The Scout Report - November 17,1995

November 17,1995

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Highlights In This Week's Report:

World Wide Web:

  • Art on the Net is a sight dedicated to bringing new artists and theirworks to the Internet. The site is composed of the following "studios": Visual Artists, Musicians and Bands, Performance Artists, Poets, and Video Artists and Animators. It also features a "gallery" with many different "rooms" of art. Currently, the site is composed of over 80 artists and their works. The site also has links to many other sources of art on the Internet.
  • The Administration on Aging, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has a Web page. It contains information about AoA and its programs, information about resources for practitioners, statistical information on the aging, and information for consumers (older persons and their families) including how to obtain services and electronic booklets on aging related issues. It also includes a link to AoA's National Aging Information Center and extensive links to other aging related Web resources.
  • The Garry Laboratory at Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans provides the "All the Virology Servers in the World" Web page, or at least all the Virology related Web pages they have found to date. The site is certainly comprehensive, with servers listed for General Virology, Specific Viruses, Microbiology, AIDS, Emerging Viruses, Electronic Journals, Scientific Societies, Patent and Legal Information, Government Sites and more.
  • Project Vote Smart: Presidential Candidate Information. Candidate information is provided for four Democratic, four Libertarian, and thirteen Republican candidates. Candidate information includes biographies, contact information, and Web site information (when the candidate has a Web site).
  • The U.S. Federal Courts Finder is a nicely done map-based "front page" to links to federal court opinions by district. Maintained at Emory University, the map indicates each federal district by number and color. At present, opinions are available for 2nd-7th, and 9th-11th Circuits. General information about maintenance of each page is provided at the top of each Circuit's page. Searching, as well as browsing is available. The map links are accompanied by text links for those without graphics capabilities. Coverage varies by circuit. Although there appears to be no cross circuit search mechanism, this is still a great repository for federal opinions, and will become more valuable as it grows. The site also contains Supreme Court and Federal Circuit Court opinions.
  • The Village Voice celebrates its 40th birthday with video interviews with Voice editors and writers, including Karen Durbin, Nat Hentoff, and Richard Goldstein; selected recordings, and selected articles. The site is arranged by decade.


Electronic Mailing Lists:

  • GOVPUB is a discussion list devoted to the practical and policy issues related to providing local and state government information on the Internet. It is not a forum for political debate. This list is intended for agency professional and technical staff involved in making public information available on online, but anyone with an interest in the topic is welcome to join the list.

    send mail to: LISTSERV@VM1.NODAK.EDU
    in the body of the message type: SUBSCRIBE GOVPUB yourfirstname yourlastname

  • MENA-H, the Middle East-North Africa History list, is a sister list to the History of Islam list (Islam-L). However, the list is not focused solely on the history of the region in the context of Islam, but rather in the context of the great civilizations that have emerged within the region (principally Judaic, Christian, and Islamic civilizations, but also smaller and often less studied civilizations such as Zoroastrian, Nubian, Berber, and others) and the relations between these civilizations.

    send e-mail to:
    in the body of the message type: SUB MENA-H yourfirstname yourlastname


  • Jumbo: the "official" shareware site of the Web. This searchable archive contains over 24,000 shareware and freeware programs. Categories include: business, home and personal, programming, utilities, and words and graphics. Within each category, programs are cataloged by operating system. The entire archive is a searchable by program category and operating system. There is a short annotation with the programs to help determine whether to download them or not. Size of program is given. A "starter kit" of a decompression and anti-virus program is also provided for each operating system. This is an excellent specialty site.

Weekend Scouting:

  • The Chocolate Archives: CHOCO is a read-only mailing list and an archive of recipes that contain chocolate. Each month on (or around) the sixth day, a compilation of chocolate recipes from around the net is posted to the group. These recipes are gathered from usenet newsgroups and various mailing lists. Back issues are indexed, and a nominal recipe search service is available and is soon to be expanded.

    send email to: MAJORDOMO@APK.NET
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  • Recently debuted on Adam Curry's METAVERSE site is Rock Shots, the first exclusive gallery of Rock 'n Roll photography on the Web by photographer Niels Van Iperen. Niels has been shooting musicians, fans and festivals for over 12 years in Europe and the U.S. His clients include the magazines Rolling Stone, Musician, Metal Hammer, OOR and Guitar World . Rock Shots brings you face to face with Aerosmith live in Brazil, Pearl Jam in their dressing room, the Red Hot Chili Peppers in a swimming pool and more ... on stage, backstage and audience rage. Portraits are viewed in Rock Shots through a custom-made search engine and is updated weekly with new artists.

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-- Susan Calcari
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