Scout Report: Week ending May 6, 1994

May 6, 1994


Human Genome Center
At Lawrence Berkeley Lab (LBL), Berkeley, California: offering information about projects in Biology, Informatics and Instrumentation, photos of LBL robotic instruments, software, and online access to one LBL genomic database.
Natural Resources Canada:
General information about the department, services to the general public, and links to sectors such as the Canadian Forest Service, Energy, and Mining.
Australian Environmental Resources Information Network:
Enhanced WWW Server containing information and data on Australia's environment, and including links to ERIN's ORACLE database.
University of Bologna Astronomical Observatory
Loiano Astronomical Observatory and Astronomy Department at the Unviersity of Bologna, Italy. Includes research activities, photos, and a Visit to the Astronomical Museum to view items from their collection.
The American Psychological Society
Includes research information, information for students, electronic journals and more.
Russia - Newly Independent States (NIS) Home Page):
Links to over a dozen NIS home pages, including Croatin, Slovak, and Slovenian. Links to a dozen Web servers in Russia, including RELCOM and the Elvis server. A link to the Forum on the Future of the Microelectronics Industry in Russia and the Newly Industrialized States.
Army Corps of Engineers:
New and growing WWW service, which contains pointers to many of their public information services, regional offices, and research facilities.
INET'94 Information and Registration Kiosk:
Established for the Internet Society's annual International Networking Conference - this year held in conjunction with the RARE Fifth Joint European Networking Conference. INET brings together the global Internet community and will he held in Praha (Prague), Czech Republic in June.


Electronic Journal: Information Technology and Disabilities:

[Note: Originally reviewed as a gopher site; gopher site has been replaced by web site.]
Refereed journal focussed on the development and effective use of new and emerging technologies by computer users with disabilities. Founded by EASI (Equal Access to Software and Information), topics include issues affecting rehabilitation counselors, human resources professionals, and developers of adaptive computer hardware and software products.

National Information Infrastructure (NII):

Putting the Information Infrastructure to Work:
Released by the IITF's Committee on Applications and Technology, of the Commerce Department's National Institute of Standards and Technology, the report is designed to spur public discussion of how people and organizations use the information infrastructure. Looks closely looks at some of the opportunities and obstacles in seven key applications of the NII
Request for Comments:
The draft Principles for Providing and Using Personal Information and the associated Commentary are the first work product of the Information Infrastructure Task Force's Working Group on Privacy.
Remarks by Larry Irving:
Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information, National Telecommunications and Information Administration, Department of Commerce: "The Death of the National Information Infrastructure, or Don't Believe Everything You Read". Delivered to the Association of Local Telecommunications Services Conference, Washington, D.C., May 4, 1994.
The Advisory Council on the National Information Infrastructure meeting on March 18, 1994.
The Technology Policy Working Group (TPWG) Meeting of the Committee on Applications and Technology, IITF, held on March 25, 1994.

Weekend Scouting

Federation Internationale d'Escrime (FIE) home page. Pictures, drawings and selected articles about various aspects of fencing
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb):
Searchable by name, title, genre, and movie quotes. Searching is also available for non-forms browsers. Other sections include Oscar listings (1920's - 1990's) for selected categories, and highly rated movies. (Site formerly referred to in the Scout Report as "Cardiff's Movie Database Browser.") (US mirror)