Phantoms and Rogues

This fascinating article in The Register tell the story of how the UK banking system could have collapsed in the early 1990's because a department in one of the banks had gone rogue, cracking ATM PINs and taking money from people's accounts with abandon, and how a junior barrister was able to step in and save the day.


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Desktop Search Tools Rated [pdf]

A new generation of desktop search tools is emerging that allows users to quickly find relevant documents in computers

across the enterprise the same way search engines help locate information on the Internet. This April, 2005, benchmark study from the E-Business Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison evaluates 12 popular search tools on the basis of usability, versatility, accuracy, efficiency, security, and enterprise readiness. The winner? Copernic Desktop Search.

Schadenfreude, Chicago Style

While the OED definition of this word may be something like pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others, the Chicago version of this word translates into a somewhat unrestrained comedy ensemble. Visitors to the site can peruse the archives of their radio show (which airs on Chicago Public Radio) or view a number of video clips of the troupe in action. Good clean (well, at least sometimes clean) fun for all, and many a Second-City reference here.