The Scout Report for Social Sciences - May 4, 1999

The Scout Report for Social Sciences

May 4, 1999

A Publication of the Internet Scout Project
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The target audience of the new Scout Report for Social Sciences is faculty, students, staff, and librarians in the social sciences. Each biweekly issue offers a selective collection of Internet resources covering topics in the field that have been chosen by librarians and content specialists in the given area of study.

The Scout Report for Social Sciences is also provided via email once every two weeks. Subscription information is included at the bottom of each issue.

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Countering the New Terrorism -- RAND [.pdf]
Countering the New Terrorism, a new 153-page book published by RAND, has recently been made available online. The book contains four chapters that address the changes, trends, and implications of the new terrorism. The introductory chapter, written by Ian O. Lesser, overviews the changes in terrorism in a changing world. The second chapter, "Terrorism Trends and Prospects," by Bruce Hoffman, looks at trends in international terrorism. Chapter three, "Networks, Netwar, and Information-Age Terrorism," by John Arquilla, David Ronfeldt, and Michele Zanini, examines the special problem of terrorism in the information age. The final chapter, "Countering the New Terrorism: Implications for Strategy," also by Lesser, suggests how to meet terrorist challenges to US interests. The book also includes three figures, one table, an index, and a foreword by Brian Michael Jenkins. Each part of the online book is provided as an individual .pdf file. [AO]
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National Center for Charitable Statistics
A program of the Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy at the nonpartisan Urban Institute, the National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS) is a national repository of data on the nonprofit sector in the US. The NCCS cooperates with government agencies, the private sector, and independent researchers to compile regional, state, and national databases about charitable organizations, and also develops standards for reporting on the activities of these organizations. The NCCS Website contains a wealth of information. The Data section provides databases, data documentation, a guide to the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities Classification System, state profiles of nonprofits, and a variety of fact sheets and policy briefs. The Resources section offers Internal Revenue Service forms, links to related sites, a bibliography, and a directory of associated electronic mailing lists. Note: before users can download data at the site, they must first complete an online form to obtain a free user name and password. The NCCS will notify users of fees, if any, that may apply to acquiring certain data sets. [AO]
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Broken People: Caste Violence Against India's "Untouchables" -- HRW
Even though "the imposition of social disabilities on persons by reason of their birth in certain castes" was legally abolished under India's constitution in 1950, "untouchability" is still practiced today in much of rural India. The "untouchable" caste -- or Dalits, which literally means "broken people" -- comprises over one-sixth of India's population, or 160 million people. This 310-page report, recently issued by Human Rights Watch (HRW), documents the discrimination and violence suffered by Dalits under the societal rule of higher-caste groups in the Indian states of Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Gujarat. The report also examines the government's role in preserving the status quo by thwarting peaceful social activism and failing to abolish exploitative labor practices through appropriate legislation. [AO]
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National Public School and School District Locator -- NCES
The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) has updated its search tool for locating US public elementary and secondary schools (first discussed in the October 10, 1997 Scout Report). The newly designed National Public School and School District Locator now includes a separate search utility for locating school districts nationwide and allows users to identify the "correct name, address, telephone number, NCES ID number, urbanicity, and other student and teacher information for public schools or school districts." [AO]
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Forced Migration Projects -- OSI
The Forced Migration Projects (FMP), operating under the auspices of the Open Society Institute (OSI), monitor developments in the Americas, the former Yugoslavia, and the former Soviet Union to identify the social, political, and economic conditions that cause the forced dislocations of people. This Website provides background information about the projects as well as full-text access to several FMP publications including The Forced Migration Monitor, a series of special reports on refugees and migration, recent news and articles on germane issues, and FM Alert, an electronic bulletin service. In addition, the site compiles a list of refugee-related links and hosts a discussion forum. [AO]
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The Ricci 21st Century Roundtable
The Ricci 21st Century Roundtable is an international database for the study of the history of Christianity in China developed by the Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History at the Center for the Pacific Rim, University of San Francisco. The extensive database contains archival, bibliographical, and biographical resources on the history of Christian missions in China. In addition, the database includes directories of scholars and institutions conducting research on Christianity in China; a list of recent conferences, published books, and articles; and collections of related images and sounds. [AO]
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Electronic Briefing Book: Did NATO Win the Cold War? -- National Security Archive
Foreign Affairs
In light of the 50th anniversary of NATO, Vojtech Mastny has written "Did NATO Win the Cold War? Looking over the Wall," an article that views the history of NATO "from the other side." To supplement his article, which appears in the May-June 1999 issue of Foreign Affairs, the author and the National Security Archive (see the September 20, 1996 Scout Report) have compiled 23 documents to provide readers with additional information online. The historical documents are arranged in a numeric index that provides a precis and a full citation for each reference, and links to the full text or relevant excerpt of the indexed documents. The Foreign Affairs magazine Website provides information about the publication, summaries of current and past articles, and the full text of selected articles. Note: the full text of Mastny's article is not available online at the Foreign Affairs Website. [AO]
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H-AFRESEARCH is a new electronic discussion network devoted to issues related to the use of primary sources in African humanities and social sciences research. The moderated forum aims to promote communication between African Studies researchers and information professionals, enabling researchers to ask questions about and obtain current information on "archival records, manuscripts and personal papers; photograph and film collections; field notes, oral data and music collections; and material culture and artifacts." The co-editors of the list will also solicit and post additional information, such as calls for conferences and publication reviews. [AO]

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Learning Resources

RaceSci: History of Race in Science
RaceSci functions as a centralized collection of information resources relevant to the study of the history of race in science. The site provides comprehensive bibliographies on current scholarship; university syllabi on race and science in regard to medicine, eugenics, rhetoric, and social studies; recent journal articles and news items on affiliated topics; briefly annotated links to associated sites; and a list of requests for comment, calls for papers, and announcements for lectures and conferences. Maintained at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, RaceSci is edited by Evelynn Hammonds, associate professor of history of science, Michelle Murphy, postdoctoral fellow in women's studies, and Stephanie Higgs, a graduate student in the Program in Science, Technology, and Society. [AO]
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Documents in Military History
Edited by Dave Stewart, assistant professor of history at Hillsdale College (Hillsdale, Michigan), Documents in Military History is an online collection of primary sources for military history. The collection emphasizes pre-twentieth-century European military history but also includes some documents that address American and non-Western histories. Currently, the collection contains 325 items in six major historical sections: Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern, French Revolution, Nineteenth Century, and Naval Warfare. Each major section is further divided into more specific subsections. The organized layout of the site promotes chronological browsing. The site also provides a keyword search facility (inoperable at the time of review). [AO]
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The Nixon and Sports Website
The Nixon and Sports Website examines former President "Richard Nixon's interaction with the world of athletic competition during his time in the White House." Created by Nick Sarantakes, assistant professor of history at Texas A&M University-Commerce, this Website is an online version of his forthcoming study tentatively entitled Nixon, Sports, and Politics in American Society, 1969-1974. The scholarly site includes four major sections: Timeline, chronicling key events related to sports during the Nixon administration, Photos, a collection of images with detailed captions from the National Archives, Quotes, collocating Nixon's remarks about sports from 1969 to 1974, and Bibliography, an annotated compilation of source material for the study. [AO]
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Inter-Play is a Web-based, multilingual index to plays published as part of collections, anthologies, or periodicals, and compiles many citations to plays not indexed by standard print indexes. Inter-Play contains about 16,130 bibliographic citations and spans in date from the late nineteenth century to the present. Although the index is multilingual, the search interface is in English. Users may search the index by author or title only. Inter-Play is updated frequently by its co-editors: Robert Westover and Janet Wright, humanities librarians at Portland State University. [AO]
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The Pulse: A Consumer's Guide to Public Opinion Data on the Web -- EPI
Recently debuted by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), The Pulse is a comprehensive "consumer's guide" to public opinion data on the US economy and related topics. Produced by Ruy Teixeira, director of EPI's Politics and Public Opinion Program, the site aims to provide the public with accurate, unbiased information about public opinion data. The Pulse summarizes and links to polling data, public opinion data, and expert data analyses on issues such as the economy, Social Security, education, health care, and globalization. In addition, the site provides a bimonthly, in-depth analysis of a single public opinion issue; currently, The Pulse is scrutinizing polling data related to Social Security. The Pulse is a special Web feature of EPI, a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank that encourages public debate about strategies to achieve a prosperous and fair economy. [AO]
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Lives, the Biography Resource
Lives, the Biography Resource, is a comprehensive guide to more than one thousand biographical information resources available on the Web. The briefly annotated guide indexes resources by individual names and also organizes resources into several collections, which collocate related resources according to subject, region, era, profession, etc. In addition, the guide includes Inside Lives, a section that features new and noteworthy sites covering biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, oral histories, personal papers, and more. Lives is updated weekly by its developer, Ken Lanxner, an ardent enthusiast of all things biographical. [AO]
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Florida State Archives Photographic Collection
The Florida State Archives Photographic Collection contains more than 790,000 photographs and nearly 2,000 movies and videos. In an on-going effort to make the collection more accessible to the public, the Florida State Archives have digitized and uploaded approximately 40,000 images from their photographic collection, and plan to add more images soon. The vast collection of images is arranged into 23 different collections, chronicling the people and natural history of Florida from the late nineteenth century to the present. Users may browse collections individually or search one or more collections by Title, Image Number, Year, Photographer, or Subject. Searches yield thumbnail images that may be enlarged to enhance viewing. [AO]
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Current Awareness

(For links to additional current awareness on tables of contents, abstracts, preprints, new books, data, conferences, etc., visit the The Scout Report for Social Sciences Current Awareness Metapage:

IN[]VISIBLE CULTURE: An Electronic Journal for Visual Studies
The inaugural issue of IN[]VISIBLE CULTURE: An Electronic Journal for Visual Studies is now available. This new journal, published by the Graduate Program in Visual and Cultural Studies at the University of Rochester (New York), aims "to provide a forum for critical approaches to the production and analysis of cultural objects." The premier issue carries the theme The Worlding of Visual Studies? and includes articles such as Cultural Studies and the Sociology of Culture, by Janet Wolff, Art History after the Death of the "Death of the Subject," by Keith Moxey, and Getting the Warhol We Deserve: Cultural Studies and Queer Culture, by Douglas Crimp. The journal also features art projects and hosts an electronic discussion group. [AO]
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New Working Papers

European Integration online Papers (EIoP) -- Volume 3
No 4: Trondal, Jarle. "Integration Through Participation - Introductory Notes to the Study of Administrative Integration"
No 5: Jorgensen, Knud Erik. "The Social Construction of the Acquis Communautaire: A Cornerstone of the European Edifice"
No 6: Pollack, Mark A. "Delegation, Agency and Agenda Setting in the Treaty of Amsterdam"

Joint Center for Poverty Research Working Papers
Chase-Lansdale, P. Lindsay. "How Developmental Psychologists Think About Family Process and Child Development in Low Income Families"
Holzer, Harry J. and Robert J. LaLonde. "Job Change and Job Stability Among Less-Skilled Young Workers"
Wallace, Geoffrey and Rebecca M. Blank. "What Goes Up Must Come Down? Explaining Recent Changes in Public Assistance Caseloads"

Population Studies Centre, University of Western Ontario [.pdf]
99-5: Bah, Sulaiman. "Diagnostic Tests on Assessing the Quality of Maternal Orphanhood Data from the 1996 South African Census and Implications for the Indirect Estimation of Adult Mortality"

Stockholm Research Reports in Demography
SRRD-134: Hoem, Jan M., Alexia Prskawetz, and Gerda Neyer. "Third Births in Austria: The Effect of Public Policies, Educational Attainment, and Labor-Force Attachment"
Word 6.0 version:
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New Think Tank Policy Papers and Briefs

Bernstein, Jared. "The New Minimum Wage Increase and the Old Opposition" -- Economic Policy Institute

Lincoln, Edward J. "Japan Summit: Economics Matter" -- The Brookings Institution

Orent, Wendy. "The Smallpox Wars: Biowarfare vs. Public Health" -- The American Prospect

Papadimitriou, Dimitri B. and L. Randall Wray. "How Can We Provide for the Baby Boomers in Their Old Age?" -- The Jerome Levy Economics Institute

Steuerle, C. Eugene. "Valuing Marital Commitment: The Radical Restructuring of our Tax and Transfer Systems" -- The Urban Institute
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New Offerings from Academic Publishers

Association of American University Presses: New Releases

Baker&Taylor Academia -- Upcoming Books to Buy (May 1999)

Cambridge University Press

Perseus Books: By Category

Thela Thesis -- Just Published

Academic International Press -- What's New
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New Tables of Contents/ Abstracts

Current Anthropology

Harvard Asia Pacific Review (selected full-text)

History of Psychology (abstracts)

Sexualities: Studies in Culture and Society (abstracts)

SIGMA: The Bulletin of European Statistics (full-text, .pdf, 1400K)
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Sex, Gender, Culture: The Third Annual History and Theory Conference
November 13-14, 1999. Irvine, California. The Third Annual History and Theory Conference to be held at the University of California, Irvine will investigate the intersections of history and theory, and "explore ways various theories reshape historical inquiry, as well as the contexts in which these theories have developed." A call for papers has recently been issued, and conference organizers invite interdisciplinary proposals from graduate students that address the dialogic relation between history and contemporary theory. Submissions are due August 15, 1999. [AO]

Between the Bloc and the Hard Place: Moving towards Europe in Post-Communist States?
November 6-7, 1999. London, England. The School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University of London, will host an interdisciplinary conference that "aims to contribute to a wide-ranging analysis of the competing legacies [of] the post-communist states" in Europe. Submission instructions are available at the site for papers that address the political, economic, sociological, historical, and cultural implications of an expanding European Union in a post-communist era. [AO]

Sixteenth International Fall Conference -- International Society for the Study of Dissociation (ISSD)
November 11-13, 1999. Miami, Florida. The theme for ISSD's sixteenth fall conference will be "Integrating Dissociation Theory into Clinical Practice & Psychological Research." The conference will focus on the synthesis of dissociation theory into areas such as psychoanalysis, hypnosis, cognitive therapy, nonverbal therapy, and the phased treatment of trauma. Conference organizers currently welcome proposals in four formats: research or clinical papers, case presentation or studies, symposia, or workshops. Deadline for receipt of proposals is May 17, 1999. [AO]
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Job Guides/ Funding

H-Net Job Guide

Chronicle of Higher Education Job Openings
Social Science -- Job Listings & Position Announcements

Grant Opportunities from US Department of Education [.pdf]
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New Data

Early Release PSID Data Files [.zip]
The Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID), conducted by the Survey Research Center at the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research (see the July 30, 1998 Scout Report for Business & Economics), has recently issued the early release versions of two PSID data files: the 1997 Family file and the 1968-1997 Individual file. Users may download the compressed data files (.zip) at the site. Each compressed file contains ASCII data, a readme file, a cross-year variables index, univariate frequencies and statistics, and SAS and SPSS data definition statements. Early release PSID files contain minimum documentation, and the set of variables in the early releases differ substantially from the final release data. Therefore, it is recommended that only experienced data analysts acquire and use these data files. [AO]
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United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD): Social Indicators
The UNSD has recently updated its social indicators page. Data are available on general population, youth and elderly populations, human settlements, water supply and sanitation, housing, health, child-bearing, education, literacy, income and economic activity, and unemployment. Each section presents data in discrete, ASCII tables. [AO]
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In The News

Suspected Chinese Nuclear Espionage
"1998 Report Told of Lab Breaches and China Threat" -- The New York Times
Chinese Nuclear Espionage Suspected --
DCI Statement on Damage Assessment -- CIA
Key Findings: The Intelligence Community Damage Assessment on the Implications of China's Acquisition of US Nuclear Weapons Information on the Development of Future Chinese Weapons -- CIA
Statement by Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson -- DOE
Key Factors Underlying Security Problems at DOE Facilities [.pdf, 24p.] -- GAO
The Deadliest Download -- William Safire, The New York Times
Representative Christopher Cox Homepage
Senator Richard Shelby News Releases
This week's In the News examines serious allegations of security breaches at the US nuclear weapons laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico and the possible transfer of secret data to China. In what is quickly devolving into a worst case scenario, it now appears that China has secured thousands of lines of invaluable computer code from the top-level nuclear weapons lab at the Los Alamos, New Mexico. The codes, were allegedly transferred by scientist Wen Ho Lee from a secure system to an unclassified computer network at the lab in 1994 and 1995, where they were apparently accessed by someone who improperly used a password. The theft of these codes, in the opinion of some officials, compromises "virtually every nuclear weapon in the United States arsenal." Domestic politics have further clouded the situation, as many critics of the Clinton administration claim that earlier reports of possible security breaches were ignored by a government focused on normalizing US-China relations and promoting trade ties. The House Select Committee on US National Security and Military/ Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of China, chaired by Representative Christopher Cox (R-CA), completed an extensive report on the transfer of military technology in December 1998. However, the administration has delayed security clearance, attempting to keep large portions of the report classified. A sanitized version, along with a separate report by the Senate Intelligence Committee, are expected to be released in mid-May.

Investigative reporters from The New York Times have consistently led the pack on this story, and this recent article on the 1998 report is no different (free registration required). Users can also access a host of past articles on China's military technology from this site.'s archived daily briefing from last week explores the case and the political wrangling surrounding it. The site offers a number of full-text papers and links to related sites. On April 21, Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) George J. Tenet's issued a statement on the implications of China's acquisition of U.S. nuclear weapons information. The full text of the statement is available at the CIA Website along with Key Findings from the Intelligence Community Damage Assessment. The Department of Energy (DOE) has placed online recent brief remarks by Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson on the transfer of the computer codes. On April 20, the General Accounting Office (GAO), the investigative arm of Congress, released a transcript of testimony before the House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations by Victor S. Rezendes, a Director at the (DOE). Offered in .pdf format, the testimony addresses past and present security measures and problems in DOE laboratories. Veteran Times columnist William Safire has also weighed in on the controversy, offering strong criticism of the Administration's priorities and conduct in its China policy. Finally, the last two sites, from key figures in the Congressional investigation of the security breaches, Representative Cox and Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL), Chairman of the Select Committee on Intelligence, offer several related news releases. [MD]
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