Scout Report: Week ending August 26, 1994

August 26, 1994

The Scout Report is a weekly publication offered by InterNIC Information Services to the US. research and education community and others who will benefit from the listed resources. Included are selected new and newly-discovered online resources, network news, and bits of net culture. The Scout Report is accessible via gopher and World Wide Web, and is distributed in both ascii and html formats via electronic mailing lists.

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Highlights in this week's Report:

  • Volcano images from land, air, and space
  • InterNIC Directory and Database Services upgrades WAIS access
  • PENpages now available in gopherspace
  • Summary of telephony and telecomm policy information sites
  • Pizza in cyberspace

World Wide Web


  • California Secretary of State gopher server includes the information that will appear in the voter pamphlet that will go out before the election, plus connections to other gophers in California.
  • The Human Services Research Institute Evaluation Center has established an Internet Listserv to discuss how national health care reforms may affect the delivery of mental health care and substance abuse treatment services at the state and local level. The NHCTEN mailing list is part of The Evaluation Center's Topic and Evaluation Network on National Health Care Reform. The Evaluation Center will be represented on-line by Robert Dorwart, M.D. of the Kennedy School of Government and Steve Leff Ph.D. and Matthew Wise, M.P.H. of HSRI.

    To subscribe to the list, or the digest version of the list, send email to:
    In the body of the message type:
  • The Internet Guide: "Federal Government Information on the Internet", release 8, July 1994 is now available.
  • InterNIC Directory and Database Services has implemented a new release of WAIS -- freeWAIS-0.3 -- and a new, more user-friendly WAIS client. The server includes features such as nested queries, boolean operators, partial queries, and literal queries. Also in this version are dynamic Archie and Netfind query extensions which allow archie or netfind queries from within the framework of WAIS. The client is curses based and provides some nice features such as relevance feedback for improving query results. A new on-line tutorial is provided which explains these features as well as providing some guidance on effective searching techniques. On-line help is also available. We'd like to hear your feedback before making these available on all servers. Send feedback to:

    To try out the new server, connect your WAIS client to port 8210.

    To try out this new client,
    telnet to:

    login as nwais (no password required)

  • The K-12 Technology by Design Center provides on-line access to books, educational materials, and information about Technology. Its resources are directed at the needs of K-12 teachers, students, parents, and teacher-training programs, but everyone is welcome to participate.

    Telnet: (login as guest)

  • NASA's Center for Advanced Space Studies has established a Gopher.
  • New York Art Line (NYAL) is an area where Arts organizations, NYC area artists, and artists who work with technology can post information.
    [Note: Originally reviewed as a gopher site; gopher may no longer be available.]
  • PENpages, which has been a valued resource on the network since 1986 via telnet, is now also available in gopherspace. PENpages is an electronic library containing thousands of reports, newsletters and fact sheets pertaining to a wide variety of Agriculture related topics.
    [Note: Originally reviewed as a gopher site; gopher site has been replaced by web site.]
  • The USDA has posted four additional fact sheets concerning the recently released draft USDA school lunch regulations. Deadline for comments on the proposed regulations is September 8, 1994. Titles include The Role of Commodities in the School Meals Initiative and USDA Technical Assistance to States. Comments may be sent to:

    Type in body of message: send fns catalog

National Information Infrastructure

  • A listing of various WWW, gopher, and ftp sites relating to telephony, policy/regulation, privacy, cryptography, etc has been made available in the National Information Infrastructure section of the InfoGuide.
  • Federal Communications Law Journal, Volume 46, Number 3 for June, 1994 is now available online. Of particular interest to the Internet community is an article by Jonathan D. Blake and Lee J. Tiedrich entitled The National Information Infrastructure Initiative and the Emergence of the Electronic Superhighway.
  • The document "Europe and the global information society - Recommendations to the European Council" (a.k.a Bangemann Commission Document) is now available online. In its Brussels meeting of December 1993, the European Council requested that a report be prepared for its meeting on 24-25 June 1994 in Corfu by a group of prominent persons on the specific measures to be taken into consideration by the Community and the Members States for information infrastructures. On the basis of this report, a program identifying precise procedures for action and the necessary means will be defined. The report is wholly the product of the group of prominent persons. It does not necessarily represent the views of the European Commission or the European Council and is distributed under the condition that it is not modified in any way.


  • Can't find the phone book? Order it over the 'Net. PizzaNet that is. Really.
  • Need a daily web fix of something new? Try The Cool Site of the Day. Every night at midnite the Cool Site of the Day gets set to point at a new Cool Site. You'll never know what's there until you take the link so expect to be surprised.
  • AsTeR --Audio System For Technical Readings-- is a computing system that exploits the display-independent nature of electronic information to orally render technical documents marked up in La)TeX.

Weekend Scouting

  • The World Wide Web Tennis Server has now started gearing up for the US Open which begins Monday, August 29. A variety of polls and surveys will be run during the open, and the responses will be posted. Copies of the polls and summary responses to the newsgroup for those without Web access. The tennis server also offers monthly player and equipment tips, daily tennis news, hyperlinked versions of the Tennis Rules and Tennis Code, and links to tennis info throughout the web.
  • People's stories, sounds and pictures live from Woodstock '94: over 300 pages were made by ordinary folks at Woodstock '94 using a special program called Woodstock Immortalizer.

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