Scout Report: Week ending September 9, 1994

September 9, 1994

The Scout Report is a weekly publication offered by InterNIC Information Services to the US. research and education community and others who will benefit from the listed resources. Included are selected new and newly-discovered online resources, network news, and bits of net culture. The Scout Report is accessible via gopher and World Wide Web, and is distributed in both ascii and html formats via electronic mailing lists. To access past issues of the Report or to browse the current issue via gopher or WWW:
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Highlights in this week's Report:

  • National Science Foundation Homepage
  • VP Gore's Homepage
  • Continuing Medical Education credits earned on the Web
  • Accessing The Internet By E-Mail: FTP, gopher, Usenet, WWW...
  • The 19th Hole

World Wide Web:

  • The Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library has been now added to the WWW Virtual Library systems at Coombs Computing Unit, Research Schools of Social Sciences & Pacific and Asian Studies at the Australian National University, Canberra. Others include Asian Studies, Demography & Population Studies, and Social Sciences.
  • The EnviroWeb is advertised as the world's largest environmental information archive on-line... and the clearinghouse of all on-line environmental information. Collections include the Virtual Environmental Library, the Internet Environmental Resource Directory, and the EnviroProducts Directory, containing information about many different environmentally-friendly or "green" products and services.
  • The National Science Foundation announces its WWW Home Page which includes the Guide to Programs and the Grants Proposal Guide. These documents provide information on program initiatives at NSF, along with instructions for preparing and submitting proposals. Biographies of NSF officials, weekly "What's New" pages, and a link to NSF's publications database are also accessible.
  • Plugged In is a non-profit group which brings computer-based educational programs to children from low-income communities. Based in East Palo Alto, California, the site contains curriculum materials, online projects by kids and completed multimedia projects by kids.
  • The University of Washington Department of Radiology Webserver offers an online learning center with Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits are available online through the Webserver. The University of Washington School of Medicine has designated the digital teaching file on the Webserver for credit hours in Category I of the Physicians Recognition Award of the American Medical Association.
  • Vice President Al Gore's National Performance Review announces the test release of "Your ToolKit to help reinvent government." An inter-active World Wide Web home page. In the ToolKit users will find one of the best sources of reinvention information as well as important links to the people and places working to create a government that works better and costs less.
  • Women's Resources Project presents information on academic programs in Women's Studies and libraries with strong collections pertaining to the discipline, women and literature, community resources for women, and a gathering of women's resources found on the 'net.
  • The USENIX Association, the UNIX and advanced computing systems professional and technical association, announces the availability of its WWW server.
  • Recently Announced College and University Web Servers:



  • The Electronic Newsstand is a service which collects articles, editorials, and table of contents from over 165 magazines and provides them to the Global Internet community. The Electronic Newsstand now offers email access for those without a local Gopher, telnet or Mosaic client program. Send any email message (a blank line is sufficient) to, and instructions will be returned to you. For more information about the services of the Electronic Newsstand, send email to
  • Expanded 2nd edition of Accessing The Internet By E-Mail: shows you how to retrieve files from FTP sites, explore the Internet via Gopher, search for information with Archie, Veronica, or WAIS, tap into the World-Wide Web, and even access Usenet newsgroups using E-MAIL as your only tool. Lots of new stuff as a result of comments received from around the world. Check out the updated Net Goodies section! New info on European mail servers.

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    ** In the UK/Europe/etc, send mail to:
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    send lis-iis e-access-inet.txt

National Information Infrastructure

  • The President signed P.L. 103-317, the FY95 Appropriations bill for the Departments of Commerce, Justice, State, and the Judiciary (H.R. 4603) on August 26. Among the programs funded through this bill are Information Infrastructure Grants to demonstrate applications of telecommunications technology for education, health care, public and community services, and public safety. The conferees on the bill (H.Rept. 103-708) decided to appropriate $64,000,000 for FY95 to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration for these matching grants to help nonprofit entities, including libraries, develop the National Information Infrastructure. The conference report noted the value of the creation of a national information highway to rural and remote areas, and urged NTIA to give particular consideration to applications which would lead to increased telecommunications access in areas where such service is not readily available. (From ALAWON)
  • New documents on the Department of Commerce National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA) gopher:
    • The Info Infra: Reaching Society's Goals(Comments Requested)
    • Technology Policy Working Group Minutes from 07/28/94 meeting
    • Notice of 09/13/94 NII Advisory Committee Meeting
    • Notice of Three Intellectual Property Hearings
    • Reengineering Through Information Technology


  • NCSA Web Server V1.3 for Microsoft Windows. This HTTP/1.0 compliant server runs under Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroups 3.11 in native 16-bit mode, providing fully multi-threaded operation for up to 8 simultaneous connections at rates of over 8/sec on a 486/66. It incorporates the Windows CGI Specification as well as a DOS-VM based CGI interface. Features closely match those of the NCSA Web server "httpd" 1.3 for Unix systems, including the common log file format, automatic directory indexing, and access authorization.

Weekend Scouting:

  • The 19th Hole (a.k.a. "The Clubhouse") now offers The Rules of Golf Online. which answers all of your questions about the rules, settle your score and tell a few tall tales in the Clubhouse after a hard 18. The 19th Hole is a place for golfers to relax, share some stories and maybe even settle a bet or two (not that golfers bet!) Included is Headlines! with info on the latest scores, tournaments, and local happenings. The 1994 Golf Digest Record Book is the place to find out how your favorite golfer did in 1993 or who won the British Open in 1863.
  • THE GAMES DOMAIN - The largest collection of games related links on the Internet. This site contains over 140 links to various FAQs, walkthroughs, FTP links, home pages, interactive links, information documents, and much more! Also games reviews via the W3 version of GameBytes magazine.
  • World Wide Web photography exposition, The Jazz Photography Of Ray Avery, explores 50's West Coast Jazz through Avery's classic images, a discography, record covers and music samples. It is offered by University of California, Irvine Bookstore.

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