. He enjoys hunting 4+ leaf clovers, watching every Star Trek series ever with his family, failing to keep up with his assigned reading, eating the delicious food his wife makes, collecting interesting and beautiful pens along with gorgeous purple ink, and generally embodying xkcd 1806.