The Scout Report for Social Sciences - October 6, 1997

The Scout Report for Social Sciences

October 6, 1997

A Publication of the Internet Scout Project
Computer Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The target audience of the new Scout Report for Social Sciences is faculty, students, staff, and librarians in the social sciences. Each biweekly issue offers a selective collection of Internet resources covering topics in the field that have been chosen by librarians and content specialists in the given area of study.

The Scout Report for Social Sciences is also provided via email once every two weeks. Subscription information is included at the bottom of each issue.

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Research and Policy on Migration in Cities: Key Issues and Case Studies--ERCOMER
European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations (ERCOMER)
EDCOMER--the European Documentation Centre and Observatory on Migration and Ethnic Relations
WWW Virtual Library on Migration and Ethnic Relations
ERCOMER has placed online papers prepared for the Second International Metropolis Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark September 25-28, 1997. ERCOMER is the only university-based research institute devoted to the specialist study of migration and ethnic relations at a European level. The site offers information on research activities, funding, publications, training activities, meetings, and professional networking activities. Two important links from the ERCOMER site lead to EDCOMER, the European Documentation Centre and Observatory on Migration and Ethnic Relations, and the excellent and well established WWW Virtual Library on Migration and Ethnic Relations. Merger, the center's newsletter, is also available online. [MD]
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US Department of Education Topics from A to Z
This new metapage offers a browsable and searchable list of over 400 links to a variety of Department of Education resources. Links range from Student Achievement to Statistics to Fellowships to ERIC resources. This site provides a very useful gateway to government education information. [MD]
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Researching the European Union
This site is the European Union's official and comprehensive guide for scholars and researchers studying its institutions. Users will find information on document access, treaties and institutions, legislation, and EU publishing operations. The site also provides overviews of official and related institutions and the legislative process in the Union. Researchers will be especially interested in the sections on Legislative Documents and Print Research Tools, Using Annual Reports and Informational Documents, and Bibliographic and Other Guides. The synoptic tables of basic documents, quick visual guides to the documents described on the site and their availability, are additional valuable tools. [MD]
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Economic History Services
Text only:
This server, operated by Eh.Net as part of a grant received from the National Science Foundation, is an outstanding central source of information for anyone interested in economic history. Highlights of the site include a collection of over 100 economic history abstracts, book reviews, data sets, approximately 100 syllabi from courses in Economic History and the History of Economics, and a comprehensive calendar of events of interest to economic historians. Users will also find a list of Eh.Net discussion lists and their archives, a directory of combined memberships of several organizations (under construction), and direct links to servers for a number of economic history organizations. Finally, students or scholars who are new to the field can make use of the Ask the Professor service, which answers users questions and includes an archive of past questions and answers. [MD]
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Uncovering Women's History in Archival Collections
The Archives for Research on Women and Gender at the University of Texas at San Antonio has assembled this collection of links to institutions with internet sites indicating holdings of primary source materials of women's organizations or of individual women. Although this site is not comprehensive and does not claim to be,it does include information and links for over 80 collections. This is an ongoing project, and Women's Studies scholars might want to check back periodically. [MD]
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HADDON: The online catalogue of archival ethnographic film footage 1895-1945
Funded by the University of Oxford and most recently by the Economic and Social Research Council, and affiliated with the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, this computer database lists over 1500 ethnographic films and pieces of film footage shot between 1895 and 1945. Users can make a geographic search (continental region, modern country, or subregion) or browse the list of participating archives in Europe and North America. The archives list features important information on each participating institution as well as a list of films held by each. Individual film details include title, year, holding institution and reference number, film length, sound and color, and a brief description. The site also features links to other visual anthropology sites. [MD]
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Learning Resources
Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center
Sarah Zupko has assembled a collection of cultural studies and sociology resources that is simply amazing. The Cultural Studies Center is more than a metasite, it offers a large number of online articles and book reviews as well as myriad links. Users will find sections containing information on journals, theorists and critics, publishers, academic programs, newsgroups and listservs, as well as bibliographies and online papers and book reviews. Links are also listed for five subject areas: Mass Media/Communication, Cyberspace/Sci-Fi, Television, Film, and International. Future plans for the site include an e-journal. Anyone involved in cultural studies, sociology, or communication studies can find useful items at this site. [MD]
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Lepcis Magna--The Roman Empire in Africa [.pdf,.doc]
Lepcis Magna, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a well-preserved Roman city located in the Tripolitania region of Libya. Since 1994, Dr. Hafed Walda of Kings College London has led a team of archaeologists conducting new excavations in part of Lepcis Magna. This site is designed to share their findings with a wide audience. Archaeologists and students may go straight to the Library, which contains Dig Reports from 1994-97 in both .pdf and Microsoft Word formats, as well as secondary works on Lepcis Magna. Others might want to begin with the slideshow of the 1996 dig presented in the Virtual Museum Lecture Theatre (the only exhibit currently available in the Museum) and the Site Plan, which can be navigated manually or with the aid of a tour guide. Both include numerous photos and commentary from excavation team members. The Kids' Zone provides basic information on the city and the archaeologist's job. This site is an excellent example of how researchers can use the internet to present their findings in an engaging manner to both their peers and a more general audience. [MD]
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Political Theory
[Note: When last checked by the Internet Scout team, this site URL was no longer available.]
Political Theory is an attractive and well-organized site hosted by John Roome of Oxford University. It is divided into three sections, covering Classical, Modern, and Contemporary Political Theorists. The first two sections offer biographies and links to online versions of the major works of each period's prominent theorists, while the third contains links to a number of contemporary political sites. Although the site is essentially a collection of pointers to information hosted elsewhere, its ease of use and breadth make it a fine teaching tool for undergraduate or upper-level secondary school political science courses. [MD]
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World War I--Trenches on the Web
Trenches on the Web, provided by Mike Iavarone, is an excellent resource for both high school classrooms and university students. The core of the site is the Reference Library, which features annotated and hyperlinked timelines, atlases of participating nations, a Special Features section containing a large number of contributed pieces on a wide range of related topics, a map room, and a photo archive. The thumbnail biographies section is under continuing development, and teachers are encouraged to design class projects to contribute pieces on well- or little-known war figures. Trenches on the Web also offers theme-based tours of the site, a discussion forum, and a frequently updated What's New section for veteran users. In addition, the many images and maps create a visually engaging interface. The breadth of information and opportunities for class projects make this one of the best online resources for teaching and learning about the First World War. [MD]
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Teacher/Pathfinder--an educational Internet village
This well-organized and very useful metasite has something for everyone involved in K-12 education professionally or as a parent. The site is essentially a collection of links to a large number of on-line resources grouped in five categories. The Community Center currently offers two topics: Improving Education and Model Consortia, the first containing a large number of Department of Education publications. The Support Offices section contains resources of interest to a variety of K-12 professionals: teachers, librarians, administrators, and nurses. The Schoolhouse is appropriately the largest area, and it features assessment and general education tools as well as subject area resources, including social studies and technology. Visitors to the Parent Building will find a list of Family-Friendly Internet Sites, tips for involving the family in education, and Family Health Resources. Finally, the Professional Development section covers a number of topics, including tutorials for using technology in education. This metasite is especially recommended because unlike many other K-12 sites, it aims beyond the teachers and includes valuable information for families and all K-12 professionals. [MD]
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Professional and General Interest
Conference Announcements
Cultural Attitudes Towards Technology and Communication (CATAC'98)
August 1-3, 1998 National Museum of Science and Industry, London, UK. Conference themes include: communicative attitudes and practices in diverse industrialized and industrializing countries, emerging uses of computer-mediated communication (CMC) technologies to preserve local languages/cultures, East/West cultural attitudes and communicative practices, and "the politics of the electronic global village." [MD]

Computer Applications in Archaeology
March 25-28, 1998 Barcelona, Spain. The theme of the conference will be "New Techniques for Old Times. Doing Archaeology Today for Tomorrow's Society." Specialized sessions will be held on computer use in Archaeological Fieldwork, in the Laboratory, for Archaeological Explanation, in Heritage Management and Diffusion, and in Archaeology Learning and Training. [MD]

Women's Progress: Perspectives on the Past, Blueprint for the Future
June 12-13, 1998 Washington, DC. The fifth women's policy research conference of the Institute for Women's Policy Research (IWPR) will address women's economic and social progress. "Sessions will discuss how research has documented women's progress, or lack of it, methodological and statistical issues in measuring women's progress, public and private policy measures that have augmented or diminished women's status, how the issues of race and class affect women's progress, as well as future goals for women's progress and methods for attaining those goals." [MD]

(For links to additional calls for papers and conference announcements, see the Conference section of the Current Awareness Resources Page:
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Job Guides/Funding Opportunities
H-Net Job Guide for October 6, 1997
American Sociological Association Employment Bulletin October 1997
American Anthropological Association Positions Open
National Science Foundation Funding Opportunities in Information Technology, Culture, and Social Institutions
American Political Science Association Grants and Fellowships

(For links to additional Job Guides, see the Employment/Funding section of the Current Awareness Resources Page:
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Radio Archive of the University of Memphis [.pdf]
Professor Marvin R. Bensman of the Department of Communication at the University of Memphis has created a unique resource which is based on his personal collection. Teachers, scholars and "Old Time Radio" buffs alike will appreciate this wonderful sampling of radio series and shows principally from the 1940s and 50s. After searching the table-based catalog, users can order copies for a small fee, provided they send their own tapes. In addition to the catalog, Dr. Bensman has also included several articles on the "History of Broadcasting," "Recommended Programs," and "Collecting." [MD]
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The Negro Leagues
The Negro Leagues Baseball Online Archives
The term "Negro Leagues" is generally regarded as encompassing the hundreds of professional, African-American baseball teams operating between 1880 and 1955, many of which were not affiliated with any formal league. These sites seek to document the history of the Negro Leagues online. The first site, sponsored by TK Publishers, features a short history of the Negro Leagues, photos and profiles of prominent players, and short pieces on the best seasons of the Leagues' top teams. An events calendar, the monthly newsletter of the Negro Leagues Committee of the Society for American Baseball Research, a collection of links, and an online bookstore are also included. The second site, sponsored by Moxie Web, is divided into three principal sections: History, Teams, and Players. The History section contains a number of selected articles from the now-defunct journal Black Ball News. The Teams contains varying amounts of information on over 30 teams, and current plans call for the eventual inclusion of over 600 professional black teams. The Players section features brief biographies of 30 prominent players, with plans to expand to some 400 in the future. [MD]
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The Castles of Wales
This terrific site, created by Jeff Thomas, has something for everyone interested in castles or medieval Welsh history. Much more than a collection of photos (although the photos are quite lovely), this site has detailed information on over 170 different Welsh castles, as well as abbeys and religious monuments. Users can search an alphabetical listing of the castles or those who just want to view the pictures can simply visit the Castle Photo Gallery. The site features historical essays and perspectives on a variety of topics, including the different types of castles, the people who built them, castle siegecraft and defense, and the fate of Welsh castles after the Norman conquest. There is also information on reference materials, castle terminology, a bibliography, and a collection of annotated links. Anyone planning to visit Wales will especially appreciate the first-hand accounts of visits made to many of the featured castles. [MD]
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History Reviews On-Line Fall 1997 Issue
History Reviews On-Line Homepage
The Fall 1997 Issue of History Reviews On-Line has been posted after a recent move to DePauw University. Current reviews cover recent works on Asia, Modern Europe, and the US. A valuable additional feature is Computers, the Internet, and the World Wide Web, which currently describes internet resources on the American Civil War and French History. Back issues, which also contain internet resource pieces, are available from the homepage. [MD]
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HUD USER Recent Research Results (RRR)--September 1997
RRR contains short summaries of reports recently published under the auspices of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development's Office of Policy Development and Research (PD&R). Articles in this month's edition include: "Charlotte Public Housing Program Cuts Dependence--At a Price," "Survey Shows Size, Value of US Homes Rising," and "Homeownership Rate Reaches 17-Year High." [MD]
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Biblio Tech Review
This new online publication, provided by Biblio Tech Ltd., is designed to keep interested readers up-to-date with the latest library automation technologies and news. In addition to industry and technology news, the magazine will feature product reviews, surveys, and an industry suppliers directory. The most recent issue includes articles on the first network computers, OPAC standards, and a review of LibTech '97. [MD]
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New Think Tank Policy Papers and Briefs[MD]
Robert Kuttner, "In Campaign Finance Laws, The Real Scandal is What's Legal"--Electronic Policy Network
Jacob Alex Klerman, "Health Insurance Among Children of Unemployed Parents"--Rand Organization [.pdf]
Stephen J. Yates, "Out of the MFN Trap: The China Policy Act of 1997"--Heritage Foundation
PDF version:
Robert Z. Lawrence and Robert E. Litan, "Globaphobia: The Wrong Debate Over Trade Policy"--Brookings Institution

(For links to additional new Think Tank publications see the Think Tank Policy Papers section on the Current Awareness Resources Page:
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Academia Book Releases--Baker & Taylor--October 1997
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Addison-Wesley General Trade Books By Category--New Releases
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New Tables of Contents/Abstracts for Recent and Forthcoming Issues are available for the following journals:[MD]
Central Asian Survey
Harvard Eduational Review
Internet Archaeology
The Journal of Modern History
World Politics
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New Data
Three New Census Reports on Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance [.pdf]
"Money Income in the United States: 1996"
"Poverty in the United States: 1996"
"Health Insurance Coverage: 1996"
The US Census Burea reports that "median household income increased in real terms between 1995 and 1996 for the second consecutive year, while the poverty rate and the number of people living in poverty remained statistically unchanged and the number of uninsured Americans, particularly children, rose" in three reports released September 29, 1997. The reports also include data for states. Both the income and poverty reports have additional data on the valuation of noncash benefits. [MD]
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In the News
Campaign Finance Reform
S. 25 Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 1997
Federal Election Commission (FEC) FECInfo Home Page
FEC Federal Campaign Finance Law
Center for Responsive Politics
Electronic Policy Network Briefing Book: Campaign Finance Reform
Brookings Institution Campaign Finance Reform
PBS "Follow the Money"
Common Cause
Democratic National Committee Hearings Update
GOPAC--Republican Education and Training Center
The 1996 US election, which took in more than $260 million in soft money alone, was the most expensive in the nation's history. Long time advocates of campaign finance reform have rallied behind the revised McCain-Feingold proposal which, among other reforms, would ban soft money. However, recent Senate hearings have revealed that the bill does not have the necessary support to pass. The majority of Republican Senators, led by Mitch McConnell, who has pledged to filibuster if necessary, oppose the McCain-Feingold proposal. Recent comments by the Republican leadership in the House reveal that campaign finance reform, as it is currently envisaged, is unlikely to make progress in that chamber either. These sites provide a large number of informative and analytical pieces on campaign finance reform, written from viewpoints across the political spectrum. [MD]
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