The Limits of My Language

The urban dictionary makes it easy to stay current with the lingo the kids are using. This tome provides the ability to browse some of today's hippest words and phrases. In addition, users can vote on whether or not they agree or disagree with the definitions that are provided. Next time you're asked whether you just did a 'bon jovi', be prepared with the right answer.

A Faster Firefox

How would you like the websites you visit to load faster? Well, if you have Mozilla's Firefox and download their new update, Fasterfox, which is a Firefox extension, you can. In addition, Fasterfox includes an updated pop-up blocker as well as providing a timer to the bottom of each web page to let you know exactly how long the page took to load. Enjoy!

Unproductive Procrastination

With the holidays just around the corner, who doesn't need a strategic plan to entertain the kids while visiting relatives? Have them take a look at The Official Time-Wasters Guide where they can find strategy guides, game reviews, and web comics. In addition, the site hosts a plethora of editorials aimed at those with a little time on their hands. When relatives are recounting the details of the last year, the little ones will be happily reading about their favorite time-wasting activities.

Retrotastic with Kakupacal

What is Kakupacal? It's difficult to say for sure, but it definitely harkens back to an earlier era. With mystery meat navigation and page subjects such as Enjoy a System Selected by Kakupacal! it may not be easy to use, but it sure is engrossing. Check out the calendar section (If you can find it) for a slew of hidden treasures.

Lets all go to the movies!

With the motto, Discover. Preserve. Protect., the website Cinema Treasures is quite enticing. Visitors can browse through a cornucopia of information about old movie theaters, their architects, and industry news. Definitely worth a look, even for the most casual cinephile!