Scout Report: Week ending July 15, 1994

July 15, 1994

Highlights in this week's Report:

  • Comet's collision with Jupiter earns a homepage at NASA JPL.
  • National Performance Review Electronic Information Center
  • PBS on the Net
  • Top Ten Reasons Why White House Staff Like the Internet
  • The lowdown on Woodstock '94, from ex VJ

World Wide Web:

  • Academia Sinica, founded on June 9, 1928, as the highest academic institution in Taiwan, Republic of China, provides information both in English and in Chinese (Big-5). The purpose of the server is to introduce the Academia Sinica and to serve as the Academy Information System.
  • Arizona State University, Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Research Center, contains information about the various labs and projects at the Research Center. This server also describes the Electronic Commerce Network (ECNet) being setup in the Phoenix Metro area in Arizona.
  • Comet Shoemaker-Levy Collision with Jupiter, from July 16 through July 22. The comet's collision with Jupiter will be the first collision of two solar system bodies to be observed. Homepage at NASA includes the parts of the world with the best view, and times. Extensive information, with news added daily.
  • Cray Research's new Web server includes product info, company announcements, contact info and more. Also a page dedicated to CraySoft, a company initiative to oversee development and of the company's software for other firms' systems.
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University WWW servers support the needs of students and professionals in aviation, aerospace, engineering and related fields. Check out their page of thumbnail aircraft pictures showing a few of the Embry-Riddle fleet over this century, each ready for a click and a download of a high-quality JPEG version.
  • Indiana University Honors Division has unveiled the Labyrinth Electronic Publishing Project, including collections of poetry from IU faculty and students, and Labyrinth Galleries: Collections of visual art.
  • The _NSF Network News_, InterNIC Information Services' bimonthly publication, is now available on the Web. The current issue features an interview with the new Executive Director of the Internet Society, Tony Rutkowski, as well as a full-length article about the new NSFNET architecture, with a topology map; a Regional NIC Report from NorthWestNet about health care providers and the Internet; a news brief on current and pending National Information Infrastructure (NII) legislation, with a table of current legislation and status; and regular features of the _NSF Network News_ such as the InterNIC Event Calendar and updates from InterNIC partners.
  • National Performance Review, Electronic Information System, Office of the Vice President of the United States.
    send npr catalog
  • "The Network Nation Revisited" is an analysis of the predictions made by Hiltz and Turoff in _The Network Nation_, one of the seminal texts (published in 1978) in the field of Computer Mediated Communications.
  • "OTIS" (Operative Term Is Stimulate) at it's most basic interpretation and intention, is a place for image-makers and image-lovers to exchange ideas, collaborate and, in a loose sense of the word, meet. OTIS is collection of images and information accessible mainly via INTERNET that is open for public perusal and participation. The quickest analogy drawn is that OTIS is like an 'art gallery'".
  • The Signal Processing Information Base (SPIB) is a project sponsored by the Signal Processing Society and the National Science Foundation. SPIB is a repository of data, papers, software, newsgroups, bibliographies, and addresses of interest to the signal processing community, as well as links to other relevant repositories.
  • A "sensitive" map of Switzerland is now available.
  • Uganda, Abayudaya Jews homepage.


National Information Infrastructure:

  • "Congress Watch: An Update on Current National Information Infrastructure (NII) Legislation" gives an overview of United States congressional legislation introduced in the past few years concerning the NII. The article features a list of current legislation, including bill name, number, sponsor, date introduced, a brief description, and current status. It is part of the latest issue of the _NSF Network News_, InterNIC Information Services' bimonthly publication.
  • NIIbyCTV is an open, unmoderated discussion list regarding fair and equitable access to the National Information Infrastructure (NII) via Cable Television (CTV). A dedicated list for ongoing discussion of the policy and technical issues involved, and especially the issues involved in negotiation of cable television franchises in this new age. To join, send mail to:
    SUB NIIbyCTV yourfirstname yourlastname


  • TOP TEN REASONS WHY WHITE HOUSE STAFF LIKE THE INTERNET, as stated by Tom Kalil, the David Letterman of the Clinton/Gore administration. Kalil gave the closing keynote at INET'94/JENC5 in Prague on Friday, June 17, and included this list in his talk about NII efforts in the United States. Recorded by Carl Malumud in the Internet Town Hall.
    10: Surfing the Web is more fun than going to meetings.
    9: Even reading old RFCs is more fun than going to meetings.
    8: On the Internet, no one knows you're a bureaucrat.
    7: It's how we get our daily marching orders from Vint Cerf, Tony Rutkowski, and Dave Farber.
    6: It's hard to write your X.400 address on a cocktail napkin.
    5: We get all that great electronic fan mail on the Clipper Chip.
    4: We have access to the Top Secret Air Force server with cool gifs of UFOs and little green men.
    3: We're still hoping to get on Carl Malamud's "Geek of the Week."
    2: We love getting flamed by rabid libertarians on "com-priv."
    1: We can send e-mail FROM
  • The Global Network Navigator (GNN) Netizens, holds the Internet's first directory of personal home pages.

Weekend Scouting:

  • Adam Curry (formerly but no longer with MTV, for those of you who haven't been tracking such things) has a new net address, and has posted the lowdown on Woodstock '94. Adam Curry's Music Server