The Scout Report for Social Sciences - October 19, 1999

October 19, 1999

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The target audience of the new Scout Report for Social Sciences is faculty, students, staff, and librarians in the social sciences. Each biweekly issue offers a selective collection of Internet resources covering topics in the field that have been chosen by librarians and content specialists in the given area of study.

The Scout Report for Social Sciences is also provided via email once every two weeks. Subscription information is included at the bottom of each issue.

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CSA/ AIA Guide to Archaeological Projects
The Center for the Study of Architecture (CSA), with the cooperation of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA), has produced this Web-based guide to archaeological projects. Currently, the site lists over 50 ongoing projects, providing a project description, details of the site's location, procedures, timelines, project personnel, and URLs for Websites when available. The authors of the site plan to continue to add projects, expecting to develop an extended searchable database of recent and/or ongoing archaeological projects. [DC]
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Picturing Power: Posters of the Cultural Revolution [Realplayer]
This fascinating site posted by the Huntington Archive at Ohio State University features materials from a recent conference sponsored by the University of Westminster's School of Fine Arts Gallery and Indiana University's East Asian Studies Center focusing on posters from the Cultural Revolution. The online gallery allows viewers to examine representative posters of the era, accompanying notes of analysis, and in some cases, audio components featuring snippets of culturally relevant songs or chanting as well as extended audio recordings of some lectures and roundtable discussions from the conference. The site also links to The University of Westminster's Chinese Poster Collection, which features dozens of posters from their 500-item collection spanning the period between the late 1960s and the late 1980s. Since many Chinese were illiterate or semiliterate during the Cultural Revolution, such posters, combining traditional Chinese graphic themes with Communist doctrine, were a crucial element in the Revolution's dissemination. [DC]
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National Assessment of Adult Literacy 2002 Home Page [.pdf]
The National Center for Education Statistics has posted a new Webpage devoted to the National Assessment of Adult Literacy 2002 program which will assess the current status of the English-language literacy skills of adults in the United States. The site presently offers a description of the purposes and goals of the program; posted and forthcoming working papers on adult literacy assessment; and previews of the published reports the program will produce over the next three years, including data on national, state, and international comparisons of literacy, results by major population subgroups, and relationships between background variables and literacy attainment. The site also provides links to related literacy sites and, most helpfully for those doing research in literacy issues, a link to the full text of the 1992 National Assessment of Adult Literacy, which includes an overview of all of the program's adult literacy statistics and conclusions about long-term and short-term literacy trends. [DC]
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The Abortion Law Homepage
This privately posted page offers extensive and highly credible information on legislation and jurisprudence relating to abortion in the US. The site offers thoroughly linked discussions of constitutional law, Roe v. Wade, Planned Parenthood v. Casey, state and federal abortion laws, including partial-birth abortion laws, and much more. The hypertext links are to primary documents including court decisions, texts of legislation, court briefs, and oral argument transcripts. There is also an index to primary documents for ease of access. We found the page to have no political agenda. As the author states, "this page is being constructed to help people, regardless of their political bent, understand the background and state of abortion law in America, and access related legal material--especially that which is less available and less well known." [DC]
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New Testament Gateway
This reputable, scholarly gateway provides an annotated directory of "good academic New Testament web resources." In addition to being searchable, the site sorts resources into relevant categories such as Bible Translations, Textual Criticism, Non-Canonical, Gospels and Acts, Paul, Revelation, Historical Jesus, Judaica and more. The site also posts featured links each month (with an archive of past months) and clearly identifies new sites. The annotations are excellent in terms of both scholarly and Web-browsing information. The site is maintained by Professor Mark Goodacre at the University of Birmingham. [DC]
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India, Politics by Other Means: Attacks Against Christians in India
This Human Rights Watch study examines a recent upsurge in inter-religious violence directed at Christians in India, largely by right-wing Hindu organizations, collectively known as the sangh parivar. According to Human Rights Watch, such actions are designed "to promote and exploit communal tensions to stay in power," a strategy "supported at the local level by militant groups who operate with impunity." The report provides a cultural and political context for the violence, reports on the violence itself and its areas of concentration, recommendations to the government of India as well as to the international community, and a discussion of relevant international law. [DC]
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Learning Resources

A Concrete Curtain: The Life and Death of the Berlin Wall
The central feature of this fine site posted to the Web late last month is a hypertext history of the Berlin Wall and the significant events of the cold war that featured prominently in its life and death. The hypertext offers maps, exhibitions, and sidebars to supplement the main historical narrative. The Annexes section gives a timeline of key events, excerpts from various books and speeches offering first person accounts of events at the Wall (including its demolishment), and a substantial bibliography of fiction and nonfiction texts about the Wall. The site is posted by the Memorial de Caen in France. Note: some of the written text in the exhibitions is in French. [DC]
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UCLA Language Materials Project
The Language Materials Project Website from UCLA provides learning materials for Less Commonly Taught Languages throughout the world. The site categorizes more than 3,500 resources covering 80 languages, allowing users to specify the language and the type of resource they are seeking. Resources include books, audiocassettes, videos, and various multimedia packages that target individual teaching needs. In addition, the site offers cultural and linguistic profiles of dozens of less commonly taught languages, and features links to a number of similarly useful language-teaching Websites. [DC]
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Six Billion and Beyond (PBS)
Last week, the world population reached six billion (see the October 13, 1999 Scout Report for Science and Engineering). PBS offers this site as a companion to their timely airing this month of the documentary "Six Billion and Beyond." The site provides background information on the UN Summits on Population in 1994 and 1999, including interviews with prominent delegates such as Hillary Clinton and Nafis Sadik, Executive Director of the UN Population Fund. Also featured are sections focusing on population issues in six disparate nations -- the US, Mexico, India, China, Kenya, and Italy -- examining in each country the related topics of the environment, reproductive health, the economy, and women's status. Both the study guide and the library, which provides online resources, are quite useful, making the site substantial enough to serve as the basis, along with an available video of the documentary, for a complete unit on population issues in a high school or college social sciences course. [DC]
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Alfred Stieglitz: New Perspectives
This site from the National Gallery of Art has posted its first online exhibit in a series of several to be offered over the next two years featuring the photographs of Alfred Stieglitz. The first installment focuses on Stieglitz's photographs of New York City, 1927-1937, during his first extended stay there. In addition to the photographs themselves, the site offers accompanying commentary on the innovative New York studio, "An American Place," Stieglitz established during his stay as well as information on his life, aesthetics, cameras, and techniques. [DC]
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Wordsmyth: The Educational Dictionary-Thesaurus
Relaunched with a new search engine and other new features in July, Wordsmyth: The Educational Dictionary-Thesaurus (WEDT) touts itself as "the premier online American English dictionary with an integrated thesaurus." WEDT contains 50,000 headwords and well-defined and hyperlinked synonyms. The site offers multiple search strategies for different purposes allowing users to perform narrow or broad-based searches for definitions and synonyms. (Due to the number of options, users are advised to consult the How to Search section.) Since the thesaurus is integrated into the dictionary, there is less chance of users (especially students seeking fancy words to impress a teacher) wildly misusing a word. The site also offers email subscription publications that are designed for word lovers and/or those interested in the lexicographical concerns of the WEDT. The Wordsmyth Collaboratory that runs the WEDT was established in 1999 by Robert Parks, a political scientist and computer consultant, as a nonprofit organization interested in collaborative work between business and education. [DC]
[Note: Wordsmyth includes vulgar synonyms along with the rest of its results, which while marked as such, may not be appropriate for young users.]
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Newspapers and the Net
This Website, part of the School Zone Website developed by Newspapers in Education (NIE), gives plans and resources to educators that enable them to help students integrate newspapers and the Internet as learning and research tools. Activities, which are designed to have students begin with newspapers and then pursue further information on the Web, include units on Women in the News, International Affairs, finding news on the Internet, and more. In our estimation, the site is suitable for grades three through twelve and requires no prior Internet experience on the part of teachers or students to be used successfully. [DC]
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Dyoublong: A Celebration of Dublin, Joyce, and Bloomsday
This site from The Irish Times goes well beyond reporting on the local activities celebrating Joyce in Dublin on Bloomsday, 1999 (June 16) in order to explore the author, his classic novel, and the city that inspired it. On Joyce, the site offers a biographical essay from his most famous biographer, Richard Ellmann, an interview about Joyce with filmmaker and Bloomsday observer Martin Scorsese, and several articles and essays discussing Joyce as an artist and a Dubliner. On Ulysses, the site posts eight articles, covering topics from why many scholars consider Ulysses the "most important novel of the century" to the perils and pleasures of reading it in Russian. On Dublin, the site features a photoessay of contemporary Dublin, a virtual tour of the Dublin of Ulysses, historic photographs from Dublin at the turn of the century, and an essay lamenting the relentless commercialization of "Bloomsbuildings." The articles are characterized by a highly literate and playful style quite fitting for their subject. [DC]
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The Galileo Project
Hosted by Rice University, the Galileo Project "is a hypertext source of information on the life and work of Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) and the science of his time." One highlighted section entitled Galileo's Daughter (in reference to a recent book by Dava Sobel) includes 124 letters from Maria Celeste to Galileo--an excellent primary resource for those interested in the study of women in early modern Europe. Other sections are entitled Galileo's Villa, Resources (including a bibliography and a searchable catalog of the scientific community of Galileo's era), and Maps of Galileo's World. [KR][DC]
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The Genesis Project
This Thinkquest site allows users to explore the creation myths of religions and cultures around the world. The site offers summaries of a variety of myths as well as discussions of some of the parallel motifs that run through many of them. There is an alphabetical glossary of key terms -- mostly the names of Gods and their abodes -- and the entire site is searchable. The summaries of creation myths are written in a generic style, so they are best used as introductory information rather than as fully authentic representations of the cultures from which they're derived. [DC]
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Current Awareness
(For links to additional current awareness on tables of contents, abstracts, preprints, new books, data, conferences, etc., visit the The Scout Report for Social Sciences Current Awareness Metapage:

From the Department of Housing and Urban Development:
HUD Newsletter: Recent Research Results (RRR)
Recent Research Results contains short summaries of reports recently published under the auspices of HUD's Office of Policy Development and Research (PD&R). This month's edition includes summaries of a new study showing how to apply clearer rehabilitation provisions to building codes, four studies highlighting strategies to create jobs, as well as articles on public housing agencies's use of discretionary authority and several other housing issues.
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HUD Report: The Widening Gap: New Findings on Housing Affordability in America
Abstract only:
This new report from the Department of Housing and Urban Development finds that, despite the economic expansion of the last decade, "the number of houses and apartments that families with low-wage incomes can afford to rent is shrinking, burdening more families with high housing costs and threatening many with homelessness." Currently, only the abstract is available online (the whole report may be ordered in print); however, the abstract summarizes the statistical findings of the full report. [DC]
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New Working Papers

Davis, Roy W. "Public Access To Community Documents: A Fundamental Human Right?"
Full text:
.pdf document (70K):

Department of International Development, United Kingdom. "Elections and the Electoral Process"
.pdf document (280K):

Kohler-Koch, Beate. "Europe in Search of Legitimate Governance"

Weinrichter, Norbert. "Perspectives on the changing spirit of GATT"
Full text:
.pdf document (74K):

Wessels, Bernhard. "Political Representation And Political Integration In Europe: Is It Possible To Square The Circle?: Findings From Surveys Among The Members Of The European Parliament And Members From Eleven National Parliaments"
Full text:
.pdf document (561K):
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New Think Tank Policy Publications

Center on Budget Policies and Priorities:
Orszag, Peter R., Iris Lav, and Robert Greenstein. "Exacerbating Inequities in Pension Benefits: An Analysis of The Pension Provisions in The Tax Bill"
Press Release:
Full report:

Horney, James. "Would Congressional Spending Plans Avert a non-Social Security Deficit?: What the CBO Letter Does and Does Not Mean"

Center for Urban Policy Research:
Microenterprise Development as an Economic Adjustment Strategy
Executive Summary:
Full text:

Ethics and Public Policy Center:
Abrams, Elliott and David G. Dalin (eds.) Secularism, Spirituality, and the Future of American Jewry (Collection of essays edited from papers given at EPPC conference in September of 1997)
.pdf document (563K):

Satel, Sally, M.D. and Frederick K. Goodwin, M.D. "Is Drug Addiction a Brain Disease?"
.pdf document (400K):

Gompert, David C. and Jeffrey A. Isaacson. "Planning a Ballistic Missile Defense System of Systems: An Adaptive Strategy."

Steuerle, C. Eugene. "Are Good Times and Good Tax Policy Incompatible?"
("Economic Perspective" column reprinted with permission. Copyright 1999 Tax Analysts)

Zedlewski, Sheila R. and Sarah Brauner. "Declines in Food Stamp and Welfare Participation: Is There a Connection?"
.pdf document (90K):
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New Offerings from Academic Publishers

Association of American University Presses: New Releases

Cornell University Press -- Just Released

Cambridge University Press

Perseus Books

Harcourt Academic Press: Sociology, Statistics and Social Sciences -- New Titles

Indiana University Press -- New for Fall 1999
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New Tables of Contents/ Abstracts

European Journal of International Law (full text, abstracts, .pdf)
Volume 10, Issue 3: 1999

Oxford Art Journal (table of contents, abstracts)
Volume 22, Issue 2: 1999

The Review of English Studies (table of contents, some abstracts)
Volume 50, Issue 200: November 1999

Social Science Research: A Quarterly Journal of Social Science Methodology and Quantitative Research (table of contents, abstracts)
Volume 28, Issue 23: September 1999

Modernism/Modernity: Politics/Gender/Judgement (full text)
Volume 6, Issue 3: September 1999
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American Society of International Law (ASIL) Annual Meeting 2000: International Law in Ferment: A New Vision for Theory and Practice?
April 5-8, 2000
Washington, DC

Colleges of Further & Higher Education Annual General Meeting of the Library Association (CofHE): Annual Study Conference 2000
April 17-April 20, 2000
Cardiff, UK

African Language Teachers Association (ALTA ) Fourth International Conference: African Languages: Pedagogical Challenges and Prospects in the 21st Century
April 13-15, 2000
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Rethinking the Human Sciences: Interdisciplinary Studies, Global Education, & the Languages of Criticism
April 7-8, 2000
George Washington University, Washington, DC
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Job Guides/ Funding

H-Net Job Guide

The Chronicle of Higher Education Job Openings
Social Science

Academic Employment Network (By State)

American College Personnel Association: ACPA Ongoing Placement Listings
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New Data

Births and Deaths: Preliminary Data for 1998 (NCHS) -- AIDS Falls From Top Fifteen Causes Of Death
The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) released last week preliminary mortality statistics for 1998. According to the report, "rates for AIDS deaths, homicide, and teen births all dropped again in 1998, but the U.S. infant mortality rate leveled off after years of decline." However, the report also finds that HIV remains the leading cause of death among African-American men ages 25-44 and the third leading cause of death among African-American women in the same age group. [DC]
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Healthy People 2000: Food and Drug Safety Review [.pdf]
This review, conducted last month by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) (see the October 24, 1997 Scout Report), gives data on food and drug safety for the last ten years and provides projected targets of the Healthy People 2000 initiative. The site also offers a summary report on drug safety by the Director of the NCHS, Edward Sondik. [DC]
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NCES: 1998 Digest of Ed Statistics [Excel, Lotus, .pdf]
On the first of this month, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) released its 1998 digest in a comprehensive Web version. This is the most far-ranging publication on educational data published annually. The digest covers surveys, studies, and reports rendered by the NCES, with information on instruction at all levels, federal programs, outcomes of education, international comparisons, and learning resources and technology. This version includes all 428 tables from many different data sources that are available in Excel, Lotus, and .pdf versions as well as html. [DC]
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In The News

FBI Reports Drop in Crime Due to Gun Control
1. The New York Times: "F.B.I. Study Finds Gun Use in Violent Crimes Declining"
2. FBI Uniform Crime Reports, 1998 [.pdf]
3. CNN Interactive: A State-by-State Look at Gun Laws in the US
4. Firearm Injury Center of the Medical College of Wisconsin
5. The Center for Responsive Politics: Gun Control vs. Gun Rights
6. JURIST: The Law Professors' Network: Gun Laws, Gun Control, and Gun Rights
7. National Rifle Association of America (NRA) [RealPlayer, Shockwave required for NRALive]
8. Violence Policy Center
In a report released Sunday, the FBI found that a seven percent drop in homicides was entirely attributable to a decrease in killings committed with guns. The report also linked a drop in the rate of robbery involving guns to a ten percent drop in overall robberies nationwide. The decline in crime remained consistent in other categories as well, including property crimes, homicide against women, and random violent crimes. Surprisingly, in the wake of certain highly publicized acts of youth violence, the rate of violent juvenile crime has also dropped. This marks the seventh straight year that crime has declined in America. While both the report and many experts see a direct link between declining crime and tougher gun control, there continue to be dissenters -- one might ask if there isn't a certain circularity to the FBI's conclusions, and it remains to be seen if the current Congress will be swayed to retake up the gun legislation defeated this past summer. [DC]

The New York Times(1) provides an overview of the report's findings. The FBI site (2) offers an online copy of the full report. CNN Interactive (3) allows users to quickly review any state's gun laws, including laws relating to juvenile possession and access, registration, licensing, and waiting periods. The Firearm Injury Center (4) provides extensive raw data on gun injuries in their First Annual Report of the Firearm Injury Reporting System (FIRS) and Firearm Safety Data Sheets. The Center for Responsive Politics (5) includes a summary of the politics and special interest pressures surrounding recently failed legislation in Congress on gun control. The Jurist site (6) on gun-related legal issues is a politically neutral and highly informative site, featuring news releases, current legislation, statistics and reports, legal debate and scholarship, and much more. The official site (7) of the nation's premier gun lobby offers current news and materials related to legislative action. The Violence Policy Center (8) is an advocacy group dedicated to regulating the use of guns; their Website provides substantial information on gun legislation, federal and state policies, firearms manufacturers, and more. [DC]
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