The Scout Report - March 21, 1997

March 21, 1997

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The Scout Report is a weekly publication offering a selection of new and newly discovered Internet resources of interest to researchers and educators, the InterNIC's primary audience. However, everyone is welcome to subscribe to one of the mailing lists (plain text or HTML). Subscription instructions are included at the end of each report.

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Research and Education

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Research & Education

Immunoassay Animations--University of Glasgow [FutureSplash]
The University of Glasgow Department of Pathological Biochemistry has recently made available five immunoassay animations that draw on the interactivity of the FutureSplash plug-in (discussed in the December 20, 1996 issue of the Scout Report). The animations are "a learning resource for students, to show the wide application of the use of antibodies in a clinical biochemistry laboratory," and are "graphical representations of the immunoassay methodology used by a number of commercial manufacturers." Each immunoassay is presented as a series of animations, allowing the user to navigate forward and back in time. A key is provided, and animations can be viewed step by step (with explanations) and then replayed as a single continuous animation without explanations or navigation. Immunoassay Animations is a powerful visual teaching tool. [JS]
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Internet-Accessible Scholarly Resources for the Humanities and Social Sciences--ACLS Newsletter
ACLS Publications
The American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) has recently made its February 1997 Newsletter available at its web site. This edition, focusing on networked scholarly resources, contains seven articles that were originally "presentations of a program session...held at the 1996 ACLS Annual Meeting." Included are articles on electronic texts, images, the American Arts and Letters Network, and the National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage, among others. The Newsletter joins a small but expanding list of electronic publications being made available by ACLS. [JS]
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The Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book [Frames]
UK mirror:
Dr. Thorsten Kraska of the Institute for Plant Diseases at the University of Bonn, Germany, writes, compiles and maintains this meta-site of Internet resources on plant pathology, applied entomology, and related fields. The site is divided into topical sections (including mycology, nematology, virology, pesticides, and biotechnology) and sections based on the format of a given resource (journals, newsgroups, databases, culture collections, conferences, and software). All sites are examined and annotated by Dr. Kraska before being added, and "extraordinary" sites are marked with a "TIP" icon. [AG]
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Finance & Development--IMF and World Bank
A quarterly publication of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, each edition of Finance & Development has a different focus under the general aegis of economic policy development in third-world countries. For example, the December 1996 issue covers New Environmentalism, Capital Markets and Central Banking, whereas earlier issues have covered Reforming Government, World Development Report(s), Energy Policy, World Economy in Transition and more. Issues prior to Volume 3, Number 1 are available on paper only. [ATW]
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PlaneMath--InfoUse and NASA
Text only:
The result of a NASA award, this site is designed "to stimulate and motivate students with physical disabilities in grades 4-7 to pursue aeronautics-related careers via the development and delivery of accessible math education materials on the Internet." Recognizing that math curricula for students in these grades is most often built around the manipulation of tools such as pencils, compasses, and rulers, the designers of this site have endeavored to teach the same concepts without relying on the physical acuity of the student. The result is a site with benefits both for the target audience and for other students interested in aviation. Nine lessons cover such issues as plane capacity, time zones, and flight planning, although not all lessons are currently available in text-only versions. Extensive background information on the concepts behind the site is available for teachers and parents. [ML]
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The Marx/Engels Internet Archive
Less graphical entrance:
Although the Cold War may be over, the debate between communism and capitalism is alive and kicking on the web. This site, originally hosted (and still mirrored) by Communications for a Sustainable Future at the University of Colorado, has become part of Cyber-Marx International. The archive contains selections from or the full text of over sixty works of Marx and Engels, and also works of other Marxist writers such as Daniel DeLeon, Lenin, Rosa Luxemburg, Mao, and Trotsky. Of these, the Trotsky archive is particularly impressive, containing partial or full texts of over fifteen items at present. The archive also contains biographical materials on and photographs of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky. [JS]
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SOCIAL-CLASS is a moderated list that aims to provide an active forum for scholars to discuss ideas and research on the role of social class in contemporary societies. It seeks to promote discussion concerning the uses and merits of both traditional and alternative perspectives (Marxist, Weberian, race/class/gender, postmodern, other), and it welcomes insights based on statistical research, ethnography, content analysis, historical research or other methodologies. [JS]

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General Interest

CDA and the US Supreme Court--Reno v. ACLU oral argument transcript
Other Reno v. ACLU materials:
The transcript of the oral argument before the US Supreme Court in the Reno v. ACLU case, which concerns the constitutionality of the Communications Decency Act, is available at the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) site. The ACLU site also contains a wealth of other information about the case, including a complete chronology, the decision of the US District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania that is currently being appealed, and the original ACLU complaint. [JS]
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WHO Report on the Tuberculosis Epidemic 1997
WHO Global Tuberculosis Page [.pdf]
At the heart of this new World Health Organization report is the advocacy of DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment, Short-course) as a strategy for "reversing the course of a frightening global TB epidemic." It contains a listing of the benefits of DOTS, the elements of the DOTS strategy, and information on the thirteen countries (containing 75% of the world's TB cases) that "will largely determine whether the battle against TB will be won or lost." The site also contains information on how to obtain the "official paper copy" of the report. WHO's Global Tuberculosis Page contains other TB-related information, including earlier TB reports and TB/HIV: A Clinical Manual (in Adobe Acrobat [.pdf] format only). [JS]
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Comet Hale-Bopp [MPEG]
Mirror site:
Last year it was Comet Hyakutake (discussed in the March 22, 1996 Scout Report). This year it's Comet Hale-Bopp. While there are many sites devoted to this comet, one of the best is provided by NASA. The main NASA site at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory is highlighted, of course, by images (over 1,700 at present). It also contains over twenty-five animations (mostly MPEG and animated .gif files), several news articles, a timeline for best viewing, viewing hints and tips, and an article on the discovery of the comet by Alan Hale. [JS]
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Tax Help and History
H&R Block Tax Tips
Ernst and Young LLP Weekly Tax Tips
Presidential Tax Returns
With the April 15 income tax deadline looming, most US taxpayers already have their tax forms (see the Scout Report for January 31, 1997). Now, for help with filling them in, H&R Block and Ernst and Young LLP are standing by. The H&R Block page is highlighted by tips in eleven subject areas from business and professional to single parent to farmer. The tips, while thinly veiled ads for H&R Block, are concise checklists and reminders. The page also offers a tax refund calculator and "Ask Henry," where users can ask Block tax research experts a question. Selected questions are answered. Ernst and Young LLP provides brief tax tips in ten categories. The site, while also an ad for an E&Y book, contains useful tips. And finally, while taxes can be painful, at least they are private. Some former US Presidents have chosen to make theirs public. Tax Analysts' Tax History Project has made selected returns (1040 form only at this time) for six presidents available. Although the images are large and their quality varies, the site provides a fascinating look into these presidents' financial lives. [JS]
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HomePath--From Fannie Mae
Fannie Mae
Whether you're thinking about if you're ready to buy a home, are in the process of buying a home, or are considering refinancing your current home, there's information for you on Fannie Mae's newest website. Fannie Mae is America's largest source of home mortgage funds, and has designed HomePath to be "your on-line path to a home of your own." There are three different paths through the information on the website: HomeStarterPath has resources for people deciding whether home ownership is right for them, including a comparison of renting vs. buying and a calculator for estimating how much house one can afford to buy; HomePurchasePath offers services for people who are ready to buy, including mortgage application information and how to shop for a lender; HomeRefinancePath helps homeowners determine when refinancing is beneficial, and outlines the costs involved. The Fannie Mae main page provides information on this lending agency, as well as homes offered for sale. [ML]
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American Coin Numismatic Mailing List
The American Coin Numismatic Mailing List is a forum for discussion of US coinage. This includes US colonial coins, patterns, pioneer issues, proofs, and regular issue coinage. Anything from the Red Book or Breen is on topic by definition. General numismatic discussions are also welcome, if of interest to collectors of American coins. For example, discussions of coin care, slabbing, coin stories, etc., are appropriate. Discussions of non-US coinage are discouraged just as are any other off-topic posts. The list is sponsored by American Coin on the Net. Web based subscription is available (see above URL). [JS]

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Net Tools

Browser Central--c|net
The tireless public servants at c|net have served up a new informational area, focusing on the ceaseless march of web browser applications. Reviews and tips are organized by browser version, and cover features, comparisons, and even opinions on the development of HTML. A constantly updated selection of browser-focused headlines from appears on the page. The browser survival guide offers detailed information on the currently available browsers, plug-ins, and helper applications, as well as previews of upcoming releases. Much of the content here is also available on c|net's other websites, but it has been gathered and categorized to provide easy access for users who want to keep current on the browser wars. A real plus of the site are the links to software on, which relieve users of responsibility of visiting each browser's site for the latest version. [ML]
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Analog--A web server log analysis tool
Analog, provided by Stephen R. E. Turner of the Statistical Laboratory at Cambridge University, is a free server log analysis tool for UNIX, PC, NT, Mac, VMS and RISC-based operating systems. This program runs using a script that can be edited to serve specific needs. There are over 180 options to produce 17 different reports in several languages. Analog is capable of analyzing certain days or hosts, the number of requests for pages only (without counting separate hits for images), hits by the hour, day, week, or month, and user information such as domains, browsers, referrers, and more. The HTML report output is graphical and interactive. The only downfall is that the HTML output design cannot be customized; for example, the default background color cannot be changed nor can tables be added. Analog is an efficient, easily installed tool, and well worth trying. [TB]
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"Anatomy of a Scout Report: Resource Discovery in the Information Age, or How We Do It"
Have you ever wondered how we find the sites we annotate? Actually, we go through a rigorous process of searching for quality information sites to bring to our readers each week. For those who would like to learn more about the process, and take a virtual tour through the resource discovery process that led to a single Scout Report, the March 1997 InterNIC News End User's Corner column will be your guide. [JS]
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