Scout Report: Week ending May 27, 1994

May 27, 1994

World Wide Web:

  1. The Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition of the US Food & Drug Administration World Wide Web Server.
  2. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research is a refereed journal, covering all areas of Artificial Intelligence, which is distributed free of charge over the internet. Links to other AI sites from the home page.
  3. The Open Government Pilot provides access to various segments of the Canadian federal government including: the House of Commons, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and federal departments and agencies.
  4. Window-to-Russia is a Moscow-based project by Relcom Corporation, oriented towards the international network community. WWW access to a variety of information resources from and about Russia, including two original Virtual Exhibitions: "Moscow Kremlin" and "Contemporary Russian Fine Arts." Extensive list of pointers to other Russian web-servers.
  5. A new, WWW version of "Entering the World-Wide Web: A Guide to Cyberspace" is available. Intended to be used as a beginner's, hands-on guide to the World-Wide Web. Offers answers to many basic questions about the Web. Web statistics, software pointers, information on hypertext and hypermedia, and other topics are covered. Very comprehensive. Text, PostScript, and FrameMaker 4.0 versions also available.
  6. First issue of The Lynx Magazine: Live From WWW '94 in CERN. One reporter's summaries and comments on events at the first WWW conference currently happening in Switzerland at the birthplace of WWW. For the "official" source of information on the conference, try the WWW'94 home page.
  7. InterNIC Directory and Database Services added 66 entries to the InterNIC Directory of Directories during the month of May.
  8. The InterNIC Information Services net-happenings mailing list is now archived and WAIS-indexed on the InterNIC InfoGuide, and is searchable by keyword.
  9. Recently Announced College and University Web Sites


  • NetResults is a growing network of people and teams working together to reinvent government created in the fall of 1993 to explore a team-based, open-network approach to implementing the recommendations of the National Performance Review. Information on joining the activities and NPR Success Stories available via gopher and Email.

Mailing Lists:

  • The Center for Gifted Education at the College of William and Mary has established a mailing list as a forum for gifted education. Information exchange pertaining to gifted learners such as research, curriculum, intellectual, academic, moral and ethical, social, and emotional needs is welcome. Send Email to:
    text in body of message:
    subscribe giftednet-l YourName
  • A newsletter for people with hand, arm or shoulder injuries caused by computer work ("CTDs" or "RSIs"). Issued every 2 months. Send Email to:
    text in body of message:
    subscribe rsi

National Information Infrastructure:

  • The National Telecommunications and Information Administration announced that the Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program (TIIAP) received 1,088 applications. TIIAP anticipates making FY94 grant award announcements by the end of September, 1994. Additional information is available in the press release posted on the NTIA gopher. Also new this week is a transcript of the Universal Service Hearing, held in Los Angeles, California, February 16, 1994.

Weekend Scouting:

  • In conjunction with Rice Design Alliance' Virtual City lecture series held earlier this year, home pages have been put up for two of the speakers: Howard Rheingold and Bruce Sterling. Access to online writings included.
  • Infinite Illusions Juggling Supplies (also viewable without frames) is now on-line with its WWW catalog. They carry Juggling Equipment, Kites, Boomerangs and other skill eqipment. Soon footbags, tops, yo-yos and darts will also be available.