Scout Report: Week ending June 24, 1994

June 24, 1994

World Wide Web:


Network Tools:


  • From a announcement released by the Internet Society on June 17, 1994: ISOC Proceeding on Conduct Code Underway. The Internet Society Board of Trustees, at their annual meeting in Prague, passed a resolution which recognizes the need for an Internet Code of Ethics and recommends that the Internet Architecture Board and Internet Society Advisory Council propose an appropriate code of ethics. This action was taken in response to recent events on the network related to unsolicited advertising and marketing tactics.
  • From a announcement released by Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. (BBN) and Stanford University on June 22, 1994: BBN to acquire BARRNet from Stanford. Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.and Stanford University announced that they have signed a letter of intent under which BBN would acquire the Bay Area Regional Research Network (BARRNet) from Stanford. This agreement, when finalized, would allow BBN to merge its New England NEARNET operation, which is the leading provider of Internet services in New England, with BARRNet, which is the leading provider of such services in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • From a announcement released by Performance Systems International, Inc. (PSI) on June 23, 1994: Performance Systems International, Inc. (PSI), of Herndon Virginia, disclosed that an interim agreement had been reached with Canter & Siegel (C&S), of Phoenix, Arizona regarding the controversial C&S advertising over the Internet and USENET. The agreement includes statements that C&S will refrain from mass electronic postings of any unsolicited, non-contextual, non-topic advertisements to the USENET discussion group bulletin board system; and will refrain from mass postings of any unsolicited, non-contextual, non-topic advertisements using electronic mail or other TCP/IP Internet applications.

Weekend Scouting:

  • Free selection of 3D graphics on the web for use in your home page.
  • WWW Virtual Library: Sports (formerly Stringers Sports Pages)
  • HypArt - WWW art project. a artistical equivalent to 'Hyper-Text'. A single picture is created by several people by dividing the image into squares and each artist contributes a square. More information about how to contribute etc. in the Homepage of the Project.
  • Bradley University Amateur Radio Web Page. Information about the club, several searchable links to locate hams, and general ham information.