CWIS version 4.0.1 Released

CWIS version 4.0.1 has been released, and is now available for download on the Scout Site.

This is a maintenance release, with bug fixes and increased compatibility with a wider range of LAMP environments, but there have been a few improvements and additions:

    - Extended SearchEngine to support 'user is not' searches
    - Added help text to all settings on System Configuration and Advanced System Configuration pages
    - Any errors reported by enabled plugins are now displayed on the Administration page (as well as the Plugins page)
    - Added "uadd" command to cwis command line utility.

    - Revised string handling code so that the mbstring extension is no longer required (though it will be used if available)
    - ResourceFactory::ImportResourcesFromXml() added to simplify installation
    - Session cookies now have the Secure and HttpOnly flags set when appropriate, to help minimize the possibility of XSS attacks

    - SavedSearchMailings:  replaces the saved search mailing feature previously in the core software, and adds support for saved search emails for search results from non-default schemas (e.g. blog posts, events, pages, etc)

    - DrupalSync: Better error reporting when login sync fails
    - MLPHPList: Add local cache of user information to speed up generating Mailing List Metrics page
    - BotDetector: Do not assume that any IP listed by httpBL as "suspicious" is a bot (as this includes many IPs that are just part of public wifi networks)

The minimum PHP version for CWIS 4.0.1 is 5.4.  At Scout we have moved to PHP 7.0 on our production sites because of the significant performance increase it brings.  The minimum MySQL/MariaDB version is 5.0.

As always, after installing the new version we ask that you use the Register with Scout feature on the Administration menu to let us know you're using the new version of the software.  It really helps us determine what kind of operating environments the software is running in, and where to go next with development.

We look forward to your feedback on this new version of CWIS.