Best of the Scout Report 2012-2013

The Internet Scout staff takes pride in providing links to some of the best online resources in our weekly Scout Report. Although all of the resources we cover are valuable, inevitably some stand out from the pack. In this year's 'Best of' issue, we share some of our favorite sites from the past academic year. The process of choosing which sites to include was not easy, as the interests of our staff vary as much as those of our readers. Whether it is the design of the site, the fascinating content, or its classroom usability, Scout staff all have different rationale for preferring one online resource over another. Nevertheless, we were able to produce a top ten list that we could all agree on.

We hope you enjoy this list, and take a few minutes to revisit some of our favorite sites from 2012–2013. As always, we look forward to providing new batches of fantastic resources throughout the upcoming year.

Please visit the Best of the Scout Report 2012-2013 here, and let us know what you think! We welcome feedback on this and all issues of the Scout Report at