The Scout Report for Social Sciences - June 30, 1998

The Scout Report for Social Sciences

June 30, 1998

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The target audience of the new Scout Report for Social Sciences is faculty, students, staff, and librarians in the social sciences. Each biweekly issue offers a selective collection of Internet resources covering topics in the field that have been chosen by librarians and content specialists in the given area of study.

The Scout Report for Social Sciences is also provided via email once every two weeks. Subscription information is included at the bottom of each issue.

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Four from American Memory--LOC
America From the Depression to World War II: Photographs From the FSA-OWI, 1935-1945
Buckaroos in Paradise: Ranching Culture in Northern Nevada 1945-1982 [QuickTime, MPEG, RealPlayer, .wav]
An American Ballroom Companion: Dance Instruction Manuals ca: 1490-1920
Railroad Maps 1828-1900
The US Library of Congress American Memory site has recently added four new items to its impressive collection. The most content rich at this time is America from the Depression to World War II. This collection of Farm Security Administration-Office of War Information photos documents every aspect of American life. Of the over 164,000 photographs, the site provides browseable and searchable access to over 45,000 black and white and 1,600 color images at this time. The collection can be searched via subject, creator, or geographical index. Images are provided in multiple formats with bibliographic information, and a useful feature allows users to shelf browse for related images. A bibliography, cataloging information, and special section on the work of six photographers, including Dorothea Lange, round out the site. Buckaroos in Paradise is the result an LOC "American Folklife Center field project conducted in 1978-82" that focused on the family-run Ninety-Six Ranch in Paradise Valley, Nevada. The collection is hightlighted by 42 MPEG and QuickTime videos (each is several megabytes) and 18 RealPlayer and .wav sound recordings of various aspects of ranch life. 2,400 still photos that document life in Pardise Valley from 1870 on are forthcoming. The site can be searched or browsed by subject or topic. A bibliography, as well as infomation about the history of the Ninety-Six Ranch and Paradise Valley, are also provided. Dance Instruction Manuals, provided by the LOC's Music Division, presents over 200 "social dance manuals." These searchable and browsable documents are available in multiple formats (including SGML), most easily viewed as individual page images. Included are theatrical dance, dance history, and etiquette manuals, among others. Though most manuals are in English, several other languages are also represented. There is also a special section on the history of social dance in Western Europe and America. Finally, Railroad Maps, a preview release provided by the Geography and Map Division of LOC, contains a searchable and browseable selection of maps taken from Railroad Maps of the United States, by Andrew M. Modelski. [JS]
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Recent Work on the Giza Plateau Computer Model: 1997-1998
Constructing the Giza Plateau Computer Model (1990-1995)
Since 1990, the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago has been working to create a computer model of the entire Giza plateau and its architectural components, using published maps, and survey and excavation reports. This recent update on the project focuses on the architectural components of the Giza pyramids. Although the underlying data for the Giza Plateau model are not available for public use at this time, users can view numerous examples online. At present, models have been completed for the following monuments: Khafre Mortuary Temple, Khafre Valley Temple, the Sphinx Temple; Menkaure Mortuary Temple, Menkaure Valley Temple; "the interior chambers of the Khafre and Menkaure pyramids, and the interior chambers and temples of the Queens' pyramids for both the Khafre and Menkaure pyramids." Most of the examples are available in both wireframe and shaded views. The original Giza Plateau site offers background information on the project as well as a number of examples in a variety of views. [MD]
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FBI FOIA Electronic Reading Room [.pdf]
Since amendments were made to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in 1975, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has handled over 300,000 requests and has released over six million pages of FBI documents, in paper format, to the public. For this site, the FBI has made a number of interesting cases available electronically. At present, over 35 files containing thousands of pages are available (.pdf format). Users can browse the files alphabetically or by category, the latter including: Famous Persons, Historical Interest, Espionage, Gangster Era, and Unusual Phenomena. Some of the more interesting subjects include Lucille Ball, Thurgood Marshall, Marilyn Monroe, the Rosenbergs, John Wayne, John Dillinger, the 1962 Alcatraz escape, Klaus Barbie, and UFOs. [MD]
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Journal of the Association for History and Computing
This new journal is sponsored by the American Association for History and Computing (AHC), which aspires "to promote and develop interest in the use of computers in all types of historical study at every level, in both teaching and research." The journal targets teachers, students, and researchers interested in the use of computers in historical studies. In addition to scholarly articles and notices of Works-in-Progress, the journal will feature reviews of Electronic Resources, Print Resources, and Applications/Programs. The journal welcomes contributions from those interested in issues or resources related to history and computing. [MD]
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IGCS: Libraries and Library Resources for Chinese Studies
China WWW Virtual Library--Internet Guide for China Studies (ICGS)
Maintained by Matthias Kaun from Kiel University, Germany, this new addition to the China WWW Virtual Library: Internet Guide for China Studies offers detailed information on libraries in East Asia and East Asian libraries in general, and information in all fields of East Asian library resources available on the Internet. Users will find annotated links to libraries, library associations and book dealers in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, the USA and Europe. Additional resources include links to journals and newsletters as well as notices of new conferences in the field. Future plans for the library annotations include information on their holdings, collecting priorities, and cataloging systems. The internal search engine covers both the Library section and the IGCS main site. [MD]
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ID21 Development Research Reporting Service
Alternative URL:
ID21 (or Information for Development in the 21st Century) is a new Development Research reporting service sponsored by the UK Department for International Development. The goal of ID21 is to link development research and researchers directly to policymakers and development practitioners around the world. The core of the site is a searchable online collection of one-page digests "of the latest social and economic research studies across 30 key topic fields." Additional resources include summaries of current research organized by topical themes, developmental news updates, and a collection of related links. To accommodate users with slow Internet access or those who prefer e-mail, a new email newsletter titled ID21NEWS has also been created. ID21NEWS will provide short summaries of the latest updates to the site, with links to the full text. [MD]

To subscribe to ID21NEWS send an e-mail message to:
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Learning Resources and General Interest
A Guide for Writing Research Papers based on Modern Language Association (MLA) Documentation [frames]
Prepared by the Humanities Department and The Arthur C. Banks Jr. Library at Capital Community-Technical College in Hartford, Connecticut, this site offers a basic guide to writing research papers based on MLA guidelines. The guide covers topics from gathering materials to the works cited page, with tips for using outlines, working with quotations, formatting the paper, and using parenthetical documentation. Numerous examples and related links are provided. [MD]
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Tamil Electronic Library
Created by Dr. K. Kalyanasundaram, this site is a very comprehensive collection of resources on Tamil language, literature, and culture. Users can read a brief introduction to Tamil history and culture, download Tamil fonts, read guidelines for setting up webpages in Tamil, browse etexts of classical Tamil literature and view numerous reference sheets on Tamil language, literature, and culture. Additional resources include links to Tamil research centers and online bookstores offering works in Tamil, a section on modern Tamil authors, and a large collection of miscellaneous related links. [MD]
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Gender and Sexuality in the Classical World: Classics 351
This site offers a fine example of a useful and clearly organized online syllabus. Created by Professor Laura McClure for her Spring 1998 course at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, this site provides a course description, a syllabus linked to lecture outlines, a bibliography, and a list of paper topics. Additional resources include a modest collection of annotated links. [MD]
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Leon Trotsky: My Life
The Trotsky Internet Archive, part of the Marx/Engels Internet Archive (discussed in the March 21, 1997 Scout Report), has added an electronic transcription by David Walters of Trotsky's 1930 autobiography. All 45 chapters of My Life can be viewed individually. Future plans include a zipped file of the entire book, both in text and in HTML format, to facilitate downloading. [MD]
[Note: Resource(s)/URL(s) mentioned above is no longer available.]
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Mirrors of the Heart-Mind
Hosted by the John C. and Susan L. Huntington Archive of Buddhist and Related Art at Ohio State University, this site features an online version of a recent exhibition which featured highlights from the Rezk Collection of Tibetan Art from the Permanent Collection of the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art (SAMA). The site offers 85 images with brief commentary, as well as 45 essays written by guest curators. Links are provided between the essays and images, where relevant. Subject matter includes: Adi Buddhas, Arhats, Bardo, Bhaishajayaguru, Bodhisattvas, Buddhas, Herukas, Prajnas, Jina Buddhas, Mandalas, Protective Deities, Ritual Implements, Shakyamuni Buddha, Stupas, Sukhavati, Teachers, and Tara. [MD]
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Index of American Design--NGA
Provided by the National Gallery of Art, this site offers selected tours of images from the Index of American Design, a collection of approximately 17,000 "watercolor renderings of American decorative arts objects from the colonial period through the nineteenth century." This visual archive was the product of a Depression-era federal work project involving over 1,000 artists. These artists painted the objects "using an illusionistic painting technique that recalls the trompe l'oeil ('fool the eye') works of the Peale family, William Michael Harnett, and other still life painters in the American realist tradition." Image tours available at the site include: Costume, Dolls, Folk Arts of the Spanish Southwest, Pennsylvania German Folk Art, Shaker Crafts, Textiles, Toys, and Woodcarving. The tours offer thumbnail images with links to descriptions, full screen images, bibliographic citations, and a listing of other works by the artist. [MD]
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Current Awareness
Clinton, President of the United States, et al., v. City of New York: Line Item Veto Decision [.pdf]
On June 25, 1998, the US Supreme Court struck down the line-item veto law that allowed the president to reject specific items in tax and spending measures. The 6-3 decision said the law violates that part of the Constitution requiring every bill to be presented to the president for his approval or veto. The Constitution does not, in the Court's opinion, allow a partial-veto. The Legal Information Institute at Cornell University Law School has posted a syllabus and the text of the opinion. A [.pdf] version and related documents are also available. (Links to the full text of the other five major decisions made on June 25, 1998 can be found in the Scout Report for June 26, 1998) [MD]
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Amnesty International Annual Report: 1998
Amnesty International, one of the world's foremost human rights organizations, has recently published its 1998 Annual Report. The web version is not complete, but it does offer lengthy summaries of human rights concerns and abuses in a large number of countries. Users can view regional summaries with links to specific nations or access summary reports on specific nations, through the regional index. The site also reprints in full the very substantial introduction to the Report, detailing the state of human rights across the world, in particular regions, and Amnesty International's actions on both fronts. The online version of the Report is also available in Swedish and Italian. [MD]
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New Working Papers
European University Institute, Jean Monnet Chair
European University Institute, Robert Schumann Centre
The Jean Monnet Chair at the European University Institute has recently released working paper 98/49, "The European Agenda: Issues of Globalization, Equity and Legitimacy," by Loukas Tsoukalis. The Robert Schumann Center at the Institute has recently released working paper 98/23, "European Administrative Law and the Global Challenge," by Carol Harlow. [MD]

Harvard Law School, Jean Monnet Chair
Select: The Jean Monnet Working Papers/1998
The Jean Monnet Chair at Harvard University Law School has recently posted five new working papers, 9/98-13/98 (in both HTML and RTF formats). [MD]

Chaillot Papers--Western European Union Institute for Security Studies
Chaillot Paper 32, "The issues raised by Bosnia, and the transatlantic debate," by Marie-Janine Calic, Nicole Gnesotto, Jane Sharp and Susan Woodward, has been added to the Western European Union site. [MD]

"Cambodia's Political Future: Issues for US Policy"--Asia Society
The Asia Society has released the first of several reports to be produced as a part of a project on Cambodia and US Policy cosponsored by the Asia Society and the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University. This first paper examines the predicted impact of upcoming elections in Cambodia on US relations with Cambodia and its neighbors. [MD]
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1998 State of the Cities Report--HUD USER
The US Department of Housing and Urban Development's second annual State of the Cities report was released by President Clinton on June 19, 1998, in conjunction with the US Conference of Mayors meeting in Reno, Nevada. Users may download the report (.pdf format) from the HUD USER site. Progress on key urban issues such as job creation, housing, crime, and education is documented in the report. According to HUD, "although critical opportunity gaps remain in many cities, this year's State of the Cities report also documents strong economic gains that have led to an improved quality of life for city dwellers across the nation." [MD]
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Cardiff European Council: Presidency Conclusions [.pdf]
Europa, the European Union's server, has recently posted the Presidency Conclusions from the European Council meeting in Cardiff, Wales on June 15-16, 1998. The revolving EU Presidency is currently held by Britain, and the document contains official statements on a number of issues such as Monetary Union, Economic Reform and Public Finances, Developing the Union, and a number of External Issues. The document is also available for download (.pdf format) in nine European languages. [MD]
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Recent Situation Reports From the UN Secretary-General
Report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Observer Mission in Angola
Report of the Secretary-General concerning the situation in Abkhazia, Georgia
Report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Fifth report of the Secretary-General on the situation in Sierra Leone
The UN website has posted these recent full text reports from the Secretary-General's office. The first report provides information on the peace process in Angola and the activities of the UN Observer Mission. The second is a brief account of current conditions in Abkhazia region and the activities of the UN Observer Mission in Georgia. The third report is a general overview of the recent activities of the UN Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina (UNMIBH). The final report focuses on "developments in the political, peace-keeping, military and security spheres, human rights, the humanitarian situation, disarmament and demobilization, and outlines proposed action to be taken by UN." [MD]
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Conference Announcements
Theorizing Time and Space at the End of the Millenium
April 9-11, 1999 Athens, Georgia. Sponsored by the Department of Geography at the University of Georgia, this conference is planned as a "forum for a focused and informed discussion of the central issues concerning changing theorizations of time and space." Preference will be given to papers that develop theoretical and empirical issues. Suggested topics include: labor and new geographies of social regulation, analytical and contextual approaches to space and time, the changing political economy of space and time, and globalization and localization. [MD]

Defining Colonies
June 17-20, 1999 Galway, Ireland. The Third Galway Conference on Colonialism will explore the meanings of the contemporary and historical entities which are categorized under the rubric of colony. A central concern of the conference will be answering the question, "Was Ireland a Colony?" An additional central topic will be the interplay between colonial theory generated from specific experiences of certain colonies, and attempts to apply this theory universally. [MD]

Distance Learning '98
August 5-7, 1998 Madison, Wisconsin. The 14th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning will bring together participants from education, business, industry, and government to exchange information and explore new developments in distance education and training. The program offers more than 100 breakout sessions and workshops on a variety of related issues. [MD]

Iran at the Threshold of the New Millennium
April 23-24, 1999 Boston, Massachusetts. The 17th Annual Center for Iranian Research and Analysis (CIRA) Conference will have as its theme "Iran at the Threshold of the New Millennium." Proposals for individual papers and complete sessions or discussion panels are welcome. "Topics may include all aspects of society and culture in Iran as well as the Middle East and the Central Asian republics of the former Soviet Union." The site contains a listing of strongly suggested paper topics. [MD]

(For links to additional calls for papers and conference announcements, see the Conference section of the Current Awareness Metapage:
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Job Guides/Funding Opportunities
H-Net Job Guide

Chronicle of Higher Education Job Openings
Social Science

Crossroads Guide to Employment and Funding Opportunities in American Studies

American Educational Research Association Job Openings

American Political Science Association Grants and Fellowships

Recent USDE Grant Announcements--Federal Register [.pdf]
This site has several new grant announcements from the US Department of Education that have appeared in the Federal Register. Information on grants relating to Federal Work-Study Programs, Education of Migratory Children, and the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research is available. [MD]

(For links to additional Job Guides, see the Employment/Funding section of the Current Awareness Metapage:
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New Think Tank Policy Papers and Briefs
Richard N. Haass, "Economic Sanctions: Too Much of a Bad Thing"--Brookings Institution

Barry Bluestone and Stephen Rose, "The Unmeasured Labor Force "--Jerome Levy Economics Institute of Bard College

Zalmay Khalilzad and Ian O. Lesser (eds.), _Sources of Conflict in the 21st Century: Regional Futures and U.S. Strategy_--RAND Corporation [.pdf, 336p.]

Neil Howe and Richard Jackson, "The Myth of the 2.2 Percent Solution"--Cato Institute

Adam D. Thierer, "President Clinton's Sellout of Federalism,"--Heritage Foundation
PDF Version:

Pamela A. Holcomb, LaDonna Pavetti, Caroline Ratcliffe and Susan Riedinger, "Building an Employment Focused Welfare System: Work First and Other Work-Oriented Strategies in Five States"--Urban Institute
PDF Version:

(For links to additional new Think Tank publications see the Think Tank Policy Papers section on the Current Awareness Metapage:
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New Tables of Contents/Abstracts for recent and forthcoming issues are available for the following Journals:[MD]
Columbia Journalism Review (full text)
African Studies Quarterly (full text)
Australian Journal of International Affairs
Journal of Contemporary China
Journal of Politics
Journal of British Studies
Labor History
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New Data
Current Population Survey (CPS), Public Basic Monthly: 1994 to Present
The Census Bureau Data FERRET System (Federal Electronic Research and Review Extraction Tool, discussed in the June 6, 1997 Scout Report) has recently added the CPS Public Basic Monthly (Jan 1994-Present, CPSPUB) microdata file to its data collection. Additional CPS data collections available at the site include Displaced Workers Supplement: 1996; Job Tenure Supplement: 1996; Race & Ethnicity: 1995; and School Enrollment Supplement: 1994-1996. Free registration is required to access the data. [MD]
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Crime & Justice Electronic Data Abstracts: New Additions [zip, Lotus Spreadsheet]
The Bureau of Justice Statistics of the US Department of Justice has recently added abstracts to its Crime and Justice Electronic Data Abstracts section, which offers justice statistics, in spreadsheet form, over time and by jurisdiction. The first addition, located in the Federal data section, consists of zipped Lotus spreadsheets of case processing data by Federal court district for 1993-1995. The second addition offers four zipped spreadsheets of homicide victimization and offending rates of juveniles and young adults, by State, 1976-96 based on the FBI's Supplementary Homicide Reports. [MD]
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In the News
US-China Summit
New York Times: US-China Summit 1998
Washington Post: China Special Report
The Trip of the President to the People's Republic of China--White House
China Internet Information Center Special Edition: President Clinton's
Visit to China
USIA: The United States and China
Chinese Embassy: President Clinton's State Visit to China\clintonvisit.htm
Chinese Mission to Geneva
China Home Page: US Department of State
Human Rights Watch: US-China Summit Must Produce Results on Human Rights
China: moving slowly onto centre stage [RealPlayer]
This week's In the News discusses President Clinton's trip to China and the US-China Summit. These ten resources offer breaking news, analysis, and commentary. President Clinton is now wrapping up his nine-day visit to China. This trip, the first by an American president since the squashing of the democracy movement in Tiananmen Square in 1989, was not expected to result in any major policy or economic breakthroughs. It has fulfilled these expectations, although an agreement was reached to retarget nuclear weapons. The trip was expected to be rather low-key partly because of the recent scrutiny paid to the Clinton Administration's China policy. Political opponents have launched investigations into possible illegal contributions to the 1996 Democratic campaigns by the Chinese government while others have examined the potential leaking of military technology. Human rights advocates of all political persuasions have also been critical of the President's agreement to be received at Tiananmen Square, one of the traditional centers of Chinese political power but now an international symbol of political repression and intolerance. The President defended his policy of "engagement" by making some direct statements on human rights, Tiananmen, and Taiwan at a joint news conference with President Zemin and in a speech at Beijing University, both of which were televised live on Chinese state-run television. The live broadcast of these events surprised some observers but others interpreted them as a response to Clinton's agreement to be received in Tiananmen Square. While he spoke sincerely, the President was careful not to embarass his host with his remarks. Whatever the outcome of the summit, the trip is rightfully interpreted as a significant step forward in bolstering China's international status. Symbolically, the President's visit represents respect for China as an important regional and international player. As the turbulence in Asian markets continues, the US may look to China increasingly as a stabilizing force, while China sees closer relations with the US as a crucial ingredient in creating a more market-oriented and prosperous economy.

The first site, provided by the New York Times, contains the latest news from the trip, an itinerary, and archived articles on topics such as the Cold War, Tiananmen Square, Human Rights, and the 1997 Summit (note: the Times is freely available after registration, but only to US subscribers). The Post site is a collection of recent and related articles on the trip. The White House provides information about the President's trip, including a photo gallery, speeches, and an itinerary. China Internet Information Center, an official news organ, provides news and photos of the trip, as well as several related diplomatic statements and documents. The US Information Agency (USIA) site on Sino-US relations contains speeches, press conference transcripts, press releases, reports, fact sheets, and documents concerning seven different issue areas. The site has also posted a special section on the President's visit, with recent news and speeches. The Chinese Embassy offers a number of documents relating to US-China relations, including statements by the Chinese Ambassador and past Sino-US Joint Communiques. The State Department China Homepage contains numerous items of interest, including a link to the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs' collection of Speeches, Statements, and Testimony on China. The Human Rights Watch page offers a number of articles on the history of human rights in modern China, reeducation through mandatory labor, "counterrevolutionary" activity, and what the US President can do to improve the situation. The last site, provided by Out There News, offers a number of resources on "the 21st century superpower." Users will find a history of modern China; commentary on China's trade, economy, and human rights record; an article on Wang Dan, China's most famous dissident and recent arrival in the US, and a RealAudio recording of an interview with Shen Tong, a leader in the Tiananmen protests. [MD]
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