Scout Report: Week ending July 22, 1994

July 22, 1994

The Scout Report is a weekly publication offered by InterNIC Information Services to the US. research and education and entire Internet community via email, gopher, and World Wide Web. Included are selected new and newly-discovered online resources, network news, and bits of net culture. See below for additional information and complete Scout Report access methods.
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Highlights in this week's Report:

  • The Guide to NASA Online Resources
  • NASA image database
  • Washington University Archives Homepage
  • Scholastic Internet Center
  • Dead Rock Stars on the Web

World Wide Web:

  • The Center for the Study of Southern Culture hosts information on cultural events listed by state, on-line versions the Center's publications, and links to pages for Blues, Gospel, and Country music.
  • Frequently asked Questions (and Answers) about K-12 Internetworking, Internet Engineering Task Force, Internet School Networking Working Group document, RFC1578, FYI #22
  • University of Minnesota, St. Paul, Department of Food Science & Nutrition.
  • Lithuanian World Wide Web information Service includes map of Lithuania, most current news, and news archive. Information about other Baltic countries.
  • Massachusetts General Hospital, Department of Neurology Webserver covers both research and clinical areas, our Webserver has PI research interests, unit descriptions, and staff "mini-CVs" with photographs. Current events in Neurology are kept up to date, with pointers to other pertinent medical/neurological webservers.
  • Mount Wilson Observatory Home page includes a virtual tour and educational programs such as "Telescopes In Education" (TIE) Project, which permits remote access of a 24-inch telescope to schools (K-18) and amateur groups. Also contains professional services and historical information.
  • The Guide to NASA Online Resources showcases NASA and NASA-related scientific, educational and government resources of interest to both general Internet users and the NASA science community: JPL Information Archive, Space Telescope Science Institute (home of the Hubble Space Telescope Data Archive), NASA Spacelink, the NASA/NREN K-12 gopher along with pointers to image databases and software archives.
  • NASA's Johnson Space Center, Image Sciences Division, digital image collection, includes press release and Earth observation images from the manned space program from Mercury to the present(c. 9,000 image files). The latest mission's images of Earth observations have been loaded (c. 4-12,000 image files). Plans are to load an additional 200,000 Earth observation images in the next year.
  • Oxford University Humanities Computing Unit and the CTI Centre for Textual Studies on the Web with information about the Centre, Staff, other services at Oxford University, and the HUMBUL Gateway to International Resources. Also, a complete version of the CTI Centre's Resources Guide converted into HTML. [Note: Site title has changed since the original Scout Report review. Site formerly referred to in the Scout Report as "Oxford University, Centre for Humanities Computing."]
  • Scholastic Internet Center: full text of new electronic curriculum resources for teachers and students, including Reading and Language Arts Library Articles, Middle School Natural Science Library Special science resources especially for grades 5-9, Integrating Technology planning resources, lesson plans, software evaluations, and basic tips and guidelines on using technology in the schoolroom.
  • Highlands of Scotland information server.
  • Slovakia Document Store: clickable map of Slovakia containing over 100 pictures of Slovak country, map of the capital and other large cities, history, political system, political parties. Also includes Information for people traveling to Slovakia, like currency, exchange rates, location of ATM (bankomats), small English-Slovak dictionary for tourists, e-mail and other Internet services, much more.
  • University of Ottawa, Multimedia Communications Research Lab
  • The Washington University Archives Homepage: information about the collections and services of the University Archives including ca. 40 online colletion guides.
  • The Web Self Publishing System, a publicly updatable database of resources on the Internet, has been developed at the University of Illinois. Users who have browsers which support forms may add URLs into a hierarchy of groups.


National Information Infrastructure:

  • Senate Legislation Online, with related reports, policy papers, other documents, and links to other telecom sites. Full text and summaries of S. 1822 and S. 2111.
  • The Indiana University School of Law and the Federal Communications Bar Association have released the online publication of Volume 46, No 3 for June, 1994 of the _Federal Communications Law Journal_. This issue includes _The National Information Infrastructure Initiative and the Emergence of the Electronic Superhighway_ by Johnathon D. Blake and Lee J. Tiedrich.


Weekend Scouting:

  • Dead Rock Stars on WWW, _The Death of Rock 'n' Roll_ by Jeff Pike. A "fascinating and witty" compendium of dead rock stars from bluesman Robert Johnson to the present, is particularly suited to the hypertext medium. Hyperlinked excerpts from it -- including sections on Elvis Presley, John Lennon,Marvin Gaye, and Sid Vicious -- are now available on the Internet.
  • THE GAMES DOMAIN - - The largest collection of games related links on the Internet. Includes games reviews via the W3 version of GameBytes magazine,
  • The 1994 Goodwill Games Home Page is now available.
  • Zimbabwean Stone Sculpture. (We knew you would want to know.)

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The Scout Report is a weekly publication offered by InterNIC Information Services to the Internet community as a fast, convenient way to stay informed about network activities. Its purpose is to combine in one place the highlights of new (and newly-discovered) online resources and other announcements seen on the Internet during the preceding week.

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