The Scout Report for Social Sciences - May 5, 1998

The Scout Report for Social Sciences

May 5, 1998

A Publication of the Internet Scout Project
Computer Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The target audience of the new Scout Report for Social Sciences is faculty, students, staff, and librarians in the social sciences. Each biweekly issue offers a selective collection of Internet resources covering topics in the field that have been chosen by librarians and content specialists in the given area of study.

The Scout Report for Social Sciences is also provided via email once every two weeks. Subscription information is included at the bottom of each issue.

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Eur-Lex-European Union Law
Europa, the European Union Server, has introduced a new service providing direct access to current European Union legal information. In its first phase, Eur-Lex will offer issues of the Official Journal of the European Communities published in the last twenty days (both L and C series); the Treaties, consolidated versions of existing legislation; and recent judgments by the Court of Justice. All of these documents will be available in the eleven official languages of the EU. The second phase, expected this summer, will offer access to all legislation in force. By the end of the year users will be able to view new draft legislation presented by the Commission to Parliament and the Council, plus other documents accompanying the legislative process. [MD]
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Quaternary TL Surveys - A Guide to Thermoluminescence (TL) Date Measurement
Quaternary TL Surveys, a company that provides date measurement services to archaeologists and geologists, offers this comprehensive tutorial on archaeometric dating techniques. The tutorial contains a general overview as well as specific information on dating flint and stone, stalagmitic calcite, sediments, and methods of interpreting and using TL dates. For ease of use, portions of the guide are marked to alert users to their relative importance. [MD]
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The Affirmative Action and Diversity Project
Created and maintained by Carl Gutierrez-Jones, Associate Professor of English at University of California Santa Barbara, this site is designed as an academic resource on affirmative action and diversity for scholars, students, and the interested public. Users will find numerous articles, policy documents, legislative updates, and an annotated bibliography of research and teaching materials. Resources are both on- and off-site (links). Due to the physical location of the resource, the site contains "a substantial amount of information on California politics and the recent Proposition 209;" however, a large number of resources on a number of topics of general concern and interest are also provided. [MD]
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NOEMA: The Collaborative Bibliography of Women in Philosophy
Hosted at Indiana University Southeast, NOEMA is a collaborative scholarship project that has produced a database of over 15,000 records. Representing the work of over 5,000 women in philosophy, the bibliography is continually updated and includes works on "aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, logic, metaphysics, history of philosophy and philosophy of mind, of science, of art, and of many other subjects." Users may search the database via an author index or an internal search engine featuring several search and return options. [MD]
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Bibliography of Victorian Preaching
Compiled by Professor Robert H. Ellison of East Texas Baptist University for his new book, The Victorian Pulpit, this bibliography is an excellent introduction to the topic of Victorian preaching. The bibliography is divided into four sections: general studies, and Charles Haddon Spurgeon, John Henry Newman, and George MacDonald. Each of the last three sections is further divided into primary sources, nineteenth century materials, and twentieth century studies. This is a useful resource for graduate students or non-specialists alike. [MD]
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Recent Ovidian Bibliography
Maintained by Sean Redmond of the Department of Classics at New York University, this site contains a fully searchable database of publications related to the Roman poet Ovid, from 1990-present. Users may search the 1600 entries by author, subject or full text, or browse by index, year or recently added entries. Wherever possible, links to on-line articles are also included. Additional resources at the site include information on the Ovid discussion group, links to pre-1990 bibliography, and a link to Bibliopola Ouidianus, a searchable database of currently available books relating to Ovid (available through the major online bookstores in the US and UK). [MD]
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Learning Resources and General Interest
Hypertexts @ The University of Virginia
American Studies Yellow Pages
The American Studies Program at the University of Virginia offers this rich and useful collection of resources for studying US history and culture. The Hypertexts project consists of "a series of core-texts in American literature and history, hypertexts, hypertexts with search utilities, hypertexts with critical apparatus, and fully developed hypertexts that include large arrays of projects that place the central text in cultural con-texts." Works include Harriet Jacob's Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl,The Red Badge of Courage, Lewis and Clark's Journals (abridged), Walden,Uncle Tom's Cabin, several works by Mark Twain, and Emerson's Representative Man. The American Studies Yellow Pages is a metapage of subject-specific guides. The General Index is divided into six disciplines, each of which is further divided by subject and topic. The General Resources section offers links to other metapages, professional associations, online courses, and other related materials. [MD]
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Oriental Institute Map Series
The first installment of this new resource, from the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, offers seven Site Maps covering the ancient Near East (Egypt, Sudan, The Levant, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran), including primary archaeological sites, modern cities, and river courses. Each site map is available in two versions, a 150 dpi image for viewing in a browser, and a 300 dpi image for printing. Future versions of Map Series "will include terrain relief as a background for each of the seven Site Maps, one version colored for elevation and a second version colored for vegetation, as well as latitude and longitude (graticule)." [MD]
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WWII Resources
Provided by the Pearl Harbor Working Group in an effort to combat "history by sound bites," this site holds a large number of primary source materials related to the war. Users will find a large number of speeches, treaties, official declarations and reports and diplomatic documents. Additional resources include timelines, maps, comprehensive information on Pearl Harbor, links to complete online books, and collections of related links. History courses at both the university and secondary level could make excellent use of these primary materials. [MD]
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The French Revolution, 1789-1799
Provided by the Department of History at Warwick University (UK), this site offers several excellent resources for instructors and students in Modern French or Modern European history. The site is organized into four sections, the first of which contains an essay by Professor Gwynne Lewis; this historiographical essay is a useful introduction to "The People and the French Revolution." Probably the most useful section of the site is a carefully organized bibliography of the revolution by Professor Colin Jones, however. Students will also appreciate the remaining two sections: a glossary and a detailed chronology. [MD]
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China: 5,000 Years-Modern Section [Frames]
Hosted by the Huntington Archive at Ohio State University, this site is an electronic version of the Modern Section of the Guggenheim Exhibition entitled "China: 5,000 Years." The online exhibition features 295 images grouped into four chronological categories: Innovations in Chinese Painting (1850-1950), The Modernist Generations (1920-1950), Art for New China (1950-1980), and Transformations of Tradition (1980 to the present). Each section offers introductory text and images in various sizes. [MD]
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Slapstick: The Silent Comedy Quicktime Cavalcade [Quicktime]
Anyone with an interest or even a curiosity in the classic silent comedies will enjoy this site, maintained by David B. Pearson and provided by the University of New Orleans. The site offers a number of clips from the work of seven great stars of the era, including Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Fatty Arbuckle, Mabel Normand, and Harold Lloyd. Biographical information for each actor is very brief, but numerous links to various home pages and fan sites are provided. Although the Quicktime clips are short, they offer an excellent glimpse into the fantastic timing, energy, and physical skills that made these actors the greatest stars of their time -- and made their films enduring classics which continue to draw audiences today. [MD]
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Mother Tongue [RealPlayer]
Mother Tongue is a twice-per-quarter meeting of Ohio State University MFA students to read and share poems, stories, and essays. This site offers some recordings of these meetings, in RealPlayer format and averaging ten minutes in length. Sound clips are organized by genre: poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. Additional features at the site include a collection of thumbnail images of Mother Tongue posters and participants, as well as related links. [MD]
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Current Awareness
Conference Proceedings-IRISS 98
The full proceedings from the Internet Research and Information for Social Scientists conference (held at the University of Bristol, UK March 25-27, 1998) have been placed online. Sponsored by the Institute for Learning and Research Technology, the conference brought together social scientists, librarians, and information specialists from around the world who are interested in the Internet, either as a means of supporting and enhancing their work, or as a focus for their research. Over 50 papers from 15 sessions are currently available. [MD]
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"Anthropological Research and the Freedom of Information Act"
Written by David H. Price of St. Martin's College, this article originally appeared in Cultural Anthropology Methods. The article argues that the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a largely untapped resource for anthropologists and other social scientists. It outlines some of the ways that social scientists, including anthropologists, have made use of the FOIA in their research and provides instructions on how to file FOIA requests. [MD]
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New Working Papers--The European University Institute
Robert Schuman Centre [.pdf]
Jean Monnet Chair
Several new working papers are now available from the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. The Robert Schuman Centre offers three new papers: "To Euro or Not to Euro? The EMU and Identity Politics in the European Union," (98/9); "Party Finance and Political Scandal in Latin Europe," (98/10); and "European Institutional Architecture after Amsterdam: Parliamentary System or Regulatory Structure?" (98/11). The Jean Monnet Chair has also posted three new papers: "The People, the Elites and the Populist Challenge," (98/47); "The Democratic State or State Democracy? Problems of Post-Communist Transition," (98/48); and "The European Agenda: Issues of Globalization, Equity and Legitimacy," (98/49). [MD]
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New Working Papers--Harvard University
Politics Research Group--JFK School of Government
Harvard Law School Jean Monnet Chair (RTF)
The JFK School of Government at Harvard University has posted three new working papers: "Getting the Message Out: Regulatory Policy and the Press," "Black Insurgency and the Dynamics of Racial Attitudes in the United States, 1956-1964," and "Legal Change at the Margins: Revisiting the Political Disadvantage Theory." Both full-text and abstracts are available at the site. The Jean Monnet site has recently added five new papers: "The European Court of Justice and Direct Effect for The GATT: A Question Worth Revisiting," (3/98); "Forging Federal Systems Within a Matrix of Contained Conflict: The Example of the European Union," (4/98); "Constitutionalism in the 'Integrated' States of Europe," (5/98); "Europe - The Case for Statehood ... and the Case Against An Exchange," (6/98); and "Constitutional Settlements and The Citizen After The Treaty of Amsterdam," (7/98). Both HTML and RTF versions are available. [MD]
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New Offerings from Academic Publishers
Baker & Taylor--Upcoming Books to Buy--Subject List (May 1998)
Cambridge University Press-What's New
Addison-Wesley General Trade Books By Category
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Conference Announcements
Society for Cinema Studies (SCS) 1999 Conference
April 15-18, 1999 West Palm Beach, FL. The SCS is calling for a wide range of proposals in "film, media, and new media related subjects, with special interests in media industries, film and media theories, and film and media histories." Presenters must be members of SCS. [MD]

1998 Southern Demographic Association (SDA) Annual Meeting
October 29-31, 1998 Annapolis, MD. The SDA welcomes submissions on demographic topics from all interested individuals. Session, roundtables, panel discussion, and workshop proposals are also encouraged. [MD]

Second Annual History and Theory Conference
November 14-15, 1998 University of California, Irvine. Graduate students are invited to submit proposals for an interdisciplinary conference that will examine the connections between history and theory. The conference "aims to explore the ways various theories reshape historical inquiry, as well as the contexts in which these theories have developed. We encourage submissions which stress the dialogic relationship between history and theory, by applying theoretical models in the analysis of a historical problem or by historicizing the development of a theory or body of theories." Possible topics might include: Labor and the production of value in the University, Migrations and post-colonial theories, Gender and Empire, History and memory, and Narratives and counter-narratives of nationalism. [MD]

(For links to additional calls for papers and conference announcements, see the Conference section of the Current Awareness Metapage:
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Job Guides/Funding Opportunities
H-Net Job Guide

Chronicle of Higher Education Job Openings
Social Science

Crossroads Guide to Employment and Funding Opportunities in American Studies

American Anthropological Association Positions Open (May 1998)

American Sociological Association Employment Bulletin (May 1998)

(For links to additional Job Guides, see the Employment/Funding section of the Current Awareness Metapage:
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New Think Tank Policy Papers and Briefs
Yesim Yilmaz, "Private Regulation: A Real Alternative for Regulatory Reform"--Cato Institute
.pdf Version

Kilolo Kijakazi, Wendell Primus, and Robert Greenstein, "Understanding the Financial Status of the Social Security System in Light of the 1998 Trustees' Report"--Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Cathleen Stasz and James Chiesa, "Education and the New Economy: Views from a Policy Planning Exercise"--RAND Corporation

C. Eugene Steuerle, "The Simple Arithmetic Driving Social Security Reform"--Urban Institute

D. Mark Wilson, "California's Proposition 226: What It Means for Union Members and Their Family Budgets"--Heritage Foundation
.pdf Version

(For links to additional new Think Tank publications see the Think Tank Policy Papers section on the Current Awareness Metapage:
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New Tables of Contents/Abstracts for recent and forthcoming issues are available for the following Journals:[MD]
Canadian Journal of History (full text)
Current Anthropology
Contemporary Politics
Japanese Studies
Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans
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New Data
The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS)
The Palestinian National Authority Central Bureau of Statistics offers basic statistics and tables for a variety of socio-economic data. These include elections, population, education, housing, trade, and construction. Users will also find the text of the General Statistics Law and abstracts and ordering information for publications. Additional resources include the 1997 Population, Housing and Establishments Census and related links. The site is available in English or Arabic. [MD]
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Marital Status and Living Arrangements--US Census Bureau
Preliminary data from the 1997 Marital Status and Living Arrangements survey is available from the Census Bureau. At the site users may also view previous annual reports, which contain limited detail tables for states and some metropolitan areas. [MD]
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Children in the States: 1998 Data
The Children's Defense Fund offers a comprehensive state-by-state look at children's lives in the United States. From this site users may access specific state pages which feature a large range of current data on population and family characteristics, economic security and federal program participation, child health and disabilities, childcare and early childhood education, and youth development. [MD]
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In the News
Israel Turns 50
Israel at Fifty
New York Times: Israel at 50
BBC News: Israel Today [Frames]
Virtual Jerusalem: Israel@50
Israeli Declaration of Independence
UN General Assembly Resolution 181
The Palestine Post Special Jubilee Commemorative Issue
Chicago Tribune: A round-table discussion on Israel's 50th anniversary [RealPlayer],1259,7579-7667,00.html
This week's In the News discusses the 50th anniversary of the foundation of Israel. These eight resources offer commentary, analysis, and textual sources from a variety of viewpoints and affiliations. On April 30, 1998 (May 14 by the Western calendar) Israelis began celebrating the 50th anniversary of their nation. From 600,000 Jews in 1948 struggling to create a new economic and political entity in a harsh environmental, political, and military environment, Israel has become a prosperous and powerful nation of almost six million. German post-war reparations, generous US aid, and most of all hard work by it citizens has given Israel a standard of living equal or even superior to some European countries. This story of success and prosperity against tremendous odds is truly one of the most remarkable achievements by any nation in this century. However, conflict, tension, and security concerns remain a fact of life in Israel. Many of Israel's neighbors, even after 50 years, are yet to be reconciled to its very existence. Palestinians, who describe the creation of Israel as al naqba, "the catastrophe," were largely sealed off in Gaza and the West Bank during the festivities, and the peace process has seemed close to defunct for months. Tensions have also arisen within the Jewish community itself, especially between Orthodox Jews and secular Israelis. Despite these difficulties and the problems they pose for Israel's future, the nation rightly deserves a period of celebration and introspection on its achievements of the past 50 years.

Israel at Fifty, the official web site of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is the first stop for anyone interested in this subject. The site offers a large number of official documents, press clippings, statistics, photographs, related links, a calendar of events, and social, cultural, and political information. The New York Times site (freely available after registration to users in the US) contains a number of current and historical articles, a history of Arab-Israeli conflict from 1923-1967, and an interactive map. BBC News offers an excellent collection of resources, including a history of the vision and creation of a Jewish homeland, profiles of key figures, current news, articles on the peace process, and an interactive map of Middle East flashpoints. The Virtual Jerusalem site is divided into three sections: Past, Present, and Future, each of which contains numerous resources. Highlights include a year by year history of Israel, a listing of 50 Israeli achievements, and an examination of some of the pressing social issues Israel continues to face. In addition to the official site, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also posted the full text and list of signatories to the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel, signed May 14, 1948, as well as the full text of UN Resolution 181, which called for the partition of British-ruled Palestinian Mandate into a Jewish state and an Arab state. Provided by the Jerusalem Post, the commemorative issue of the Palestine Post features the text from original articles published May 16, 1948, which describe the foundation of the Jewish state and its immediate invasion by hostile neighbors. The Chicago Tribune site features a RealPlayer recording of a cybercast roundtable on Israel's anniversary which included an Israeli veteran of the 1948 war, a member of the Arab-American Action Network, and a Tribune Middle East Correspondent. [MD]
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