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End User's Corner began as a regular column in the InterNIC News, published by InterNIC Information and Education Services from May 1996 to March 1998. From the start End Users Corner was written by Jack Solock, Editor of the Scout Report, and other members of the Internet Scout Project staff. When InterNIC Information and Education services ceased operations on March 31, 1998, the articles reverted back to the Internet Scout Project and are now made available here on our Web site.

The monthly articles are focussed on how to use the Internet smarter -- Surf Smarter -- as we like to say. Topics included a close look at the major Internet search indexes, the major Internet subject directories, and basic advice on Web publishing. Watch this space for publication of End User's Corner to begin again in the near future.

In the meantime, visit any of the End Users Corner articles below for tips on how to Surf Smarter. Let us know here at the Scout Project if you have any requests for topics for future articles.