Scout Report: Week ending June 17, 1994

June 17, 1994

World Wide Web:


National Information Infrastructure (NII):

New on the Department of Commerce NTIA Gopher:
  • Calendar of Upcoming Public Events
  • IITF's June Report (06/08/94)
  • ITF Factsheet (Revised 06/08/94)
  • 04/05/94 GITS Meeting Minutes
  • 05/03/94 GITS Meeting Minutes


  • "The Information Superhighway should have 'No Outlet' signs posted at the entry to paths that are under construction, just like real roads do!"
    -- overheard at a table of Internauts whining :-) about Gopher menus "announced before their time."

Weekend Scouting:

  • The Hang Gliding Mosaic Picture Server is a new WWW server full of hang gliding and para gliding related material, including: a large collection of hang gliding photos, hang gliding movies, the hang gliding FAQ, archived issues of the hang gliding mailing list digest, programs related to hang gliding, links to other aviation servers and more.
  • Personal Finance Center: Features a complete collection of links to the personal finance and investment resources of the Internet.
    [Note: When last checked by the Internet Scout team, this site URL was no longer available.]
  • Pixel Pushers, a gallery of artworks on paper produced by some of the world's top illustrators and fine artists working in electronic media. On June 15th 1994, Pixel Pushers became North America's first digital art show held concurrently in real space and in cyberspace. It opened in "real space" at Granville Island, Vancouver where computer-generated work of the internationally respected digital fine artists and photographers are on display as signed and numbered limited editions printed on various media. For that "next best thing to being there" feeling, check out the Rogues' Gallery--live pictures from the opening festivities at Granville Island. You can also read and sign the Guest Book.
  • World Cup USA '94 "Official" Web site.