Scout Report: Week ending June 3, 1994

June 3, 1994

World Wide Web:

  1. Analytic Philosophy Project: the peer reviewed Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy in hypertext and including on-line subscription and referee registration forms.
  2. Canadian climate: Read Climatic Perspectives every week in hypertext (english and french; download the weekly/monthly postscript version with graphics, tables ; access upper air analysis in gif and mpeg format ; access our long range forecast ; play a quiz.
  3. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory: the 1994 Genetics, Cell, & Molecular Biology Book Catalogue.
  4. Environmental Resource Center: timely and cost-effective access to stored environmental data and information.
  5. Icon Browser at Pisa University: over three thousands icons on line.
  6. Finnish Forest Research Institute of Helsinki, Finland: FORESTRY Web with research, conference, and biodiversity information, and forestry mailing list archives.
  7. Hewlett-Packard now on the Web. Also see HP's Workstation Systems Group.
  8. New HTML Documentation site, including a detailed series of notes on writing HTML documents: an overview of HTML, including basic document design rules; description of all HTML markup elements, with examples; a description of server-side script issues, such as ISINDEX, FORMS and Image maps (ISMAP), with examples; pointers to changes expected for HTML; extensive bibliography, and reference list to other HTML guides.
  9. NASA's Planetary Data System, Microwave Subnode: The Magellan Image Browser. Tour the planet Venus during your lunch break. So little time, so much data!
  10. Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is pleased to announce a major reorganization and enhancement of its server at its new address.
  11. Patch American High School: Web page in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of D-Day. Will feature a Patch HS JROTC Trip to Normandy, a Stars and Stripes Newspaper Special Edition on D-Day, materials on loan from the US European Command Historian, Dr. Bryan T. van Sweringen, Army newsreels of the landing (in Quicktime and MPEG formats), photos, maps & original top secret invasion documents (now declassified), and eventually, interviews with Normandy veterans who will be attending the ceremonies marking the 50th Annniversary.
  12. Spanky Fractal Database: fractal images, programs, documents, papers, code examples, and other fractal related material. Submitted by contributors or hunted down from various nooks and crannies on the net. Enjoy and discover.
  13. The Chance Server: information useful for teaching any probability or statistics course that uses current news involving probability or statistical concepts.
  14. Free On-line Dictionary of Computing: expanding coverage of terminology, languages, architectures, institutions, history, applications, theory, acronyms, telecomms and anything else related to computing. Many cross-references and links to other Internet resources. Queries are monitored and new entries for popular subjects are added every day. Contributions are also welcome.
  15. PowerPC News: Full text of an independent electronic magazine published every two weeks for users and developers who want the latest news about the IBM/Motorola/Apple microprocessor family and the systems.
    [Note: Resource(s)/URL(s) mentioned above is no longer available.]
  16. Student Government Associations index on the Web. If your SGA is not included, please send mail to the maintainer.
  17. Recently announced college and university World WideWeb servers:


  1. ACLU Free Reading Room: growing collection of ACLU publications and information resources. Initially, the collection will include basic publications on issues of high public interest, and our membership newsletter, Civil Liberties. Future: news releases, calls to action on legislative issues, ACLU legal briefs.
  2. The Electronic Zoo: A List of Animal-Related Computer Resources (Internet/Bitnet Mailing Lists, Gophers, World Wide Web Sites, Mail Servers, Usenet Newsgroups, FTP Archives, Commercial Online Services, and Bulletin Board Systems.)
  3. On May 8-10, 1994, the Department of Education sponsored the Secretary's Conference on Educational Technology. The ED/OERI Web Server now has a directory of information about the conference, including the conference agenda, lists of speakers, presenters, and state team participants, the text of Secretary Riley's speech, and descriptions of most of the networks and resources presented at the conference. Most of the plenary sessions will be rebroadcast via satellite by Star Schools projects June 6 through June 9, 1994.
  4. New Gopher compilation of 16 electronic journals and 75 education gophers. Intent is to keep the links updated regularly. to assure "a fairly complete and painless excursion into Gopherspace for the professional educator."
  5. A research project coordinated by Syracuse University and the United States Geological Survey, funded by the Federal Interagency Working Group on Data Management for Global Change, has been working for several months to develop an application profile for ANSI/NISO Z39.50. The name of the project is "Expanding Research and Development on the ANSI/NISO Z39.50 Search and Retrieval Standard". Two documents (below) have been released. An abstract describing the project is available, providing additional information about the project's scope and objectives.
  6. Mathematics related gopher collection: Department of Mathematics, Lake Forest College

National Information Infrastructure (NII):

  1. New on the Department of Commerce NTIA Gopher:
  2. Demos sought for 7/12 Indianapolis NTIA Universal Service and Access Hearing. NTIA is looking for companies and organizations that would like to participate in a technology demonstration, especially innovative ways of using information technology to promote education, social services, health care, and economic development over a National Information Infrastructure. Preference will be given to Indiana-based companies and organizations, but other organizations from the Mid-west are welcome to submit applications. -mail or fax a copy of your company description and what you would like to demo on July 12 to Lisa Leidig:
    Fax: 202/482-6173
  3. The National Coordination Office for High Performance Computing and Communications (NCO/HPCC): release of the HPCC Program's "FY 1995 Implementation Plan" on its NCO/HPCC Web server. Plan describes the President's proposed $1.154 billion HPCC Program budget, including 88 program activities and milestones. Organized both according to the 5 HPCC Program components and the 10 participating Federal agencies.

Weekend Scouting:

  • World Cup Soccer:
    • Web page for the usenet group Rec.Sport.Soccer. Contains the FAQ, info on the World Cup, FIFA rules, Fantasy World Cup, lists of mailing lists for clubs around the world, and pointers to all the WWW soccer pages around the world.
    • Web page on World Cup Soccer: A little history & results from past World Cups: qualification results; groups, venues (+ some pictures); schedules (including TV schedule, and a PostScript chart you can print; Detailed information on each qualifying nation; history in international soccer; team and/or player photos (where available); team roster; player profiles; list of other soccer-related resources on the web; USA'94 contact information.
  • Learn all you want to know about unicycling from the Unicycling Web page. How to ride, how to ride better, and where to buy one. You can even watch unicycling, if you need to get motivated.