What's in a Howl

Have you ever heard the howl of a wolf? This archived Wild Wolves website from PBS-Nova contains brief audio clips of the following distinctive wolf howls: Lonesome Howl, Pup Howl, Confrontational Howl, and my favorite--the Chorus Howl.


Want to reduce waste? Do you have unwanted things that others might find appealing? At this web site, one persons trash can truly be anothers treasure. Freecycling is a worldwide movement to recycle unwanted items. The web site provides a forum for local individuals to give and receive free items.

Google Scholar

Are you tired of searching endlessly through web sites in order to find relevant academic writings? This Google web site may provide an answer. The search engine enables you to search specifically for scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports from all broad areas of research.

GIS for Elections

Now that the elections are over, various maps of the results are floating all around the internet. One of the best sources for these maps may be this ESRI web site. Visitors can find great animated and 3D maps of U.S. demographics and the county results of the Presidential elections.

Conference Bike

Tired of office meetings that seem to go nowhere? Check out the Conference Bike, a tricycle built for seven that, according to the designer Eric Staller's website, is not just a bike, it's a party on wheels! Note that while everyone pedals, only one person steers. Some things never change.