The Scout Report for Social Sciences - May 30, 2000

May 30, 2000

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The target audience of the new Scout Report for Social Sciences is faculty, students, staff, and librarians in the social sciences. Each biweekly issue offers a selective collection of Internet resources covering topics in the field that have been chosen by librarians and content specialists in the given area of study.

The Scout Report for Social Sciences is also provided via email once every two weeks. Subscription information is included at the bottom of each issue.

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NewsHour/Kaiser Foundation Survey on the Uninsured [.pdf]
NewsHour with Jim Lehrer Special Segment on the Uninsured in America [RealPlayer]
On Tuesday May 16th, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer and the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation released a nationwide report of "Americans' attitudes about the growing number of people without health insurance -- and about the problems faced by the uninsured." The complete survey, available at the Henry J. Kaiser foundation site, gives data on Americans's perceptions about the uninsured and their divergent recommendations for addressing the problem as well as data on the difficulties the uninsured have in getting various types of medical care. The NewsHour site features highlights of the report along with text, audio, and video portions of extended segments on the uninsured and interviews with key policymakers, politicians, and health care advocates. [DC]
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New Additions to ERIC Digests Database
ERIC Digests Index Page
The latest updates to the ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) Digest database (last described in the September 17, 1999 Scout Report) feature 35 and 49 full-text short reports, respectively, aimed at education professionals and the broader education community. Each report provides an overview of an education topic of current interest and offers references for further information. Sample titles include "Easing the Teasing: How Parents Can Help Their Children," "The Mathematics and Reading Connection," "A Science Fair Companion," "The Art and Science of Classroom Assessment: The Missing Part of Pedagogy," and "Guidelines for College Science Teaching Assistants." Users can search the entire ERIC Digests database from the index page. ERIC, part of the National Library of Education (NLE), is a nationwide education information system sponsored by the US Department of Education's Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI). [MD]
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Eurostat/Netherlands Interdisciplinary demographic Institute (NIDI): International Migration
This Website, Push and Pull Factors of International Migration, features background and preliminary research data from a joint project of Eurostat and The Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute the goal of which is to "improve understanding of the direct and indirect causes and mechanisms of international migration to the European Union from an internationally comparative perspective. The project is an effort to respond to the fact that "international migration flows have increased in magnitude and complexity over the past decades." Separate sections of the site provide information on the aim, objectives, and approach of the project; the research design; as well as a summary of first results on recent migration, migration motives, migration networks, and migration intentions; and further bibliographic and Web-based resources. The project is under the auspices of the Commission of the European Communities. [DC]
[Back to Contents] is a search engine that "queries a database of over 40,000 reviewed web sites with anthropological content built by the interests of its users." It operates by collecting search terms submitted by its users and using "proprietary software to hunt down internet based journal articles, well developed topical sites and bibliographic references for anthropology, archaeology and the other social sciences." In addition, the site features a 53-item table of contents to selected topics that offer "recommended readings" and listings of annotated Websites. The search engine gives results in order of relevance to the original search term and provides a description comprised of the first 100 characters or so on each Website returned. A search for "feminism," for instance, generated nineteen quality sites on various aspects of feminism in relation to the disciplines mentioned above. A what's new section also provides a listing of recent additions to the database. [DC]
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Violence in Families: Assessing Prevention and Treatment Programs
Posted at the National Academy Press Website, this book examines "the successes and failures of family violence interventions. It offers recommendations to guide services, programs, policy, and research on victim support and assistance, treatments and penalties for offenders, and law enforcement." The text includes an analysis of more than 100 studies evaluating the effectiveness of different programs designed to address family violence. Violence in Families was produced by the Committee on the Assessment of Family Violence Interventions, a nineteen-member body comprised of sociologists, doctors, social workers, and professionals in the criminal justice system, under the auspices of the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine. This e-text edition offers a hypertext table of contents and a search function. [DC]
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_Afar Pastoralists Face Consequences of Poor Rains
Rapid Assessment Mission: 19 - 24 April 2000_
Posted earlier this month, this report from the UN-Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia focuses on the current and possible future consequences of recent drought-like conditions in the Afar region in Northeastern Ethiopia. The report examines the current conditions, exacerbated by disease and displacement of individuals as a result of the war with neighboring Eritrea, and makes some recommendations for UN action. Also included here are "annexes" that provide a bibliography of related reports and studies as well as contact information for non-governmental organizations involved in the region. [DC]
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Feminist Anthropology
Compiled by a graduate student in anthropology at Indiana University, Angela Bratton, this Website offers an overview of the history and theory of feminist anthropology and includes a substantial bibliography of relevant sources. The Website also summarizes the current state of feminist anthropology at a professional level in a section on organizations and resources. In addition, a diagram offers a historical sense of the development of the "three waves" of feminist anthropology and their affiliations with larger theoretical movements in anthropology and social theory. [DC]
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Learning Resources

African Voices [Flash, QuickTime]
Released this month, African Voices, a Website from the Smithsonian, dynamically presents cross-sections of the history, culture, and art of Africa. The history section offers an interactive timeline providing text and some striking images to narrate Africa's history beginning with the first evidence of human ancestors and continuing through the ancient civilizations of the Nile on down to nineteenth-century colonialism and the present day. The cultural themes section features images and text on topics such as wealth and work in Africa, the Kongo Crossroads, and Global Africa. The Focus Gallery examines the carving artistry of Lamidi Fakeye, a fifth generation member of the celebrated Fakeye woodcarving family of Ila Orangun, Nigeria. A separate Learning Center Webpage offers a bibliography of further resources, including CDs and audiocassettes, and a listing of related Websites. Note: those with Apple computers might find the site easier to navigate if they disable Java in their preferences before visiting. [DC]
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Exploratorium: Revealing Bodies [RealPlayer]
This almost-completed Website from the Exploratorium Museum (see the February 21, 1997 Scout Report) examines the ways in which new imaging technologies have changed our perceptions of the human body. The site features live webcasts that explore "body imaging technologies, both modern and ancient;" an in-depth examination of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology, which discusses not only its technology but offers a five-minute clip of an in-progress conceptual movie that investigates the emotional experience of an MRI procedure; an online exhibition of art and artifacts revealing the application of various technologies to the human body; and "behind-the-scenes" video clips of the various exhibitions being put together (this portion is still under construction). The site is made possible by grants from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, the California Arts Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts. [DC]
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Rearview Mirror: Automobile Images and American Identities
This Website, part of the larger joint Website of the University of California, Riverside and the California Museum of Photography, features dozens of photographs of automobiles and automobile culture -- including showroom models (in both senses of the term), billboards, roadside gas stations, suburban two-car garages, and much more; a collection of photographs documenting "The Great American Race," an annual cross-country race of antique automobiles since 1983; and five essays on automobile culture with such intriguing titles as "Stopping Traffic: Women, Cars and the Cinema" and "Modernity and the Mythology of the Open Road." A pleasurable site to take a cruise through, for sure. [DC]
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The Mississippi Writers Page
The "Magnolia state" has been home to more than its share of fine writers, including William Faulkner, Tennessee Williams, Eudora Welty, and Richard Wright, to name just a few. Created and maintained by the University of Mississippi, this Website offers Webpages for over 60 of these Mississippi scribes. Each page provides a well-written summary of the author's career, a list of the author's work, a secondary bibliography replete with numerous links to posted articles and interviews, and links to other Internet resources (Websites devoted to the author, e-texts of the author's works, and publisher Websites). The site also boasts a Mississippi Writers Timeline that covers 400 years of births, deaths, publications, awards, and other events in the literary history of the territory we now know as Mississippi. Listings of Mississippi-based journals and publishers are posted as well. All in all, an excellent site for anyone doing research or just wanting to learn more about the writers from this state. [DC]
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The heart of this "web guide for readers, students, and teachers of English literature" is its Web Index of 19th Century English Literature that gives briefly annotated links to Websites, critical and biographical articles, and e-texts for over 50 well-known authors in nineteenth-century English, American, and Scottish literature. The site also features annotated listings of online resources for English teachers and premium Websites for literary research as well as the site author's thoughts on the current state of academic practice on the Web in the field of literary studies. The site is the brainchild of Jan Pridmore, a PhD candidate at Boston University. [DC]
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Leopold Stokowski: Making Music Matter
This Website from the University of Pennsylvania Library, while not brand new, certainly provides an excellent overview of the career and music of one of the 20th century's most noted conductors, Leopold Stokowski. Stokowski was particularly known both for his advocacy of contemporary classical music and for his abiding interest in the latest technological innovations in musical production and transmission. Both of these passions are very much in evidence as the Website traces his career from his early devotion to music as a young organist to his rebellious years at Oxford and on into his triumphs with the Philadelphia orchestra and his later involvement with Hollywood. This latter association was motivated by his desire to "help bring great music to the movies" and, hence, to the masses. The site narrates his career in words and images, generously supplemented by audio portions of interviews with Stokowski given throughout his career. The musical selections section offers a dozen substantial selections of Stokowski conducting, including his rendition of Mussorgsky's "Night on Bald Mountain" for the Disney film Fantasia and a video segment of Schubert's "Ave Maria" performed with Marian Anderson. [DC]
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Exploring The Waste Land
Almost certainly the most commented-upon poem in the English Language, T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land has puzzled undergraduate English students and seasoned scholars for eight decades. While Rikard Parker's Website will not end this puzzlement, it offers an innovative use of Web technology to explore a poem that many consider to have anticipated hypertext in its themes and format. Parker's site features a number of versions of a multi-framed approach to the text (more than are necessary, really) with each one a variation on a format that lets readers place portions of the original published poem side-by-side with one or more of the following: Eliot's notes to the poem; Parker's explanations of allusions; other lines in the poem evoking related themes such as seasons, weather, death, etc.; earlier manuscript versions of selected portions; and Parker's commentary on possible textual meanings. Parker's text allows one to do much more easily and with less confusion what a critical edition of the poem is supposed to help one do, i.e., read analytically. With its spatial, fragmented approach, perhaps this version would have been welcomed by Eliot as its truest manifestation. Perhaps not. In any case, we suggest that users select the link "my recommended entry point to the framed sub-site" as the most pleasing and comprehensive version of the text on-site. Parker is a full-time software engineer and part-time amateur scholar of Eliot's great poem. [DC]
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The History of the Ideas of a University
This site, developed by faculty members at the University of Northern British Columbia, explores the evolution of the university idea. The Website's hypertext history, supplemented by 24 illustrations, reviews the ideas and contents of higher education from Ancient Greece through Medieval times to the development of the modern idea of the university in the nineteenth century. A section considering the future of the university is also included. The site is part of a larger Website designed to introduce prospective students to the various departments at the University of Northern British Columbia and their approaches to their disciplines. Sections of this larger site may be accessed from the index link at the above URL. [DC]
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New Data

The Record of American Democracy, 1984-1990 (ROAD) [ASC II, SPSS, Stata, or SAS]
This Website from Harvard University serves as an indispensable data source for researchers in social and political science. "The Record Of American Democracy (ROAD) data include election returns, socioeconomic summaries, and demographic measures of the American public at unusually low levels of geographic aggregation." The project, funded by the National Science Foundation, covers every state in the country from 1984 through 1990 (including some off-year elections). Data posted include "voting, registration and census data aggregated to Minor Civil Division groups (a US census demographic district generally the size of a small city)" as well as voting and registration data aggregated to the precinct level. Among other things, these data "should make possible many new studies of legislative redistricting, and associated analyses and forecasts of political and racial fairness, compactness, the consequences of equal population constraints on gerrymanderers, and related issues." The site is divided into two portions: the first offering an extensive online handbook about the acquisition, character, and uses of the data; the second providing the means to access the data. Users may download the data using an SPSS portable zipped file or SAS, Stata, or ASC II applications. [DC]
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"Creating a New Criminal Justice System for the 21st Century: Findings and Results From State and Local Program Evaluations" [.pdf]
.pdf version (101 pages):
ASC II Text:
Released last week, this monograph from the Justice department's Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) "has been produced to make proven state and local programs more accessible to planners and practitioners alike." The document is divided into two sections. The first evaluates the effectiveness of a number of approaches to various issues in the criminal justice system, including a school-based probation plan in Pennsylvania, the Multnomah County STOP Drug Diversion program in Oregon, an alternative incarceration program in Utah, and several others. The second part is a summary of "evaluations of state and local multijurisdictional task forces funded by the BJA." The table of contents is not hyperlinked, so users must scroll down to the section they wish to peruse. [DC]
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National Household Education Survey: Early Childhood & School Readiness [.pdf]
This new Website from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) provides online copies in .pdf format of the questionnaires and subject and item matrices of the National Household Education Survey. The survey was conducted in 1991, 1993, 1995, and 1999, and is scheduled to be conducted again in 2001. Questionnaires and data matrices included on the site address the topics of adult education and lifelong learning, civic involvement, early childhood education and school readiness, household library use, parent involvement in education, and school discipline and safety. With its technical focus and detailed information on survey design, this is a Website for the social science or education researcher rather than for the concerned citizen or "data-byte" hunting journalist. [DC]
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Current Awareness
(For links to additional current awareness on tables of contents, abstracts, preprints, new books, data, conferences, etc., visit the The Scout Report for Social Sciences Current Awareness Metapage:

ACLU Supreme Court Watch 2000 [.pdf]
The "ACLU has launched this special web site to offer you fast-breaking updates, background and commentary on five critical Court cases" currently pending before the United States Supreme Court. The cases address the issues of prayer in schools, state legislated abortion bans, Miranda rights, gay discrimination in the instance of the Boy Scouts of America, and parents's rights. For each issue, the site offers an article describing the ACLU position and featuring links to the ACLU's Supreme Court brief and to the ACLU's online discussion of the issue. Sidebars also supply links to .pdf copies of the bill of rights and an overview of ACLU's history in the Court. Finally, "Sound-off" permits users to register their opinions on these issues with the American Civil Liberties Union. [DC]
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New Working Papers

Blau, Francine D. and Lawrence M. Kahn. "Gender Differences In Pay" -- Russell Sage Foundation Working Papers [.pdf, 38 pages]

Carr, Deborah. "Unfulfilled Career Aspirations and Psychological
Well-Being" -- Population Studies Centre [.pdf, 36 pages]:

de Benitez, Sarah Thomas. "Street Children's Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child: A Study of Observation and Acceptance in Mexico and Ecuador" [.pdf, 35 pages]

Garfinkel, Irwin, Sara McLanahan, and Kristen Harknett. "Fragile Families and Welfare Reform" [.pdf]
Paper (36 pages):
Tables (7 pages):

Merlo, Antonio and Andrew Schotter. "Learning By Not Doing: An Experimental Investigation of Observational Learning," -- Russell Sage Foundation Working Papers [.pdf]
Paper (16 pages):
Figures (2 pages):

Neyer, Jurgen. "The Regulation of Risks and the Power of the People: Lessons from the BSE Crisis" [.pdf, Postscript]
Full text:
.pdf version (17 pages):
Postscript version:

Schotter, Andrew and Barry Sopher. "Creating Culture In The Lab: Equilibrium Conventions in Inter-Generational Ultimatum Games" -- Russell Sage Foundation Working Papers [.pdf]
Paper (32 pages):
Figures and appendix (18 pages):
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New Think Tank Policy Papers and Briefs

Brookings Institute:
Jackson, Kenneth T. "Gentleman's Agreement: Discrimination in Metropolitan America" -- Essay #7 in Reflections On Regionalism [.pdf, 35 pages]

Center for Urban and Regional Policy:
Adams, Maggie. "The Public Health Divide"

Centre for Asia Pacific Social Transformation Studies:
Stahl, Charles W. "Trade in Labour Services and Migrant Worker Protection with Special Reference to East Asia"
Feridhanusetyawan, Tubagus, Charles W. Stahl, and Phillip Toner. "The Impacts of Structural Change and the Asian Financial Crisis on APEC Labour Markets" [.pdf, 38 pages]

Economic Policy Institute:
"The Perils of Privatization"
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New Offerings from Academic Publishers

Association of American University Presses: New Releases

Baker&Taylor Academia -- Upcoming Books to Buy (June 2000)

Cambridge University Press

Basic Books: New Releases

Thela Thesis -- Just Published

Perseus Publishing -- Book News (click on category)
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Sixteenth Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning: Focusing on Effective Approaches, Strategies, and Techniques
August 2-4, 2000
Madison, Wisconsin

Goteborg International Organ Academy Summer Conference The North German Baroque Organ
August 5-18, 2000
Gothenburg, Sweden

Nation States, Multinations, and Supernational Organizations
October 3-6, 2000
Delta Hotel
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Centre for Asia Pacific Social Transformation Studies (CAPSTRANS) and
UNESCO-MOST: Social Transformation in the Asia Pacific Region
December 4-6, 2000
University of Wollongong, Australia
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New Tables of Contents/ Abstracts

Journal of Communication (Table of contents/ abstracts)
Vol. 50, No. 2 (Spring 2000)

Journal of Refugee Studies (Table of contents/ abstracts)
Vol. 12, No. 3 (September 1999)

The English Historical Review (Table of contents)
Vol. 115, No. 461 (April 2000)

Behavioral Ecology (Full text)
Vol. 11, No. 2 (March 2000)

D-Lib Magazine (Full text)
Vol. 6 No. 5 (May 2000)
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Job Guides

H-Net Job Guide

The Chronicle of Higher Education Job Openings
Social Science

Academic Employment Network (By State)

American College Personnel Association: ACPA Ongoing Placement Listings

Academic (Update of "Jobs in Higher Education" site)
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In The News

Hostilities Escalate in Horn of Africa War
1. Yahoo!News: "Ethiopia Bombs Eritrea Capital" (AP story)
2. The New York Times: "A Ceaseless War Leaves Trail of Death in Eritrea" [registration required]
3. BBC News In Depth: "Battle in the Horn" [RealPlayer]
4. "Parched Earth" (article),3266,44009,00.html
5. "A Parched Land, A Starving People" (Photoessay)
6. UN Report: Eritrea-Ethiopia: Special Background Report, October 26 1998
7. Global Hotspots -- Ethiopia-Eritrea (Research Issue of the Week, May 19, 2000)
Yesterday morning, Ethiopian bombers struck at the Eritrean capital of Asmara for the first time since the Ethiopia/ Eritrea war began two years ago. This surprise attack came in the wake of Eritrea's commitment last week to withdraw from all of the disputed territories along the border between the two Horn of Africa nations. The bombing is the latest example of the military escalation initiated by Ethiopia two weeks ago in an effort to bring a swift end to the war. While Eritrean forces have kept president Isaias's recent promise to withdraw from purported Ethiopian territory, they continue to engage in fierce fighting with Ethiopian forces that have moved into indisputably Eritrean lands. As a result, Western diplomats and UN officials are not optimistic that a quick end to the conflict is in sight, especially since the terms of a peace agreement brokered by the Organisation of African Unity have been largely ignored by both sides.

Meanwhile, the war has displaced tens of thousands of Eritreans with as many as 30,000 fleeing into neighboring Sudan, prompting the UN to announce yesterday an emergency program to provide a six-month supply of food for 50,000 Eritrean refugees, mostly women and children.

Eritrea was granted its independence from Ethiopia in 1993 in what has been described as "an amicable divorce," followed by an initial period of cooperation between these two nations that share deep ethnic roots. However, economic disputes over development plans and escalating disputes over the Badme border between the two countries led to an increase in nationalist fervor and the outbreak of hostilities in May of 1998.

Yahoo!News (1) proffers an Associated Press article detailing the latest military developments, including the bombing of the Eritrean capital. The New York Times(2) posts an article that reviews the toll the conflict has taken on the small nation of Eritrea. With characteristic thoroughness, the BBC (3) provides news updates, background stories, analysis, and features detailing the political, military, and economic causes and consequences of the conflict. Two reports from describe the famine-like conditions developing in the Horn of Africa as a result both of the politics of the war and recent drought: (4), (5). The United Nation's Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (6) prepared a report in the Fall of 1998, six months into the war, providing insight into the roots of the conflict. (7) offers concise analysis of the war as well as numerous annotated links to other relevant articles and resources on the Web. [DC]
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