The Scout Report for Social Sciences - June 1, 1999

The Scout Report for Social Sciences

June 1, 1999

A Publication of the Internet Scout Project
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The target audience of the new Scout Report for Social Sciences is faculty, students, staff, and librarians in the social sciences. Each biweekly issue offers a selective collection of Internet resources covering topics in the field that have been chosen by librarians and content specialists in the given area of study.

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SRIS: Sexuality Research Information Service -- The Kinsey Institute [RIS]
The Sexuality Research Information Service (SRIS) -- recently launched by The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction -- centralizes and disseminates current research findings related to four sexual well-being issues: Adolescent Sexual Behavior, High Risk Sexual Behavior, Male Sexual Response, and Reproductive Hormones and Women's Sexuality and Emotional Well-Being. For each of the four topics, SRIS provides researchers, policymakers, and health care professionals with a fully searchable bibliographic database of selected, current research citations. Many of the detailed citations also include abstracts and commentaries written by specialists at The Kinsey Institute. The databases support a complex search mode that allows users to tag citations and export them to a bibliographic management tool such as ProCite or EndNote (requires a free plug-in, RIS, available at the site). [AO]
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Death Squad Dossier and Relevant Declassified US Documents from the National Security Archive's Guatemala Collection
On May 20, the Washington Office on Latin America, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Human Rights Watch, and National Security Archive (NSA) released a 54-page logbook obtained from the Guatemalan military. The logbook, labeled the Death Squad Dossier, documents, in coded detail, the executions of 183 people at the hands of the Guatemalan security forces between August 1983 and March 1985. The NSA has made the dossier available online along with declassified US documents related to Guatemalan death squad activity. [AO]
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Six New Psychiatric Journals
Academic Psychiatry
The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry
The Journal of Neuropsychiatry
The Journal of Psychotherapy Practice and Research
Psychiatric News
The American Psychiatric Publishing Group
HighWire Press
The American Psychiatric Publishing Group (APPG) has recently made six journals freely available online until September 1, 1999. Each journal provides tables of contents, abstracts, and a bibliographic search utility. Some journals offer full-text articles. All six journals are offered through Stanford University's HighWire Press. [AO]
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Lijphart Elections Archive
The Lijphart Elections Archive (LEA) -- hosted and maintained by the University of California, San Diego Social Sciences & Humanities Library -- currently contains or links to district- and national-level voting data and electoral information for legislative elections in over 60 countries worldwide. The catalog of holdings indexes nations by geographic region; a search facility is under development. [AO]
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Leeds Thai Politics Electronic Bibliography
Hosted by the Institute for Politics and International Studies at the University of Leeds and compiled by Dr. Michael Nelson of the Faculty of Political Science at Chulalongkorn University, the Leeds Thai Politics Electronic Bibliography lists approximately 2,000 citations of English language resources on Thai politics and government. Only some of the references are annotated. Users may view the bibliography in full or in divided alphabetical sections. The site provides an inefficacious full-text search utility, and users are advised to view the bibliography in full as an HTML document (456K) and search for citations via their Web browsers. [AO]
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Learning Resources

Spy Letters of the American Revolution
This new digital exhibition displays and contextualizes a collection of letters written by spies during the American Revolution. The letters, held by the University of Michigan's Clements Library, offer historical insight into the military intelligence of both the American and British armies. The site presents large images of the original letters beside typewritten transcriptions. The value of the letters as primary documents is enhanced by the historical background provided by the site creators, four students in the U-M's School of Information. The rich background information at the site includes historical narratives related to espionage, explanations of the era's epistolary spying techniques, detailed maps tracing the spy letters' routes, biographies of important persons, and a timeline chronicling major events in the American Revolutionary War. [AO]
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Anthropology Tutorials
Dr. Dennis O'Neil of Palomar College (San Marcos, California) has developed sixteen informative online tutorials for the study of anthropology at the university level. The tutorials offer an introduction and an overview of key concepts, theories, and methodologies in physical (biological) and cultural (social) anthropology. Each multi-part tutorial provides a table of contents, an interactive practice quiz, a glossary of anthropological terms, and pointers to related Internet information resources. Some of the tutorials also include data tables, illustrations, maps, and chronologies. [AO]
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Latitude: The Art and Science of Fifteenth-Century Navigation
Patricia Seed, professor of history at Rice University, has created a deep learning resource for the historical study of cartography and navigation in Europe during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The site contains a plethora of pages that examine and explain the art, history, and science behind latitude, longitude, maps, compass roses, traditional sailing, celestial and coastal navigation, and much more. In addition, the site provides numerous links to other relevant Internet resources, conveniently arranged by topic area and audience level. [AO]
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Education Statistics Slide Show
Created by Grace York, coordinator of the University of Michigan's Documents Center, the Education Statistics Slide Show is an online presentation demonstrating how to locate, obtain, and manipulate educational data on the Web. The presentation consists of 72 slides and offers instruction on the use of several Websites including the US Census Bureau's American Factfinder site (see the April 2, 1999 Scout Report), the Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) Census Mapping site, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) site, the FEDSTATS site (see the May 30, 1997 Scout Report), and many more. The tutorial presentation also provides ten practice questions and a detailed Webliography. [AO]
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Center for the American Woman and Politics [.pdf]
The Center for the American Woman and Politics (CAWP) is a specialized research unit within the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University. CAWP is devoted to researching, evaluating, and promoting the changing role of women in positions of political leadership. CAWP's Website provides numerous fact sheets, which present current and historical information on women elected officials and women in elections. In addition, the site offers access to a modest collection of CAWP articles, reports, and books. Some of the fact sheets and publications at the site are available in .pdf format only. [AO]
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Child and Family News
Child and Family News (CFN) is a new information service developed for journalists by experts affiliated with the Department of Child Development at Tufts University. CFN provides the news media with resource material on child and family topics, connecting them with background information, references, associated programs, organizational contacts, subject experts, related coverage, and synopses of potential stories. CFN is an expanding work in progress and currently offers journalists and others information on domestic violence, school violence, education beyond the classroom, and family support. [AO]
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The Unbound Bible
The Unbound Bible, an online searchable database maintained by Biola University (La Mirada, California), is comprised of 24 versions of the Bible. The database includes a Hebrew version, a Greek version, four versions in ancient languages, seven English translations, as well as translations in fifteen other languages, such as Swahili, Icelandic, and Tagalog. For each version, users may conduct Boolean keyword searches of the whole bible or specifically query the Old Testament, New Testament, Apocrypha, or particular books. The Unbound Bible also contains a topical index and supports parallel searches, allowing users to compare the texts of two different version. [AO]
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Current Awareness

(For links to additional current awareness on tables of contents, abstracts, preprints, new books, data, conferences, etc., visit the The Scout Report for Social Sciences Current Awareness Metapage:

Culture Machine
Culture Machine is a new, refereed, electronic journal encompassing cultural studies and cultural theory. The international editorial board of the interactive journal aims to "generat[e] research in culture and theory" by promoting and publishing "the most provocative of new work." The theme of the inaugural issue is Taking Risks with the Future. Content includes articles such as Life After Death of the Text by Johan Fornas, Cultural Studies in the Clouds: Mourning for Detail by Tadeusz Slawek, and The Future States of Politics by Kenneth Surin. Culture Machine is hosted by the University of Teesside, England. [AO]
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New Working Papers

Center For Comparative Social Analysis, University of California-Los Angeles (CCSA) [.pdf]
The CCSA at UCLA has recently posted six new papers, including titles such as "Post-revolutionary Iran: Islamic Feminism and the Crisis of Civil Society" by Elham Gheytanchi, "China and the Global Downturn of the Late 1990s" by Mark Lupher, and "Politics of Multiculturalism and the Construction of Border Identities" by Eniko Magyari-Vincze. [AO]

Institute for Social and Economic Research Working Papers
No 99-7: Hannan, Carmel. "Beyond Networks: 'Social Cohesion' an Unemployment Exit Rates"
No 99-8: Ramos, Xavier. "Earnings Inequality and Earnings Mobility in Great Britain: Evidence from the BHPS, 1994-94"
No 99-9: Boheim, Rene and John Ermisch. "Breaking up - Financial Surprises and Partnership Dissolution"

The Jerome Levy Economics Institute Working Papers
No 270: Papadimitriou, Dimitri B. and L. Randall Wray. "Can Social Security Be Saved?"

Joint Center for Poverty Research Working Papers
Fairlie, Robert W. "Drug Dealing and Legitimate Self-Employment"
Fairlie, Robert W. and Lori G. Kletzer. "The Long-Term Costs of Job Displacement Among Young Workers"

Russell Sage Foundation Papers from the Working Group on the Construction and Maintenance of Trust [Word]
Kaminski, Marek M., Grzegorz Lissowski, and Piotr Swistak. "The Role of Formal Theory in Comparative Research"
Rothstein, Bo. "Trust, Social Dilemmas, and the Strategic Construction of Collective Memories"
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New Think Tank Policy Papers and Briefs

"Competing with College: Developing New Recruiting Options for the Military" -- RAND

Higley, Charlie. "Money Harvest: Utility Holding Companies Are Threshing Ratepayers" -- Public Citizen

"Losing Health Insurance: Unintended Consequences of Welfare Reform" -- Families USA Foundation [.pdf, 600K, 51 p.]

Moon, Marilyn. "Medicare Matters: The Value of Social Insurance" -- The Urban Institute

Yates, Stephen J. "No Concessions to China After the Mistaken Embassy Bombing" -- The Heritage Foundation
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New Offerings from Academic Publishers

Association of American University Presses: New Releases

Baker&Taylor Academia -- Upcoming Books to Buy (June 1999)

Cambridge University Press

Perseus Books: By Category

Thela Thesis -- Just Published
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New Tables of Contents/ Abstracts

American Literary History

Angelaki: journal of the theoretical humanities

European Sociological Review (abstracts)

Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans

Social Research Update (full-text)
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ISN-CIAO Conference Calendar on International Relations and Security
The International Security Network (ISN) (see the June 16, Scout Report for Social Sciences1998) and Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO) have unveiled a new conference calendar database. Updated regularly, the searchable and browseable database contains forthcoming scholarly events in the fields of foreign affairs and security policy. [AO]

Cultivating Citizens: Soulcraft and Citizenship in Contemporary America
October 28-30, 1999. Baylor University. Waco, Texas.

Digitisation of European Cultural Heritage: Products-Principles-Techniques
October 21-23, 1999. Utrecht University, The Netherlands.

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS) Fifteenth Annual Meeting
November 14-17, 1999. Miami, Florida.
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Job Guides/ Funding

H-Net Job Guide

Chronicle of Higher Education Job Openings
Social Science

FY 1999 Discretionary Grant Application Packages -- US Department of Education

Association of American Geographers Jobs in Geography
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New Data

1999 KIDS COUNT Data Book [.zip, .xls, .csv]
The Annie E. Casey Foundation, a private charitable organization, aims to initiate and develop "public policies, human-service reforms, and community supports" to assist disadvantaged children in the US. One of the principal activities of the organization is the publication of the KIDS COUNT Data Book, "which uses the best available data to measure the educational, social, economic, and physical well-being of children" all over the US. This site offers public access to the online database for the 1999 KIDS COUNT Data Book. Included are tables of state and national data profiles based on statistical indicators, lists of states ranked by indicator, interactive line graphs allowing users to compare indicators from up to eight areas, and color-coded US maps representing KIDS COUNT data. Users can download all of the raw data files for 1999 in a compressed .zip file or they may download raw data files individually as either a MS Excel spreadsheet file (.xls) or a comma-delimited text file (.csv). [AO]
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United Nations World Population, 1998 -- POPIN
The United Nations Population Information Network (POPIN) has recently published a collection of updated data tables on population for regions and nations around the world. Included are four sections: Countries with a Population of Over 100 Million in 1950, 1998 and 2050; Populations 1998, 2025, 2050; Demographic Indicators 1995-2000; and Population Under 15, Population 60 and Older, and Population Density, Mid-1998. The data in the last three sections are divided into seven tables (World, Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Northern America, and Oceania). Each regional table is organized by geographic area (e.g., Eastern Asia, Southeastern Asia, South Central Asia, and Western Asia) to facilitate comparisons. [AO]
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In The News

Kashmir Conflict
Conflict in Kashmir -- BBC News
Kashmir Solidarity Day -- Islamic Republic of Pakistan
The Kargil Situation -- Indian Ministry of External Affairs
Kashmir as de facto Disputed Territory -- Kashmir World-Wide Web Virtual Library
Indian and Pakistani Nuclear Tests -- Center for Nonproliferation Studies
United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan
A Dangerous Confrontation Between India and Pakistan
This week's In the News examines the crisis in Kashmir. For the last seven days, India has waged a combined air and ground attack against an alliance of separatist guerrillas in the Indian-controlled region of Kashmir, a disputed Himalayan territory in the northwestern Indian subcontinent. Government officials from India, a primarily Hindu nation, insistently accuse the intelligence agency of Pakistan, a Muslim nation, of supporting the Islamic guerrillas in their struggle for Kashmiri autonomy. However, Pakistani officials fervently deny the charge. Yesterday Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee consented to meet with Pakistani Foreign Minister Sartaj Azi sometime this week to discuss the recent conflict in order to staunch escalating violence in the province. The Kashmir crisis has created a cause for concern worldwide because it is the first eruption of hostility between the two nations since they both began aggressive nuclear weapons testing programs last year (see the May 19, 1998 Scout Report for Social Sciences). Kashmir is riven by a 450-mile demarcation line, or Line of Control (LoC), dividing dominion of the territory between India and Pakistan. Since the partition of British India under the Indian Independence Act of 1947, Pakistan and India have fought three wars, twice over the embattled territory of Kashmir (1947-48 and 1965). The LoC was established in 1949 as a cease-fire line after the first Kashmir war and redrawn by the two countries in 1972 after their most recent war. Muslim separatist groups have been violently rebelling in the Indian-administered region of Kashmir intermittently for nearly ten years.

BBC News provides a special report on the conflict in Kashmir, serving breaking news, background information, insightful analysis, and eyewitness accounts. The Kashmir Solidarity Day Website, developed by the government of Pakistan, offers official information about the crisis such as documents, reports, fact sheets, and books, including Call From Chagai & Pokhran: New Nuclear Order!, which discusses "the inherent linkage between Kashmir and nuclear issues." India's Ministry of External Affairs provides official government press releases as well as news articles from Indian and foreign press on the situation in Kargil, a sector in Kashmir where much of the fighting is taking place. Gene R. Thursby has compiled a wealth of authoritative links relating to the conflict at the Kashmir World-Wide Web Virtual Library. The Center for Nonproliferation Studies provides Indian and Pakistani Nuclear Tests, a site with chronologies, maps, commentaries, publications, and international reactions to the nations' nuclear testing. The United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) page contains information on the international peacekeeping efforts in the region. A Dangerous Confrontation Between India and Pakistan is an article analyzing the crisis written by Keith Jones and Peter Symonds for the World Socialist Web Site. [AO]
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