CWIS 3.1.0 Released

CWIS version 3.1.0 has been released, and is now available for download!
This release contains a lot of new functionality.  Some highlights:
  • The Metrics Reporter plugin now offers interactive tables and charts of collected metrics data (see attached images), and metrics data collection and reporting has been extended to cover the Blog and Calendar Events plugins.
  • The permission system has been significantly revamped and expanded, to simplify permission configuration and support more complex workflows, and now separates out per-schema and per-field permissions.
  • RSS feed support has been removed from the core software and replaced by the new RSS Export plugin, which supports creating RSS feeds on a wide variety of pages, using items from any schema type (resources, events, blog posts, etc).
  • Resource metadata export has been removed from the core software and replaced by the new Resource Exporter plugin, which allows you to select which fields should be included in the export and export only metadata for resources contained in a specified folder.  (Also added:  the option to export resource metadata in XML.)
  • The most frequently used terms are now displayed at the top of the search results when adding/editing Tree and Controlled Name field values.
  • The Cancore, Dublin Core, NSDL, and USGS vocabularies included with the software have all been updated to the latest revisions.
  • Effectiveness of the BotDetector plugin has improved significantly, and it now includes support for Project Honeypot’s http:BL service to enhance detection and gather more accurate usage metrics.
  • The number of resources that can be placed in a single folder has increased significantly, and the interface now paginates when there are a large number of resources in a folder.
And there are more enhancements, tweaks, and of course bug fixes.  For a more complete list, please see the CWIS Revision History option, available off of the Administration menu.
CWIS 3.1.0 requires PHP 5.2.1 or newer and MySQL 5.0 or newer.  As always, after installing the new version we ask that you use the Register with Scout feature on the Administration menu to let us know you're using the new version of the software.  It really helps us determine what kind of operating environments the software is running in, and where to go next with development.
We look forward to your feedback on this new version of CWIS.